DCIG Awards TrueNAS with Another Excellent in Latest Guide


April 30, 2015

We are pleased to announce that industry analyst firm DCIG just gave the TrueNAS Z20 and TrueNAS Z30 an “Excellent” rating in their 2015-2016 Midsize Enterprise Storage Array Buyer’s Guide. This is an outstanding testament to the growing recognition that TrueNAS is one of the best solutions to choose for business-critical data storage.

We strongly believe in the technology we have built. The recognition from DCIG further validates our approach in delivering enterprise-strength storage that solves your data challenges.
More than 90 different criteria from 27 different products were evaluated, weighted and scored. There is an “Overall Score” as well as rankings for “Software”, “Hardware”, “Management”, “Virtualization” and “Support”. DCIG ranked each product into “Best in Class”, “Excellent”, “Good”, and “Basic”. The TrueNAS Z20 and TrueNAS Z30 received an overall score of “Excellent” and both received “Excellent” for software. The TrueNAS Z30 received a “Best in Class” for hardware and the TrueNAS Z20 received a “Best in Class” for hardware in DCIG’s 2015-2016 SME Hybrid Storage Array Buyer’s Guide.
DCIG’s scoring and ranking tables enable end users to do “at-a-glance” comparisons between many different array models; and standardized one-page data sheets facilitate side-by-side comparisons–enabling organizations to quickly get to a short list of products that may meet their requirements. The higher the ranking, the greater the likelihood that the product contains the features needed.
DCIG stated that the TrueNAS products are ahead of many vendors:

  • The TrueNAS Z30 was ranked “Best-of-Class” in the hardware category
  • The TrueNAS Z20 and TrueNAS Z30 were ranked “Excellent” in the software category
  • Concurrent support for both SAN and NAS
  • Multiple snapshot and storage capacity optimization methods
  • In-line compression and deduplication
  • Automated snapshot policies with local and remote protection
  • Support for all VMware vSphere VAAI Block features evaluated by DCIG
  • Support for Microsoft ODX and Windows 2012 Server clustering
  • Integration with VMware snapshots for a stable resurrection point
  • No separate licensing for features such as thin provisioning and replication

Nestled in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have been committed to serving the needs of clients with a focus on Open Source since our beginning in 1996. From our inception onward, we’ve been providing quality storage and server solutions and our dedication to a superior customer experience has been unwavering. Not many businesses can say the same. To learn more about TrueNAS call 1-855-GREP-4IX or visit www.iXsystems.com/TrueNAS.
Gary Archer
Director of Product Marketing

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