FreeNAS 8 is Ready for Localization


May 17, 2011

Are you interested in seeing the menus in the FreeNAS 8 graphical administrative interface localized to your native language? If so, we are looking for translators!

A Pootle server has been setup for FreeNAS 8 localization and all of the text strings have been imported into the server. Pootle is an easy way to find out the status of a language’s localization and provides an easy to use translation editor that can be accessed from any browser.

You’ll find the FreeNAS 8 Pootle server here. There is a page in the FreeNAS 8.0 Guide to get you started on localization. A translators mailing list has also been created; if you’re interested in helping out with localization, subscribe to that list so you can interact with other translators.

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