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February 20, 2014

Greetings, FreeNAS fanatics!

Yes, it’s our first point release to a point release! We are not particularly thrilled that we had to do one, but there were some Samba (CIFS) and jail related bugs (including a panic!) that definitely made it necessary; we’ve done little else for the last 2 weeks but tracking them down and stomping on them! Our thanks also go out to the Samba team (you know who you are) who helped us to identify and fix some of the key issues, as well as to FreeNAS developer John Hixson, who worked extra hard on diagnosing and fixing the CIFS issues!

The list of bugs fixed in can be found here.

Should you encounter any other bugs in this release, or wish to submit enhancement requests, please visit and by all means file a bug! We use the bug tracking system quite religiously and screen bugs on a daily basis, so filing a bug report is the best way of making sure that any issues do not get lost! Since no release engineering process is ever truly finished, we are already planning for 9.2.2 and will aim to fix any “fit and finish” bugs we deem appropriate for the next software update.

We also have the FreeNAS forums for general discussion and encourage everyone to use them. Finally, the FreeNAS developers also hang out in the #freenas IRC channel on FreeNode in their copious spare time should you wish to discuss things more in real-time.

The Errata List remains for, though we’re happy to say that we squashed 3 out of the 4 issues that were on it for 9.2.1. The last remaining issue is 32-bit only, and only affects Time Machine backups.

Again, if you didn’t follow the link in the first paragraph, the bits are in


The FreeNAS Engineering Team

Release Notes for FreeNAS

  • Samba (SMB/CIFS support) upgraded to version 4.1.4, with select key fixes cherry-picked from 4.1.5. This version adds support for SMB3, the ability for FreeNAS to be a Windows Domain Controller, and advanced features like server-side copy support in Windows 2012 and later, along with multiple years worth of improvements over the version of Samba that shipped in 9.2.0. Samba4 also enables SMB protocol version 3. Previous versions of FreeNAS limited samba to SMB2 because of random crashes that would occur using SMB3. We also fixed a number of Samba issues specific to FreeNAS in – see the fixed bug list for details.
  • A system dataset (.system) is now created in a user-configurable pool, the default being the first pool found. This can be changed in System->Settings->Advanced, the .system dataset being created as needed. This dataset becamse necessary for storing persistent Samba permissions, and is also being leveraged for other purposes, like collecting core files (which otherwise might overflow the limited system partition space) and storing system log files. It will be used for additional purposes as FreeNAS evolves.
  • A panic that occurred with VIMAGE jails has been fixed.
  • A bad bug with jail templates that caused them to be gratuitously downloaded has been fixed. See the fixed bugs query above for details.

Release Notes for FreeNAS 9.2.1-RELEASE (since is just a bug fix release for 9.2.1):

  • Added the LSI 12G SAS driver as a module to the build. This can be enabled by adding a tunable for mpslsi3_load with a value of YES. This driver is still under development and not yet committed to FreeBSD. It is provided for beta testing only. For production use please consider using a 6G SAS adapter, such as the LSI 9207.
  • Fixed a bug with netatalk that prevented share browsing from working in the finder on OSX. Also enabled options for fuller-fidelity AFP copies with Mac OS ACLs (ACEs) now stored as ZFS ACLs. Remove the non functional share password field from AFP shares.
  • Switched from Avahi to mDNSResponder for Zeroconf network configuration, improving the Mac share browsing experience.
  • Added additional Web API functionality for manipulating ZFS snapshots.
  • Added IPMI network configuration support for machines with that capability (enabled by setting ipmi_load tunable to YES).
  • Brought back the FreeNAS 8.x volume manager as a “Manual Setup” option. This volume manager allows manual vdev building and offers no seat belts. Unless you know exactly what you are doing and why you are doing it, using the standard volume manager is highly recommended by the development team!
  • Made some changes to reporting graphs that segregates reports by type, one type per tab. Add graphs that show individual disk activity.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented building an encrypted volume using multipath devices.
  • Update django (used by the WebUI) to 1.6 and dojo to 1.9.2
  • Add the following ZFS features: enabled_txg hole_birth, extensible_dataset, bookmarks
  • Add trafshow to the image. This utility gives a CLI view of connections and usage to the FreeNAS box.
  • Fix kernel module load for fuse. This is needed for importing NTFS volumes.
  • Add the ability to use a keytab for AD joins. This eliminates the need to use the AD Administrator account to join FreeNAS to AD, closing a long standing issue of needing the AD Admin password in the FreeNAS configuration database.
  • Updated the LSI 6 Gbps HBA driver (mps) to version 16. Please update the firmware of any mps HBAs to phase 16.

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