FreeNAS 8.3.1-BETA2 is Available


January 13, 2013

Josh has announced the availability of the FreeNAS 8.3.1-BETA2 images to Sourceforge:

Things went fairly well in the first beta and I’m shooting for 8.3.1-R by the end of the month, so here’s another BETA to give things a spin. At this point things are looking to be in good shape, I’m calling this a BETA because I’m very conservative, and because encryption can go wrong in such grand fashion. I’d rather this image wasn’t used for critical or production use. Make sure to have backups!

That being said we have no reports of anyone losing data because of bugs in the encryption code, nor have we had any issues with it in our internal testing. (4 months give or take). If you find any bugs in this BETA, please report them to


  1. Add a feature to initialize disks with random data.
  2. Add the iconv option to rsync.


  1. Fix a bug that was preventing multiple destination address for SMART from working.
  2. Create an empty /var/db/pkg to silence warnings from the SNMP service.
  3. Fix a bug that was preventing the default scrubs from running. ZFS scrubs are very I/O intensive, and this update will fix many instances where the default monthly scrub wasn’t running. It’s recommended to check the scrub schedule and be aware of it’s impact on FreeNAS.
  4. Disable the ZFS encryption option when extending a volume. The system will automatically match the encryption state of the existing pool.
  5. Commit changes to ataidle immediately rather than requiring a reboot.
  6. Fix a bug that prevented creation of RAIDZ volumes.
  7. Fix a bug that prevented stopping the CIFS service.


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