FreeNAS 8 alpha: How to use it


September 7, 2010

Since FreeNAS 8 binaries snapshots are available, here is a little HOW-TO with one disk shared by CIFS.
Simplified steps

  1. log on the webgui with login “admin” and password “freenas”
  2. Declare the disk
  3. Create a “group” (single) using previously declared disk
  4. Create a volume (mount point) using previously created group
  5. Enable a share service
  6. Add a share corresponding to the service previously enabled

Detailed steps with screen-shots:

  1. Go in Disk: Add disk
  2. Add your hard drive:
  3. Go in Disk: Group disk
  4. Create a “single” group type:
  5. Go in Disk, Create Volume
  6. Enter the detail of this Volume (mount point):
  7. Go in Services, CIFS/SMB
  8. Enable CIFS by Checking ON and clicking on save:
  9. Go in Services, CIFS/SMB, Add share
  10. Create your CIFS share by entering the name of your share, a description and the name of the volume you want to share, then click on save:

Share available with CIFS 🙂

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