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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. J

    Ubuntu 18.04 Boot to initramfs

    I'm running a Lubuntu VM and an Ubuntu VM on bhyve, when I upgraded either/both to 18.04, they booted to initramfs. Rolled back to a previous snapshot and they boot fine again. Tried installing a new test VM using an 18.04 ISO, the live "cd" also boots straight to initramfs as well. Anyone...
  2. Joe Fenton

    Ubuntu Server 17.10.1 fails on boot with 'end Kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: unable to mount root

    I have had this Ubuntu server running on a UEFI Bhyve VM on Freenas 11.1-RELEASE for a while, and it has been working fine. I recently ran some updates on Ubuntu, but never restarted the server. After getting some Freenas messages relating to running out of Swap Utilization space recently, I...
  3. Q

    Text based menu issue during OS install in bhyve VM

    So I've been trying yo install a Sophos UTM (v9.5) VM under bhyve on FreeNAS-11.1-U4. Sophos does not support UEFI and under the UEFI-CSM option it seems to hang booting from the legacy CD-ROM. Anyway, so I've setup a new VM using iohyve and I've been able to get the CD-ROM to boot and get to...
  4. A

    VMs fail to boot after FreeNAS restart

    I've got a strange problem where following a reboot of the FreeNAS box all my VMs fail. This has happened twice so far. Steps taken: Create 6 VMs with UEFI boot method and autostart. Edit devices to include: VNC, NIC, CD ISO Image, 2 cores, RAM (512MB - 8096MB) and zvol (25GB - 100GB on two...
  5. MemeticsIreland

    Virtualization and FreeNAS Mini

    Does FreeNAS Mini - Network Attached Storage (Diskless) support virtualization (VMs)? I would like to run one VM using FreeNAS and need to make sure FreeNAS Mini - Network Attached Storage (Diskless) meets the bhyve hardware requirements. I have previously tried to run VMs unsuccessfully...
  6. G

    Ubuntu: Invalid Environment Block

    Hello, I have recently been running an Ubuntu 16 VM in FreeNAS 11.1-U4 but I recently rebooted the VM and it now displays “Error: Invalid Environment Block”. There are some suggestions on how to fix his through the GRUB menu but I’m not sure how to access this with a FreeNAS VM... Anyone have...
  7. M

    SOLVED VMs Losing Network Connectivity

    I built a new system and installed FreeNAS on it. All has gone well. I created 2 Windows Server 2016 VMs (sorry - testing a work thing) and they installed and run fine. For a bit. And then they freeze or lose their network connectivity. RDP (after I enabled it) can't connect. VNC gets me...
  8. Alpinesun

    Windows fails to install with 2 vcpu's in Bhyve

    All, I'm seeing some strange behaviour with Bhyve and Windows 7 and 10 on install with 2 vcpu's configured in the VM. Basically it gets to 'Expanding Windows files' and gets stuck there at random percentages compete. If I install on a single vcpu it works and installs no problem. If I then add...
  9. T

    VM won't boot if more than 1 vCPU

    I'm working with the latest FreeNAS 11.1 and trying to play with bhyve. Installing Windows Server 2016. When I assign only 1 vCPU to the VM, everything goes well. If I set more than 1 vCPU, VM will sometimes boot, but most of the time, freeze on boot. Been waiting for hours and the VM is...
  10. F

    Is Bhyve completely broken?

    I had experienced this problem trying to get a Windows VM up and running on my FreeNAS my first time out. I just recently tried installing Linux Mint in a VM and got similar results: VM freezes up during install, VNC device conks out shortly after, VM then stops, UEFI prompt comes up when trying...
  11. T

    Network gone from VM after reboot/upgrade?

    Hello... I have been running a VM (pfSense) on FreeNAS 11.1 for some months with out problems. A few days ago, I upgraded from 11.1-RELEASE to 11.1-U1. When the FreeNAS machine came back up again, I no longer had network connectivity to/from the VM. I tried to reboot to FreeNAS-RELEASE, but the...
  12. J

    [How-To] Cloning new instances of a template VM for BHYVE

    Background The use-case is rather straight forward. Rather than installing BHYVE VM instances from scratch every time, it would be nice to be able to configure once, and then clone to new VM instances every time we make a new deployment. I spend a few days researching this topic, and testing...
  13. kevanbrown

    Bhyve Windows Server 1709

    I have a virtual machine with two CD-ROMs attached; one for the OS and one for the Bhyve drivers. When booting the VM, it drops into the UEFI shell. This is where I need assistance as the help command doesn't seem to support any pagination. Does anyone know how to: 1) Run a command to tell...
  14. gegtor

    Set disk sector size

    I have very specific windows app that need disk configured in 4096 bytes per sector and bytes per physical sector also 4096 How i can set this up? My current state:
  15. Kennyvb8

    bhyve uses 10-15% idle cpu

    Hello there after updating to FreeNAS 11.1, my bhyve VM's uses 10-15% in idle, where in FreeNAS 10 they used 0.1-1% in idle what has changed ? Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz 16265MB 1800Mhz FreeNAS-11.1-RELEASE
  16. bitsquirrel

    pass-through of hard disks

    Hello all! I'm a relatively new (1 year) user of FreeNAS and I am very very happy with many things about it. One thing I'm unclear on, is where the official support fora are. Is this it? I suppose I was expecting a mailing list and/or IRC channel. Not complaining, just surprised. Okay back...
  17. Kennyvb8

    bhyve - uses 10% cpu in idle

    is it normal now in 11.1 that bhyve uses 10% in idle per vm ?
  18. N

    bhyve debian VM changes its NIC name from eth0 to eth1 after updating to 11.1

    After upgrading from FreeNAS 11.0-U4 to 11.1 today, I had trouble accessing the one VM I have on my server. After some fiddling with VNC (and a lot of wrestling with keyboard map issues) I realised that my static IP config didn't work anymore: the configuration for eth0 wasn't applied anymore...
  19. T

    add custom option to startup command

    As the title says, is there any possibility to add a custom option to the startup command that FreeNAS creates for the VMs. I specifically want to passthrough a pcie tv tuner to a linux VM using -s 7:0:0,passthru,3/0/0
  20. D

    Minimum VM Memory Size

    The minimum VM memory size is set to 512M right now in FreeNAS 11.1, which seems completely random and arbitrary. Is there any actual basis for this? It is basically being quite wasteful for ultra light weight VMs that don't use anywhere near that much RAM. The bhyve docs itself even states the...
  21. T

    bhyve VM does not notice disconnected NIC?

    I have a bhyve VM set up in FreeNAS 11.1-RELEASE. The VM has been assigned two NICS (VirtIO), not used by FreeNAS. In the VM (pfSense) i have configured a failover LAGG (lagg0). My problem is, that the VM does not notice it when a physical NIC becomes unavailable (I detach it from the switch)...
  22. TommyV6

    Network problem with VM and DHCP

    Hi, after upgrade to FreeNAS-11.1-RELEASE from 11.0-U4 Virtual Machine (bhyve) cant use DHCP to recive IP adres. My VM is Windows 10 Pro: 2 virtual cpus/cores 4GB RAM 60GB zvol as drive. Network driver is VirtIO attached to re0 (one and only 10GB ethernet adapter) Everything is in one subnet...
  23. C

    Bhyve: How to pin vcpu to hostcpu?

    I'd like to pin the virtual cpus to certain host cpus for a VM. How do I do that? I see there's the "-p" argument for bhyve, but how do I run it without interfering with the configuration set in the GUI?
  24. B

    bhyve Networking - config?

    Hello, As I've learned here in the forum recently, in FreeNas 11.0 it's even not possible to assign a MAC address to a VM, so I'm wondering if there is any concept available for selecting all the bhyve networking options (NAT, bridge, NIC..) in FreeNas. I would like to have a separate IP for...
  25. J

    Windows 10 VM BSoDs randomly

    Hello everyone, I am finally trying out VMs in FreeNAS, because I want to go away from having multiple computers for doing stuff... The installation was quite smooth albeit slow, I have used the latest ISO from windows via their Media Creation tool. Directly after the installation I installed...
  26. T

    NFS shares not mounted in bhyve VM

    Hi there, I had been running an Ubuntu Server VM on my FreeNAS instance for several years. Since my update to FreeNAS 9.3(?), this VM started to make more and more trouble which was annoying as the VM is used as both DHCP server and as Squid proxy server. I then decided to switch over to bhyve...
  27. Y

    bhyve virtio boot disk in Windows?

    I have managed to get Windows 10 stable in bhyve by using an AHCI boot disk and virtio NIC (instead of the e1000 NIC which causes instability under load). However, the disk performance using AHCI mode is abysmal. Because Windows 10 does a lot of stuff behind your back, and it's hard to disable...
  28. X

    Disabling vmm.ko

    I am running FreeNAS 11 as a bhyve guest system on FreeBSD. To get FreeNAS to run stable as a bhyve guest I have to unload the vmm.ko module. How can I disable the vmm.ko kernel module in FreeNAS during startup?
  29. DrexLock

    Change default NIC used by Bhyve for VM Traffic

    I have an existing FreeNAS 11 machine setup and running for sometime now. The hardware itself is pretty overkill for what I'm using it for, at the moment only general shares and Plex with potential plans for Bacula down the road. I've been considering leveraging bhyve to run a couple of VMs as...
  30. BarryB

    Me too!

    My obligatory introduction :) I was trying to clean up my area a bit and reduce the number of boxes and chords and all the duplicates of files I've accumulated over time. I thought maybe a NAS would help with the file duplicates and so when researching FreeNAS, I was snatched by the idea of...
  31. B

    VM no longer boots - inaccessible boot device

    I have a Windows 2012 R2 VM that was working fine until a couple of days ago when I upgraded from 11.0-U3 to 11.0-U4. Now when it attempts to boot a blue screen comes up with the message Inaccessible boot device. I tried going back to 11.0-U3 and I am getting the same error so I'm not entirely...
  32. R

    FreeNAS 11 BHYVE Graphical drivers for Windows 10

    Hi all, Again, sorry if this question has been posted before - could not find it. I`m using FreeNAS-11.0-U4 (54848d13b) [updated from 9.3] and have created a Windows 10 VM, which all works OK and I can connect to it via TightVNC and Microsoft`s RDP. The problem is this: I had a similar VM...
  33. H

    Windows VM - FreeNAS 11 (BHYVE) - AMD A4-5000

    I apologize in advance if this is a redundant question, but I have been unable to find a definitive answer after researching for days now. Unable to install windows 7 or 10 64-bit in FreeNAS VM, hangs when GUI for windows installer attempts to load. Confirmed that the hardware should be...
  34. nathanbeach

    bhyve linux vm won't boot until vnc port is visited (FreeNAS 11u3)

    Hi, I have an Ubuntu 17.04 server VM running on FreeNAS 11u3 with bhyve. Works perfectly in every way except that boot will not start on its own. I have to connect to the FreeNAS VNC port (5901) for the VM, then the boot process starts up. Otherwise the VM just sits there doing nothing until...
  35. M

    [How-To] A guide to migrate FreeBSD VM from ESXi to FreeNAS (bhyve)

    This Resource is available at: The original text is below. It may be out of date.
  36. T

    Bhyve alternative?

    Need to run a windows server vm inside FreeNAS 11.0-U3, however I am using dual xeon e5520 cpus which according to the docs and the grep command VT-x: PAT,HLT,MTF,PAUSE,EPT,VPID they support extended page tables but don't support UGfeatures. I understand that you can run a vm inside a jail but...
  37. ryanhunt

    VMs will never work on HP N54L machines

    Hi everyone, I've been waiting and hoping to get bhyve support for my trusty N54L machine since I was first testing Corral. I've managed to get Linux VMs to boot, but never managed to get a Windows machine to boot in bhyve via FreeNAS. I checked today the updated docs for FreeNAS 11.0-U3 and...
  38. D

    SOLVED Bhyve NIC mac address

    Is it possible to assign a specific mac address to the NIC of a Bhyve Guest (specifically Ubuntu 16.04) This assumes one is using FreeNAS-11.0-U2 (e417d8aa5) -dekker
  39. Z

    [bhyve] Pci passthrough errors

    Hi, im trying to run bhyve using cli and passing a gpu to the VM but I get an error: Assertion failed: (error == 0), function modify_bar_registration, file /freenas-11-releng/freenas/_BE/os/usr.sbin/bhyve/pci_emul.c, line 491. Abort (core dumped) So far what I tried: Detect the card in...
  40. T

    Internet/Host Access

    Hi, I upgraded to FreeNAS 11 and trying to create a new bhyve box. I got new windows server 2016 just fine but I have trouble to get internet access from it (or local gateway network). I didn't do anything fancy about installation setup, everything is pretty much by default. In VM's settings I...
  41. T

    FreeNAS 11.0-U2 bhyve networking and virtualbox issues

    So I have two problems: 1: After upgrading to 11 virtualbox vms wont start anymore. I only get this error message: "The virtual machine '2dts' has terminated unexpectedly during startup with exit code 1" 2: Using bhyve I managed to get a win 10 vm working but even though i installed the virtio...
  42. H

    Ubuntu VM will not boot until VNC connection

    Hi, As stated, when I start up my VM through FreeNAS UI, the VM will say "RUNNING." However, the machine does not actually boot until I attempt to connect to it through VNC Viewer. It is a real pain to have to VNC to this machine after reboot to access my services. I am running Ubuntu 16.04...
  43. N

    bhyve Core Dump - help?

    I updated to FreeNAS 11 from Freenas 9.10 yesterday. I did an upgrade via an iso image. Everything from my old configuration is up and running. I'm trying to install my first VM. My host details Build FreeNAS-11.0-U1 (aa82cc58d) Platform AMD FX(tm)-8350 Eight-Core Processor Memory 32630MB VM...
  44. M

    Corral VM to FreeNAS 11

    Hi FreeNAS community, I would like some help importing my Corral VM into FreeNAS 11 please. I was using Corral for a short time and created a Ubuntu VM (16.04) from which to do backups of other machines on our network. Like everyone I recently moved to FreeNAS 11, I did this by going back to a...
  45. Soloam

    Can't start VM afther system crash

    Hello, yesterday my system (Freenas 11-U1) crashed (power down), since then I can't start my VM (Linux Debian). I click on the start vm button, I see a success message, but the VM keeps stopped. The system was working just find until the power went off. Can any one help me? Thank you
  46. scrappy

    How do I get OpenBSD running in a VM on FreeNAS 11?

    I would like to run a OpenBSD VM but it appears the OpenBSD 6.1 installer ISO doesn't have the ability to boot from Bhyve's UEFI or UEFI-CSM which are currently the only options we have for FreeNAS 11. What I get after starting the VM is: Boot Failed. CDROM 0 Boot Failed. Harddisk 1 Boot...
  47. Borja

    Where iohyve VM files are stored?

    When setting up iohyve you set a zvol for storing files. I only have one volume on my freenas instance where there are some critical files and im worried that set this volume for iohyve could be a risk for this files. I have to be sure before set up. also i read about this setup iohyve enabling...
  48. S

    Access guest VM port from network

    Greetings, I've managed to install a Linux Mint vm with bhyve in Freenas 11 and it is able to access the internet. Next I installed ArangoDb on the guest OS (Mint) and would like to be able to access it from other machines on my network. I assume this requires some sort of port forwarding...
  49. B

    Migrating bhyve VMs from FreeNAS-9.10.2-U5 to FreeNAS 11

    Hi everyone, I'm currently running FreeNAS-9.10.2-U5 and using a bhyve VM to run a Ubuntu Server. Prior to updating to U5 yesterday, everything was working fine, but now I'm having network connectivity issue within the guest OS (can't seem to have access to internet anymore, even if the bridge...

    Control gui-created virtual machines from the commandline

    I've got a question about creating VMs in the web interface. I assume that iohyve is being used to create the VMs, or is bhyve being used on its own? Either way it would be nice to have a way to start the virtual machines from the commandline. I'd assumed that if I created a virtual machine...