1. K

    Rsync slow and different speed

    Hello, I will give a try on this forum because I do not understand what I am missing... I use rsync to send movies from my seedbox to my home server (FreeNAS-11.2-U7). The problem is that the speed is abnormally low when I send the file to my server (around 1.5MB/s) What I don't understand...
  2. K

    Cannot find exact location of any and all SSH host key files.

    Hello. I am trying to verify my sever's SSH fingerprint so i don't get MITM'd. Every guide i find on google tells me that the host keys are stored in /etc/ssh/ , however, my /etc/ssh folder only contains the config files and a moduli file. I have searched the forum here for a solution but have...
  3. H

    .db config export via shell?

    I borked my 11.2-U6. It was a permissions issue with Plex but in trying to fix it, I borked the webGUI permissions as well and now get a 404 NGINX error from any browser/device on my network (and I've tried them all). SSH is on and working, as well as my SMB shares. Wanting to grab the .db...
  4. M

    Is my Freenas been hacked?

    Hi all, I've got this messages today. Nov 3 00:16:37 MVfreenas sshd[47927]: error: maximum authentication attempts exceeded for root from port 46035 ssh2 [preauth] Nov 3 13:27:34 MVfreenas sshd[20613]: fatal: userauth_pubkey: incomplete message [preauth] Nov 3 13:27:35...
  5. P

    SOLVED Issue with SSH & Private / Public Key

    Hello everyone, I'm posting this message today because I'm having trouble setting up properly an SSH connexion for my Freenas server. The goal of this is to access my server from my PC (Windows 10) in SSH using Putty. I've done some research and tried several solutions without any success yet...
  6. T

    SOLVED Losing SSH/SFTP connection after 90 seconds

    Update: This was network related. Not related to FreeNAS. The problem was, that I was connecting to different NICS on the same FreeNAS machine. The NICS were in different network. When connection via SSH through a firewall, the connection was dropped after ~80 seconds by sshd on the FreeNAS. I...
  7. maniyer

    FreeNAS 11.2-U4 - SSH: permission denied (publickey)

    I'm trying to setup SSH on my FreeNAS setup but no mater what I do, I cannot get a user to login. Root is the only user that connects successfully. All other users get the 'permission denied (publickey)'. I have tried everything from the following thread but I still can't get it to work...
  8. emailhelpdesk

    Use of virtual machine as a webserver.

    How do I access VNC virtual machine (Ubuntu) using ssh on FreeNas? I have installed FreeNAS on my system. I have created a VNC virtual machine (Ubuntu OS) on that. I don't know how to access it with ssh. Actually, I want to use that virtual machine as a web server and launch my site on that. Is...
  9. itskando

    SOLVED In freeNAS OS, should "Services --> ssh" be left as port 22 when using openVPN?

    In freeNAS OS, should "Services --> ssh" be left as port 22 when using openVPN, or should the port be changed to match one of the ports of the VPN, like 443 as listed here?
  10. J

    Backup using SSH

    Hey guys, I'm new to FreeNAS and newer to some Linux stuff, but what we're wanting to do is backup some of our Windows servers via SSH/RSync? What I'm most concerned about these days, like everyone else is Ransomware attacks. I'm super paranoid, so I was wondering this -- If we rsynced our...
  11. Zaret

    SOLVED SSH try to use old private key

    Hello i have a problem and i don't know how to solve it. i have "lost" my old private key and generate a new one. but when i try to connect freenas everytime want to use the old key. (debug2: key: /root/.ssh/id_rsa_home (0x0), explicit) i don't know how to remove this association and where it...
  12. C

    rsync via ssh

    Buongiorno a tutti. Mi presento perché è il mio primo post. Mi chiamo francesco e da un pò di tempo ho installato freenas 11.2 su un pc che adopererò come NAS di backup. La situazione è questa: - primo nas con dati imprtanti - freenas che importa (PULL) con rsync via SSH. Ho configurato tutto...
  13. H

    Shh with keys Version 11.2 FreeNAS to Synology

    Being new to free and wanting to use rsync to move folders to Synology. I spent over 20 hours reading all the many articles on the web to set up ssh to accomplish it The only reason I am posting is I was never able to make it work using the terminal in FreeNAS. I then decided to us my MacBook...
  14. M

    Replication fails after reboot - connecting manually works, however

    Hi, after a server reboot the replication stopped working. Storage → Replication Tasks → Status: Failed: ssh: connect to host port 12345: Operation timed out It worked fine before the reboot. Connecting manually works, however: ssh -i /data/ssh/replication -p 12345
  15. Y

    FreeNAS + SFTP

    So I'm trying to setup a SFTP server but I can't connect (using DDNS). I activated SSH & Dynamic DNS in the Services Tab in the WebGUI and forwarded port 22 and still can't access the SFTP server (sftp://[ddns adress]). My goal is to securely access the FreeNAS windows share from anywhere...
  16. junior466

    SSH disconnect/connect messages filling log (known bug?)

    FreeNAS-11.1-U5 I've been checking my logs recently and noticed these messages only seconds apart happening all day. Research has led me to believe is related to replication tasks that are being done on the same host but wanted to be sure. 2018-09-04 17:02:13.000 freenas freenas sshd[32041]...
  17. T

    using ssh-key per user

    Hello New to FreeNAS and it looks great. I am trying to set my new server with these settings is it possible and how? 1. create groups - each group can access a specific folder? 2. Each user will have an SSH-KEY for access? (Users will send me there Keys and I will add it to there user ) ...
  18. K

    It should be so simple.. How can I access my files outside my LAN

    Hello! I'm not very good with servers but to just connect (securely) to the internet and use Freenas as a NAS folder for my backups shouldn't be THIS hard.. I have a pool(volume) and I can access it through windows ( great success! ). Now I ONLY want to access it outside of my LAN so I can...
  19. pixel8383

    Cron an rclone task configured inside jail

    Hello, I am trying to setup my .sh file in order to use the FreeNAS cron-managment GUI. I want to execute an rclone task inside a jail and save the stOut buffer to a variable that I will mail when the task is terminated. Actually my code is the following: #!/bin/sh...
  20. D

    SOLVED SSH to jail not working

    Hi, I want to have a personal git server and created a Jail for that, no I want/need SSH for that. I created a second User in the Jail, which is a member oft the wheel group. Also I set sshd_enable to yes in the /etc/rc.conf file. Why does this not work?
  21. C

    [Frage/Problem] SFTP unbefugter Zugriff

    Guten Tag, heute habe ich auf meinem FreeNAS einen SFTP Zugang mit einem Benutzer und auf ein spezielles Dataset festgelegt. Jetzt habe ich jedoch ein Problem. Wenn ich per Client darauf zugreife navigiert mich dieser auch direkt in mein gewähltes Dataset. Jedoch habe ich auch die Möglichkeit...
  22. nojohnny101

    SOLVED public/private SSH key for FreeNAS user?

    Hello All, my ultimate goal is to run an rysnc task from FreeNAS that pulls a directory from a remote raspberry pi through SSH. It seems I have to generate a public/private key for the FreeNAS user that will run the rsync task. Is that correct? I just wanted to check because there doesn't seem...
  23. Ir13h

    SOLVED cannot SSH into FreeNAS Mini

    my mini is connected to my att router via Ethernet, I can access the web ui normally. my user is an admin but not root, has a public key and is in the sshd group as well as wheel. my ssh service settings look as follows as best as I can tell my router is not blocking port 22. I am on the...
  24. M

    FreeNAS 11 - SSH: permission denied (publickey)

    I'm trying to setup SSH access to my FreeNAS using SSH public keys and I've run into a problem I've not been able to find a solution to. I have a user, mattias, to which I paste an RSA public key into the "SSH Public Key" field. Afterwards when I try to SSH ssh mattias@ I get...
  25. Kennyvb8

    Unable to add Lagg0 to SSH FreeNAS 11

    Hello there! Wanted to make a load balance, how ever I can't add the final device to the SSH config as devices. It simply says it's not a legal device to add (GUI). Bug or not possible?
  26. A

    SSH only working with root

    Hi, So I just set up 11.0 U4 and I'm trying to get SSH to work for my users. So far only root can SSH using keys, for users I get the following error from putty: "Disconnected: no supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey). Using the same key with root is no problem at...
  27. Stranded Camel

    How to harden SSH in FreeNAS 11

    I've just run this ssh-audit tool on my FreeNAS 11-4 box, and the results are abysmal (see end of post for results). In short, all the items marked `warn`, `fail` or `remove` need to be dealt with. I've done this on several Linux boxes, following this hardening guide, and the results were...
  28. thijsjek

    SSH keys

    I am trying to set up ssh keys for security and learn how to do it on FreeNAS-11.0-U4 What did i do so far: Made on my windows machine with puttygen a public and private key (with auth) and called it id_rsa.ppk. FreeNAS GUI, i have a user with sudo permissions, a home directory and i pasted the...
  29. Stranded Camel

    11.0-U3: SSH, NFS and Web servers die after less than an hour

    I recently updated from 11.0-U2 to 11.0-U3 and a rather serious problem has cropped up -- after less than an hour of uptime, FreeNAS refuses to make SSH, NFS or webserver connections (they work fine just after bootup). This makes the server completely useless -- they only thing that seems to...
  30. W

    Accessing FreeNAS through SSH from outside home network

    Hello! First, I am not a networking specialist. But I am willing to learn. Here's my situation and intention: Intention I wanted to have a shared folder, which I can access trough my home network (which works, as of right now) and also have a friend connect to it from outside my home network...
  31. S

    FreeBSD im Jail - Update zerschießt Server

    Hallo, ich bin Neuling und habe mir vor ein paar Monaten einen HP ProLiant MicroServer zusammengeschraubt und freenas installiert. Hier habe ich ein Jail (FreeBSD) angelegt und Apache installiert, MySQL, PHP und SSH. Nachdem ich ein paar Monate keine Zeit hatte, wollte ich nun endlich mein...
  32. V

    Unable to add public key to user account.

    Hello, I am trying to create a rsync pull job (for the first time) that will sync data from my WD my book live duo to my freenas. If I read the instructions correctly I need to have a user ID that has a public key in the account in order to ssh to my WD nas. I generated a public key on my WD my...
  33. chris pucknell

    How to remove the Sudo Password Prompt

    Hi there I'm the only user one who is ever going to use this server (beyond plex users) and the sudo password prompt is annoying! I think it might get in the way of my phone using tasker to SSH in and run commands, or at least make it more complicated. I know there is a way to remove the...
  34. eastabrooka

    Fast CIFS - Slow Local Copy

    Hello everyone I need a little help here :). I will try to be as detailed as I can and stick to the guidelines in the before you post page. Current setup: 1X Windows 7 Desktop, 1X Netgear GBE Switch. 1X HP N40L The N40L is running the latest Freenas release FreeNAS-11.0-U2 (e417d8aa5) 8gig...
  35. Wisdom

    SOLVED Samba/CIFS over SSH (& OpenVPN)

    EDIT: Final Solution in my last post in the thread. TL;DR: OpenVPN worked instead, quick guide included. Original: Hey ya'll, I've been looking into how to remotely mount my CIFS shares over SSH, and have been running into some issues. From what I've been able to see, from both the...
  36. S

    Windows file managers using SSH/SCP, that avoid long path/filename issues - do they exist?

    I'm getting a little frustrated at the limitations of Windows explorer and Explorer replacements on Windows, for manipulating files on my FreeNAS box when they're nested with long-ish paths or have descriptive filenames. I can use WinSCP and other SCP clients to bypass the Windows API issues...
  37. pingoo

    Info sur snapshot

    Bonjour à vous, Je configure un freenas lié à un Windows server 2012. (le freenas est bien dans le domaine) J'aimerais que mon freenas fasse des snapshots tout les x temps et les envoie sur mon windows server. Je pensais donc faire un instantané pérodique (ex: le vendredi soir) Et sur le WS...
  38. nikkpap

    How to reset webgui port via ssh

    Hi i am new to Freenas and i am exieded . I made a mistake accidently put the same port to webgui as my ssh one Now i am able to connect via ssh but not with wegui (lol) , my question is can i somehow reset webgui port to 80 or put an other port via ssh. I dont want to lose any data or other...
  39. Jacopx

    RSYNC over SSH without pw auth

    Buonasera a tutti! ;) I have set up some share from automatically backup. I ran a simply script on my Mac that synchronise everything. I have tried to launch the script both from my user (jacopx) and from root. I have noticed that the ROOT communication doesn't not required the password...
  40. H

    FreeNAS 11 ssh Extra options is too short

    Dear Developers, If I try to set up chroot in ssh, the Extra options text box is too short to describe everything. I want you to make it longer. Best regards,
  41. E

    Need help with passwordless ssh key log in

    I am trying to setup ssh with private and public keys on my freenas 9.10 problem is nothing I do works. I have tried to add public keys via web gui I have added the thru ftp directly to .ssh and renamed it authorized_keys I have change the permissions to the following .ssh/ 700 and...
  42. kroko

    Rsync speed gains when dropping SSH and using daemon. Can it be made even better?

    Hi, FreeNAS 9.10.2-U1 Currently I do (did) offsite backups from FreeNAS using rsync over SSH. I have set it up via cron (to execute a script) not rsync tasks. This is because scripting gives stuff that is not available in rsync tasks GUI anyways, like remote deletion backups shuffling (old...
  43. M

    Rsync SSH from NAS to Ubuntu - Automated

    There are a lot of articles showing how to go from linux to FreeNAS or Windows to FreeNAS but I haven't been able to find any guide that can help me Rsync through SSH from FreeNAS to a Linux. I'm trying to backup the FreeNAS system at my office to an offsite Ubuntu Server 14.04. If I need to...
  44. F

    How do I remotely decrypt volume via ssh when using private key?

    I have my FreeNAS setup so I can remotely access it via ssh using a private key. I'm away from home for an extended trip, but when I received an email that a FreeNAS update is available, I opened an ssh tunnel as I typically do, and through SOCKS5 was able to use the WebUI to update the system...
  45. N

    Home directory configuration question

    I apologize a head of time if this post is longer than it needs to be... My configuration has two sets of home directories. I have one dataset that is shared via NFS and the primary purpose is to provide home directories for a cluster. Everything works fine with that share. The second...
  46. D

    Cannot port forward to FreeNAS server's local IP

    Hello, I just started using FreeNAS a few days ago, and I've encountered a bit of an issue... For some reason I can't seem to port forward to my FreeNAS server's local IP. I have tried a few different "open port checkers" online, but they show the specified port to be closed. (NB I have given...
  47. Ryan Snyder

    SFTP backup from CUCM fails with FreeNAS-9.10.2 (a476f16)

    We have been running Freenas on the XI systems for quite some time. I recently upgraded to 9.10.2 from 9.10.1-U4 (ec9a7d3). Everything seemed like it was working just fine. But sometime after the upgrade our Cisco Call Manager stopped backing up. I didn't put things together until now. When...

    Cannot receive 'zfs send' as non-root user, with 'zfs allow' set

    I'm not sure what it is that is wrong, but I have been unable to send snapshots from a FreeBSD 11 machine using zxfer, as a normal user, doing everything I can think of. So far the things I have done to enable ZFS send receive as a regular user are the following: Set vfs.usermount=1 Set every...
  49. S

    Need Help with Putty and SSH tunneling to SMB

    Hey everyone! First off i have to thank the awesome community which allowed me to learn so much in so little time. Here is my setup: i have an old computer running freenas 9.10.1 on with ssh router forwarding ssh connections on port 10987 to the server no ip for a dyn dns...
  50. A

    SOLVED Backing on a FreeNAS using backintime

    I recently build a FreeNAS server (9.10-U4) and I want to use it as backup place for my Arch Linux machine using backintime via ssh. My problem is that I am having issues with permissions on the freenas when connecting to my freenas server through backintime. I haveon my linux box created a ssh...