FreeNAS 8.3.1 is Released!


March 20, 2013

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the immediate availability of FreeNAS 8.3.1-RELEASE.

Images and plugins can be downloaded from the following site:

FreeNAS 8.3.1 is based on FreeBSD 8.3 with version 28 of the ZFS filesystem, and features volume based encryption for ZFS.

There have been no major changes between 8.3.1-RC1 and RELEASE, mostly bugfixes and minor usability improvements to the GUI. See the release notes for a complete list:

Please familiarize yourself extensively with the encryption features of FreeNAS before using them. Doing the wrong thing can end up in a state where the volume is hidden behind very difficult to break AES 256 encryption.

Many modern CPUs feature hardware support for encryption. If hardware support is available FreeNAS will use it. In these cases the overhead of encryption will be negligible. For systems without hardware encryption acceleration the performance impact will vary based on the number of disks being used in the encrypted volume.

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