iXsystems Newsletter: The February 2018 Edition


February 28, 2018

The GDPR Countdown

European Union General Data Protection Regulation

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) goes into effect in less than three months, and FreeNAS and TrueNAS storage managers at companies of all sizes need to be thinking about compliance.

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Lumina Lights the Way for TrueOS

Lumina Desktop Environment

Ken Moore, Lead Developer, answers some frequently asked questions about Lumina Desktop, its connection to TrueOS, and exciting things to expect from the next version of Lumina.

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Defeating Ransomware Webinar

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TrueNAS and Robocopy

Does your company use Robocopy? See TrueNAS in action as a Robocopy backup solution.

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iXsystems Demos TrueNAS X20 During HPA Innovation Zone

Hollywood Professional Association Innovation Zone

Once a year, the Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) holds an industry retreat in Palm Desert, California. This year’s theme was Navigating Media Production Workflows.

HPA Tech Retreat Recap

Stand Out with iX University’s FreeNAS Training

FreeNAS Training

iXsystems’ online training modules are designed to quickly get you up to speed so you can get the most out of your FreeNAS system. Each training module is 30 minutes long and cuts to the core of the information you need to become an expert in FreeNAS and ZFS. 

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Customer Quote of the Month

“Of all the companies we do business with, iXsystems stands out as the one we trust the most and can rely on to meet the needs of a core part of our business.

Hudson River Trading

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