The Majority of Fortune 500 Companies Rely on TrueNAS

Be prepared for exponential data growth and harden your infrastructure against threats like ransomware and expensive downtime. TrueNAS Enterprise Systems harness the full potential of ZFS to keep your data secure, available, and always protected.

  • Universal Storage for File, Block, Object, & Applications
  • 80%+ Lower TCO Than Public Cloud
  • No Vendor Lock-In
  • All-Flash & Hybrid Disk + Flash
  • High Availability Systems
  • Open Source, open standards
  • Free versions for less critical workloads
  • Top-rated US-Based Support

“TrueNAS Offers Twice the Performance at Half the Cost”

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"TrueNAS is a Flexible, Powerful, and Cost-effective Enterprise Storage System."

"TrueNAS is the most Cost Effective, US-Based, Performant Storage System that money can buy."

"TrueNAS delivers excellent value, High Performance, and tailored storage systems."

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Trusted By the Majority of the Fortune 500