1. C

    SOLVED Script to gracefully shutdown Bhyve Windows VM during FreeNAS reboot/shutdown problem

    Problem: Cannot use 'curl' in 'Tasks > /Init/Shutdown Scripts': "curl: not found". I'm using curl in a script to shut down Windows VM's gracefully. The only way I have come across to ensure gracefully shutdown a Windows 10/2016/2019 bhyve vm (created in gui) is to ssh in to the vm and issue a...
  2. N

    vlan in combination with bhyve not working

    Hallo together, I have a problem using VLans in combination with bhyve. I found a few reports also describing VLan problems, but in some cases they look different. My problem: The VM receives and IP-Address from the DHCP server, but the VM is not able to comunicate with devices outside of the...
  3. J

    bhyve docker host 20%-30% CPU no container

    Hello, I'm using freenas 11.2-U5, I've a docker host running on it with all containers stopped. Bhyve use between 20%-30% cpu. Inside the virtual machine (Docker Host/Rancher) I'm between 0%-5% CPU. Any ideas?
  4. Z

    Physical DVD-drive mount/passthrough to Bhyve?

    Hi, I want to create a Ubuntu VM that I can use to ingest media to my Plex. I have a DVD drive, that I wish to install directly into the FreeNAS server. Is this even possible? How do I add the drive to the VM?
  5. W

    snapshots of a win10 vm while it's hibernated

    Is this a bad idea? I have a windows vm that I want to backup regularly and fr searching the internet it looks like most people are setting up scripts to shutdown, wait and confirm , then snapshot and start their vms I am very bad with scripts and have little experience but I will start copy...
  6. S

    VM IP adress changes on every restart

    I have noticed, that every time I restart one of my VMs, it gets a new IP adress from my FritzBox router. The router is configured for DHCP and every other device in my local network (including the FreeNAS itself) always gets the same IP adress. I always thought the ip adress depends on the MAC...
  7. M

    Virtual maching on different subnet have no network access

    I have a old FreeBSD server with bhyve hosts, and my virtual machines are on different networks via one network interface (RE0). In my switch I have two VLAN's configured. This setup works today, with no problem. The network port in switch where my server is connected allow vlan 1 and 2. My new...
  8. jakesnow

    Bhyve requesting overcommit on fresh install

    So I've been using FreeNAS for a couple of years now. I honestly have not run into a single problem that I couldn't solve with a google search... until now. So, respect for that goes to the entire community. I recently decided to upgrade my home server, as I want to start using more VMs to...
  9. dirar

    Bhyve access - VNC not working

    Hello, I changed the ip address of my FreeNas machine (11.2) with a public IP address. Now I am unable to connect to any of the VM machine. Connecting with serial would say connected but doesn't ask for a login and the terminal becomes unresponsive. Any way I could change the setting to be able...
  10. B

    Migrate VM ZVOL From One Pool To Another

    Edit: I saw someone mention in another thread that a simple dd if=/dev/zvol/storage/virtual_machines/Arch_Linux-hfs0ap of=/dev/zvol/flash/virtual_machines/Arch_Linux-hfs0ap should work and it does, one caveat is that you need to first create the zvol in the other pool before you start dd...
  11. lexxai

    Ethernet type pppoe inside of tap interface for vm bhyve

    I create VM machine with freebsd on FreeNAS and want run inside vm PPPOE server. But tap interface can't see any packets of ether type 0x8863. Where it can be ? ifconfig At HOST: ifconfig bridge2 bridge2: flags=8843<UP,BROADCAST,RUNNING,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> metric 0 mtu 9000 ether...
  12. J

    Very Slow Bhyve VM's on Freenas 11.2 U4.1

    Hi Everyone I recently decided to switch from hosting Plex in a VM on ESXi 6.5 to bare metal so I can try to eliminate a virtualization layer. Also, I have read that a virtualized Freenas is never a good idea-- though I ran it quite well for 3+ years and never lost any data. Either way, I...
  13. anderstn

    What do these Bhyve related errors mean

    Hi I'm seeing some weird error messages whenever I start a VM. They also pop up intermittently now and then and did so even more frequently before i updated the Linux kernel of the VM's to 5.1. I believe these errors are related to a soft re-boot issue I'm seeing as I have ruled out pretty much...
  14. P

    Bhyve & Windows SQL Server 2012

    FreeNAS-11.2-U4.1 (Build Date: May 10, 2019 21:33) i7-8700K CPU, 64 GiB NAME SIZE ALLOC FREE CKPOINT EXPANDSZ FRAG CAP DEDUP HEALTH ALTROOT freenas-boot 55.5G 3.15G 52.4G - - - 5% 1.00x ONLINE - tank 3.62T 2.40T 1.22T -...
  15. urza

    SOLVED FreeNAS-11.2-U3 - Ubuntu 18.04 server in VM has no internet access.

    Hello good people, I installed Ubuntu server 18.04.2 in VM on FreeNAS-11.2-U3 (my first and fresh FreeNAS install) and it has no internet connection from inside. So I probably need to do something with network settings? I am really lame with network things, I hoped that this would all work...
  16. eljojo

    how to run custom version of FreeBSD in FreeNAS?

    Hello everyone, I just opened my first patch to FreeBSD. I have a version of it compiled inside a jail in my FreeNAS installation. Hopefully this differential will fix a bug with bhyve on my FreeNAS installation. How could I install this patch on the current version of FreeNAS that I'm...
  17. eljojo

    SOLVED High CPU Usage on Ryzen 1700

    Hello everyone, this is my first post in the forum, please let me know if I'm posting in the incorrect format. I am new to Freenas. So far been running pretty nice, but I noticed my machine has a very high cpu usage coming from the `middlewared` process. Looking at its logs, I see that my guest...
  18. L

    Bhyve RancherOS VM won't boot up

    I have a RancherOS VM that I've been using for months now and all has been fine. But all of the sudden, after rebooting the system, the VM can't boot up. When I attempt to start it from the Legacy and new WebUI. I'm running FreeNAS-11.2-RELEASE-U1. Here is the exception error: Environment...
  19. T

    Cannot boot any Windows ISO (all linux ok)

    Hi, I am currently using FreeNAS 11.2 stable. I always get this error. “Boot Failed. EFI DVD/CDROM Boot Failed. EFI Hard Drive .rfb unknown cli-code 97!” So I tried these steps: [jsung@freenas /usr/local/etc/pkg/repos]$ zfs create -V 32G -o refreservation=none name/vms-jails/wintest...
  20. D

    Installing drivers onto WinPE image for bhyve usage

    Hey all- I'm working on a project to migrate some VMs over from ESXi to bhyve. I'm making a bit of progress (and will absolutely document what I've learned if and when I get it to work!), but I'm hung up on doing some boot repair. I've got a WinPE disk with some partition fixing software I'm...
  21. J

    grub-bhyve add -S parameter for wiring memory

    Hi, I would like to pass pci card to bhyve VM created by FreeNAS GUI. I have added vmm_load and pptdevs to loader and my PCI device (7/0/0) is correctly assigned ppt driver. I also have custom command that would run bhyve VM after start instead of auto starting by FreeNAS: bhyve -A -H -S -w -c...
  22. zer0bitz

    Trying to create Virtualmachine

    Hello all! Im trying to create VM (Windows 7 Ultimate) on FreeNAS-11.2-RELEASE-U1, but something is going wrong. I have setup a VM with 2 cores and 4gb of RAM, with these settings I am able to start the Virtual Machine. Go to VNC and see it running until the problem occurs. I can see the...
  23. Derkades

    VM crashes with two VNC connections

    When I accidentally open the noVNC web page twice (it's easy to lose a tab with multiple browser windows and many many tabs open), the VM I am trying to connect to instantly crashes. Both tabs will say "Server disconnected (code: 1000, reason: Target closed)", and any application running on the...
  24. Binary Buddha

    RancherOS Image unable to download

    [EFAULT] Failed to download (retries=3) So, I keep getting that error. However, if I login to the NAS I can wget the url.
  25. EsTaF

    FreeNAS 11.2/bhyve + win2k12r2 = пивисшая vm?

    Всем доброго времени. Как-то забивал на эту проблему и виртуалку держал под другой ОС. Но все же вопрос - есть ли жизнь под FreeNAS vm. Можно очень много выкладывать вводной информации, но не факт, что пост и без того будет кому-то интересен, в принципе. Может люди просто особо и не смотрят в...
  26. F

    11.2 VM 2 Core limit

    I have upgraded from 11.1u6 to 11.2 two days ago and only just realised that the VMs are limited to 2 cores. I have previously added the tuneables "hw.vmm.topology.cores_per_package=4" and "hw.vmm.topology.threads_per_core=2" to my 11.1-u6 installation for my 4 core 8 thread processor (xeon...
  27. C

    Creating New Docker VM with existing Docker .img files

    I'm trying to migrate my Docker VM from one freenas box to another. When I try create a new Docker VM the UI won't allow me to select a .img file that already exists. Do i just need to create a bhyve VM with the exiting files as a raw file device?
  28. A

    bhyve boot failed fresh Centos7.6

    Has anyone encountered this problem with bhyve and CentOS 7.6: ? CBSD ( and probably ClonOS ) has fix this problem but the rest bhyve managers still...
  29. B

    RancherOS Upgrade

    Hello, I was using 11.2 RC2 and created DockerVM with RancherOS. All is fine, and now we have upgraded to the release 11.2, and RancherOS has been upgraded to v1.4.2. If you create a new docker VM, RancherOS is at the v1.4.2 level, however, the one created earlier with RC2, is still at v1.4.1...
  30. D

    Importing VMware .vdmks into FreeNAS VMs

    Hi all- I'm playing around with 11.2-RC2 and I have several VMware .vdmk files I'd like to bring into FreeNAS. I've seen this oft-referenced post on conversion, but it's from a few years ago, and it's not FreeNAS specific. In this latest version of FreeNAS, is there a more streamlined and/or...
  31. E

    SOLVED BHYVE VMs seem to be broken by upgrading to RC2 - (Spoiler: it wasn't)

    FINAL EDIT - it was absolutely one of my hard drives slowly dying. The fun part was that it was passing smartctl / SMART tests. As soon as I pulled it from the array and started running in degraded, everything started working smoothly once again. Replaced and rebuilt the array last week and all...
  32. CH4Pz

    Cant access NAS from VM (Bhyve)

    Hi, Wondering if someone can help me, im relatively new to anything non-windows, so please go easy lol I had transmission and pia via openvpn running sweet in old UI then since the change to IOcage, i was unable to get things stable, so i installed Lubuntu 18.04 as a VM with Transmission an PIA...
  33. T

    bhyve - Linux VM w/ boot NVMe SSD - VirtIO vs AHCI

    Hello, I've been testing VirtIO vs AHCI disk device settings with the latest version of Debian. I noticed with VirtIO, TRIM was not detected, while it was with AHCI. And out of the box, TRIM is supported & enabled for my NVMe device. Question: if the FreeNAS host is handling TRIM, should I even...
  34. W

    My experiences with FN 11.2 RC1

    After some successful upgrades from U6 to beta1, 2, 3 and now RC1, my experiences are: * after upgrade to RC1, network was lost. I had a static IP configured on em0 , this was gone. So, I had to enable static IP again. Strange, never happened before in the betas. * I had a user ' john ' . I...
  35. T

    Benchmark on Windows 2016 bhyve VM

    Hi I was wondering if anyone could explain to me why the attached image benchmarks on my Windows Server 2016 is so low. Freenas system: Supermicro SuperServer 2027PR-DC0TR Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2690 v2 @ 3.00GHz 128 GB RAM The VM_TANK: 2 mirrored vdevs with 2 x SanDisk SDSSDH31000G I have...
  36. E

    bhyve VMs fail to restart (11.2 beta 3)

    Hi folks - Stats first: 32GB RAM 12x4TB drives in Z2 array Dual xeon e5-2630L V2 Symptoms - When restarting a VM from within the VM itself, the guest shuts down cleanly but does not restart on its own. The web interface shows "Stopped". I've verified this behavior with guests running Windows...
  37. M

    VM does not start after cloning

    i have created vm, installed some packages and made some comfigurations. After that i made clone of this vm and now it doesnt work (have no access to disk). is it ok?
  38. kevanbrown

    How to Create a Linux (CentOS) Jail

    Forgive me for my noobness with this question, but I've only ever dealt with FreeBSD-based jails. I need to create a Linux jail using CentOS and have no idea where to start with the process. Of course, if there was a wonderful, pre-created template for iocage I could just fetch, that'd be...
  39. GTCG

    Bhyve and VT-x?

    Hi everyone I am running a VM in Freenas 11.1U5 on a Gen8 Proliant server with the latest version of Centos running on it. I am sure the CPU supports VT-x and I have enabled it in the Bios as can be seen here (GUI-->Shell: ) [root@tiamat ~]# grep VT-x /var/run/dmesg.boot VT-x...
  40. bmess

    BHyve Based VMs won't stay running

    Hi Folks, Recently moved to the 11.2-STABLE track running FreeNAS-11.2-BETA1 . The new UI is great. I have built a few VMs that are running on a FreeNAS Mini w/16GB RAM. My problem is I run a VM for local configuration management and another for a local Gitlab instance. I expect these to be...
  41. P

    VMs Won't Start - CPU should support VMs

    I've been searching the web and forums to try and find a straight answer but it must not be as simple as I had hoped. When I start a VM, FreeNAS says VM Started, but the info column still says State: STOPPED. I get these messages in the console Jul 17 15:49:02 freenas tap0: Ethernet...
  42. J

    bhyve VM exited on signal 10

    Yesterday I upgraded my Freenas 11 to the 11.2 Beta-RC1 after it got released to get the new UI and have IOcage integration. Everything is working as expected but my bhyve Vm that runs Pihole keeps on crashing after the upgrade and i didnt change anything on it. For the Record it didnt crash a...
  43. zamana

    SOLVED VM: can't even boot (Ubuntu) or install grub (Debian)

    Hi! I need a Linux machine in order to run Pi-Hole (there's no support for FreeBSD/NAS yet), and then I'm trying to setup a Linux VM. I was able to do this on a previous pure FreeBSD system using this tutorial (with some adjustments), but now, in FreeNAS, I can't get the same, even if I try to...
  44. N

    Running Linux Virtual Machines

    After wasting almost 2 days trying to get a Linux Virtual Machine to run, I set out to document the process so that hopefully others will be spared from the frustrations of this task. From what I can see I have no choice but to use UEFI if I'm going to use the GUI as the serial doesn't seem to...
  45. W

    Import Appliance to bhyve virtualization

    Hi Goodday, would like to ask if its possible to create a virtual appliance save in ovf and import it to bhyve? thanks
  46. dzo-o

    Unable to BOOT into CentOS Virtual Machine

    good day I have installed CentOs 7 in a VM on my freenas, but after I get the prompt that the installation has been successful and I should reboot, I get start and it will not boot into the OS, I have also tried to boot from file but the file manager cannot seem to find my installation. I...
  47. T

    Windows Server 2016 Server/10 Pro slow on bhyve

    .Hi I have some windows Bhyve vms running, which is extremely slow while using the Explorer navigation. When I monitor the resources I see no spikes in CPU usage(1-4 % usage) and memory around 1.5 GB on the Windows 2016 Servers. And nothing to see on network either. I have tried the...
  48. DaPlumber

    Adding to a Bug Discussion?

    Howto, as opposed to filing a new bug? Essentially I want to add a “metoo” and point to some motivational discussion on the forum here: Or at least a patch or manual install of the FreeBSD fixed...
  49. nickt

    SOLVED Help! FN9.10 iohyve VMs don't work in FN11.1

    Resolved - see post #5 Hi, I've just taken the plunge to upgrade to FreeNAS 11.1 from FreeNAS 9.10. Everything went swimmingly, except for my iohyve VMs created in 9.10. I have googled extensively, particularly in these forums, but nothing seems to work. I can see that FreeNAS attempts to...
  50. J

    Ubuntu 18.04 Boot to initramfs

    I'm running a Lubuntu VM and an Ubuntu VM on bhyve, when I upgraded either/both to 18.04, they booted to initramfs. Rolled back to a previous snapshot and they boot fine again. Tried installing a new test VM using an 18.04 ISO, the live "cd" also boots straight to initramfs as well. Anyone...