Cyber Monday 2017


November 22, 2017

Howdy folks,
This is a list we have compiled for Cyber Monday for our FreeNAS users. It’s a great time to grab some replacement parts or new hardware for your next FreeNAS build. From hard drives to SSDs, motherboards, accessories, and more, we hope you find our list helpful. Happy Holidays!
The FreeNAS Team

15% off FreeNAS Mini/Mini XL

The FreeNAS Mini & Mini XL feature enterprise-class hardware specifically chosen to maximize performance with FreeNAS. No other system in its class can match the power or performance of the FreeNAS Mini.
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Be sure to hurry, this deal only lasts until the end of Monday.

FreeNAS Mini

FreeNAS Mini XL

FreeNAS Upgrades

Computer Memory

FreeNAS requires at least 8GB of RAM to take advantage of all the data-protection features offered by ZFS.

Hard Drives

Your data is only as good as your hard drives. Make sure you have enough capacity and redundancy with some extra drives.

Solid State Drives

Leverage a read/write cache to boost performance and optimize memory.


The motherboard lies at the heart of your FreeNAS system. Choose reliable hardware to keep your data safe and online.

Power Supplies



Upgrade your networking hardware for faster access to your files.

Computer Cases

Whether you’re building a new system or planning your next one, get some ideas from this list of computer cases.

Computer Monitor

Watch your favorite TV shows and movies with the Plex plugin on a bigger, brighter screen.


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