1. H

    NFS not showing snapshot rollback changes

    I recently started using snapshots for a versioned YUM repository. This While testing one of my update scripts for my yum repositories, it accidentally deleted some of the directories I needed to keep. No problem. I had a snapshot of the previous version that I could easily rebase from. The...
  2. S

    Replicated & compressed dataset differs unexpectedly in size

    I hope you can help me understand what's going on here with my original dataset using lz4 and the replicated one using gzip-9. Two FreeNAS servers, 1# and #2, both has a new volume with nothing special going on. The dataset in question that is being replicated has all kinds of different data...
  3. CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet

    Just upgraded to 11.2 and I had to recreate my Snapshot and replication schedule. Do I need to do anything else?

    I've just upgraded from 9.10.2-U5 to 11.2-U5 and aside from kicking myself for not even considering installing each release (i.e. 11.1) along the way, everything seams to have gone perfectly fine (see below for more details of my upgrade methodology). My old Warden Jails and Plugins are back up...
  4. zamana

    SOLVED Accidentally deleted all jails... How to restore from snapshots?

    I accidentally delete all my jails/plugins. I have backup of everything and I have access to the files. My question is: how do I make them appear again in the system (and in the GUI)? Do I need to create them all, one by one, and then restore the files? Or is there a way to just restore them...
  5. P

    Replication task still in progress and the receiving end has more data the the sending end, huh

    Hello everyone I am hoping someone can clear this up for me, I seem to be really confused on using the replication task and am thinking of switching over to rsync. I have two servers A and B. I am looking to have server A be what I actually use and B just to be a backup, that's it. Since I...
  6. KazuyaDarklight

    Larger Snapshot Library on Backup Unit

    v11.2 We are using replication to backup our production unit to a backup system. Is there a way we can configure it so that the backup unit has longer, but not unlimited snapshot retention than the production unit? (We don't want to tell the replication task to just not ever delete things and...
  7. S

    Problems with periodic copies

    How about, I have a problem with my freenas, to which I have set several periodic tasks for the copies, but I see that these are not executed, I have them well configured, but I do not know what can be missing, or case it will be some problem with the software freenas?
  8. S

    Doubt with snapshot storage path

    How about, my problem is that I set a snapshot for my folder. But I do not know where the copies are stored, so that in the future I can restore them.
  9. B

    Hello from another Salt Lake City dweller

    I'm an electrical/computer engineer and do firmware development for a network equipment manufacturer. My home network is WAY overkill and too much fun. I have a slew of computer/networking services in operation in my home lab and dabble in the admin stuff as it enhances my overall experience...
  10. M

    Remote snapshots dissapeared

    Hello Freenas Forum. I have a main machine which is backed up via replication (send/receive) to another machine. They are on the same LAN and in my apartment. Both machines are on 11.2. I have configured this as no deletion of stale snapshots, no encryption and no compression. This has...
  11. L

    Script to Delete Snapshots on Backup/Replication Server

    I would like to know if is possible to create a script to delete snapshots on backup/replication server side. We have the option "Delete Stale Snapshots on Remote System", but this is not very secure because if we accidentally (or not) delete these snapshots on primary server, they also will be...
  12. R

    Site to site replication

    Hi. My goal is site to site replication. I'm replacing current storage with new FN-cert hardware. I'm also totally changing the pool layout. Background - I have a bunch of FN servers, and still administer 8 of them daily, BUT, I've always run daily rsync scripts (not me, cron actually), which...
  13. D

    Moving Volume AND snapshots to another box

    I have a FreeNAS box with a 2TB volume and a year's worth of weekly snapshots. How do I move it to another ZFS device? (FreeNAS, FreeBSD etc) Id like to preserve obviusly the data, but all the historical snapshots as well. Im running 9.10.1-U4 Thanks
  14. a13519

    Replication but no files cloned

    I am trying to backup my pool to another disk locally, but no real files copied. FreeNAS: FreeNAS-11.2-RELEASE-U1 Source Pool: PinkPlanet, it's local pool Destination Pool: PurpleTank, there is no space issue in the pool and it is a local pool associated Steps: zfs snapshot -r PinkPlanet@PP5...
  15. L

    how to rollback replicated snapshot (on another system)

    Hello, there´s one thing i don´t get about snapshot replication. Lets say I have a daily snapshot task of my Datapool. Everyday this snapshots are replicated to another server. Now lets assume my pool is heavily degraded or lost or I want a new, bigger one. Happily I have my replicated...
  16. itskando

    Task Scheduling

    Does the following seem reasonable for a homeserver: Followed this guide. Day 01: scrub Day 08: SMART(long) Day 15: scrub Day 22: SMART(long) [4AM for all] [Scrubs: threshold: 10 days.] Day 05: SMART(short) Day 12: SMART(short) Day 19: SMART(short) Day 26: SMART(short) [3AM for all] Daily...
  17. L

    Need help with iSCSI Snapshot/Replication

    Hello, I have a freenas system, that offers a iSCSI target for 2 windows servers for backup purposes (server iSCSI targets only differ in size and its a test setup, no production environment so there is no auth on the iSCSI). I attached screenshots of the iSCSI Share settings for all details of...
  18. mattd

    Problem creating snapshot for replication

    I am pretty new to FreeNAS. I'm having a problem setting up snapshots, they don't seem to be doing anything. On the snapshot list page, all it says is "An error occurred", there is no error number or details. I setup the snapshot to run recursively, once every day, and retain for 2 weeks. I...
  19. H

    Snapshot unviewable in web interface

    I see the snapshot on the system but when I go to the web interface, the snapshot is not there or hidden or something.
  20. Sneffets

    Expansion or Rebuild

    Hello, I want to start by saying, I have spent ample amount of time doing research on this topic and I have not really found too many people with the same "options" that I I am looking for some good solid opinions or if I am missing something...thank you in advance. I have two...
  21. enry

    Error when migrating zfs data

    Setup is two Volumes. Volume01 is 4 disks (2x2TB, 2x4TB) - 3.7TB in use Volume02 is 2 disks (2x6TB) I want to migrate the data from Volume01 to Volume02. Following the excellent directions I migrated the system data to the boot disk and then tried to do the snapshot and send/receive. Then I...
  22. adrianwi

    SOLVED Strange iocage snapshots

    I've converted most of my jails to iocage, and like I did with the warden ones I snapshot the top level dataset (/mnt/tank/iocage) with recursive ticked so they transfer across to my 2nd freenas box. Everything had been working fine until yesterday when I destroyed an iocage jail (emby) and...
  23. A

    Creating a temporary (transit) backup of a raidz2 volume.

    Hi all, I've got a FreeNAS 11.1 file server, which I'm shipping to New Zealand (I'm moving there). It has a single raidz2 volume, based around 4 1TB SSDs. As insurance for the data, I've bought 4 new 1TB SSDs and my intention was to create a backup. I thought the correct way to do this was to...
  24. DigitalADHD

    Odd snapshot dependancies

    Hello, I am trying to delete a jail snapshot, but for some reason it has dependent clones that are other jails. user@freenas:/ # zfs destroy tank0/apps/sonarr_1@clean cannot destroy 'tank0/apps/sonarr_1@clean': snapshot has dependent clones use '-R' to destroy the following datasets...
  25. N

    How to Access Trapped Dataset Snapshot?

    I'm hoping that someone who has some experience with snapshots can help me. I have saved a number of snapshots of datasets from pool TANK using zfs send/receive to a removable pool BACKUP01. (TANK has grown too large for a single backup volume, so I need to back it up in pieces.) NAME...
  26. N

    Is it OK to use _ and : in snapshot names?

    I know it is syntactically OK to use _ and : in snapshot names, but is it likely to break anything in FreeNAS? I'm writing an external backup utility and I'd like to make snapshots with the following format TANK/DATASET@__BKPVOLNAME:YYMMSS-HHMMSS so that they are easy to parse/scan for. Any...
  27. massmux

    Problem in recovering a cloned snapshot

    hi guys i have this problem. I have snapshots replicated on another freenas server. I need to recover files inside this snapshot. I do exactly as described in freenas note: """ Clone the desired snapshot. Share the clone with the share type or service running on the FreeNAS® system. After users...
  28. S

    Making ACLs and nested datasets work as expected, in the context of snapshots and Samba shares?

    This is a complex area where 4 FreeNAS subsystems overlap - ACLs, ZFS pool structure, ZFS snapshots, and Samba shares. I know what I'd hope to be the expected behaviour, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way. I'm posting this to get a good understanding how it does work, and to learn what...
  29. D

    ZFS Snapshots, Shadow copies, performance and fragmentation?

    Hi, Embarrassingly despite using FreeNAS for over 2 years now, I only use snapshots on my jails, not my main data set. My main reason was, I thought I had to restore an entire snapshot to recover files, but I've recently discovered some reddit and forum posts here, indicating we could browse...
  30. N

    Help with incremental snapshots

    I am attempting to create a removable backup system that will replicate my datasets to removable pool in a hot swap cartridge. After spending hours with the man pages and online research, I still need a bit of help. I've tried to answer my own question below to the best of my ability, and I'm...
  31. S

    snapshot mounting limits - clarification of FreeNAS guide?

    Section 1.1 of the FreeNAS guide mentions four filename/path length limits for the current version. The first is accompanied by an example, the second is clear from description, but the third and fourth aren't very helpful: which to me are not exactly clear. It would help me a lot to have an...
  32. D

    VMWare snapshots no longer run after updating to FreeNAS 11.1

    I just updated to FreeNAS 11.1, and now my snapshots throw the following error "'Current license or ESXi version prohibits execution of the requested operation.". I'm using ESXi 6.5 with a free licence. I have not made any changes to ESXi, snapshots where mostly working before, any idea why is...
  33. S

    Snapshots, begin, end time, and interval.

    I do not quite understand the meaning of begin and end time in snapshot creation. I understand it this way: Begin - is the time when snapshot can be created End - is the time of the end of possibility of creating a snapshot. Meaning that it may take time to create snapshot and End time gives a...
  34. babblo

    Locked volume snapshot errors

    Hi, I have a certain volume with sensitive information witch most of the time is locked and unlocked as needed, also has periodic snapshot enabled. The problem i'm having with this setup is about FreeNAS sending me a lot of emails saying he can't make the snapshot because the volume does not...
  35. Keven

    Does Snapshot size increase when renaming files

    Hi, Since I implemented snapshot on my freenas server, I have always been scared to rename a file because i'm not sure if it would double the disk space needed. After a quick search on google it look like it's too dumb as a question to appear on any thread... Does renaming a file increase the...
  36. D

    Some Vmware snapshots failing in FreeNAS

    I setup VMware snapshots for my ESXi box, however some of them seem to be failing and I do not know how to figure out why. There doesn't seem to be any relation between the VMs that fail and the ones that succeed. I can log into ESXi and create a snapshot successfully for these VMs, but they...
  37. K

    ZFS receive results in system reboot

    All, I am running FreeNAS-9.10.2-U6. I took a recursive snapshot of a data set and did a zfs send | zfs receive to an external / USB drive. When I try to do the reverse send / receive to pull the snapshot back to the main data set, the process runs for awhile, but towards the end the system...
  38. M

    Replication Between two FreeNAS Machines

    Hello! I have been messing around with FreeNAS for a few months now. It's a solid product and has been working fairly well for me. I have had a recent issue with the flash drives I was using to run the OS on. The problem involved me losing all access VIA the web and console locking up. With an...
  39. J

    Disable Automatic Snapshotting of the root filesystem

    Hello, I had a freenas installation on a 8GB usb stick. Unfortunately the root started filling up because it made snapshots of it. I don't see this among the snapshots. Unfortunately when the drive filled up the system slowed down and the FS got corrupted so I had to redo the installation. My...
  40. Borja

    SOLVED Is a snapshot a complete backup?

    I' planning to do backups to a remote FreeNAS system. So I read probably the best option is to create a replication task. But, at first, i created a snapshot and it only takes a small amount of Mb and in refer column some GBs but my volume has about 5TB space used. So, this is great to rollback...
  41. F

    Exposing a replicated snapshot to users

    Hello, I have two NAS in two offices. I have a replicated snapshot for one dataset. This work great and give me a read only mirror of the most important data. I would like to give access to this data to my users. It's useful for them because this avoid the slow internet link. So the goal is...
  42. TheShellshock67

    decreasing space due to snapshots

    Hello everyone, I came across these errors last week. But first my system's specs: Build number : FreeNAS-9.10.2-U5 (561f0d7a1) Motherboard make and model -AsRock z170m extreme 4 CPU make and model -Intel Celeron G3900 RAM quantity -64GB ECC Kingston Hard drives, quantity, model...
  43. SwisherSweet

    Most appropriate way to duplicate dataset from one pool to another on a daily basis

    I have a pool made-up of several datasets. Some of the datasets are zvols accessible via iSCSI. I understand that snapshots can be sent to another pool, however I do not know how to use the scheduled snapshots I am making of my "primary" pool as backups. The file names are not static (e.g...
  44. D

    SOLVED Plugin uninstalled - missing jail! Restore possible?

    So I've been using FreeNAS with NextCloud for a while and I thought it was all pretty clear. Just now I mistakenly uninstalled the NextCloud plugin, while looking for a reason why it has stopped working. The jail that contained the nextcloud plugin has now gone. I am running daily snapshots and...
  45. M

    SOLVED Moving Storage without creating a large snapshot

    Hi, I'm currently looking to move my media collection from one dataset to another. I currently have an anime collection that I would like to keep separate from the family media folder. I have thought of just creating a separate subfolder and then allocating separate permissions for that. But I...
  46. SwisherSweet

    Is a ZFS Snapshot to an external disk a backup?

    I'm considering backup strategies: - Rsync to external drive - Snapshot to external drive I understand rsync will recreate files in the destination drive. I also read others are using scheduled snapshots to make a backup of their pool. However, I'm not sure if one could recover from a...
  47. D

    Data in between ZFS snapshots

    How you guys deal with this: - Lets say I have automatic daily snapshots for 8 weeks, so 56 snapshots in total. - I create a script that runs weekly and ship the last snapshot (Sunday) to another FreeNAS, and I keep them there for 1 year. The question is: Someone creates a file on Monday, work...
  48. A

    SOLVED How to permanently use a snapshot (Recovery to a snapshot)

    Hi, A computer on my network was infected with ransomware which encrypted all the files on my FreeNAS. After cleaning all computers on the network, I cloned the last known good snapshots of all volumes and started running off these cloned drives in production. How can I make this permanent...
  49. prototype0815

    Periodic Snapshot als Schattenkopie Funktion über CIFS einrichten

    Hey folks, ich würde gerne eine Funktion wie die Windows Schattenkopie nutzen. Die HDDs meiner NAS sind per SMB als Netzlaufwerke an meine Windows Kisten angebunden. Kann mir jemand mit Infos oder Tipps helfen wie ich das einrichte? LG proto
  50. nojohnny101

    SOLVED kill active replication task

    Here is the quick of it: - I have one FreeNAS box replicating to another box that is on a remote site over SSH. - I left some data on the main FreeNAS box that I didn't want replicated (because it is so large and would take forever) and So I had meant to take it out (or temporarily disable the...