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Bhyve requesting overcommit on fresh install

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Jul 2, 2019
So I've been using FreeNAS for a couple of years now. I honestly have not run into a single problem that I couldn't solve with a google search... until now. So, respect for that goes to the entire community. I recently decided to upgrade my home server, as I want to start using more VMs to accomplish some regular tasks. My old server with it's single Xeon and 16GB of RAM just wasn't up to the task anymore. If it was just the VMs I would probably switch to a different OS but the NAS is still going to be the primary function and I would like to keep everything on a single server.

However, what I've run into is that every VM I install is asking me to overcommit memory when I start it. I have 128GB total. I'm trying to provision 4 - 6GB. If it was just a warning, it wouldn't bother me. But using known good images to load operating systems is extremely slow. And the last one I did had obvious corruption once it finally got into the OS. I've tried different images and different settings. I don't see an option to provision "x" amount in total to all VMs. And Googling the issue only gives back results about what overcommit means.

I didn't have this issue on my previous build BUT I also installed all of those VMs prior to updating to the current version. As a side note, only mentioning because it's in the realm of might be related, the VNC settings are also incorrect whenever I install a VM. As in, I set up the VM bound to and it decides to pull instead of what's set. I haven't looked into that yet because it's only a minor annoyance but maybe it's part of the same issue? I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or help on this issue.


**Edit: Adding screenshot of the actual overcommit dialog, although this dialog is after the machine has already been started and stopped.
I was also going through some old bookmarks to refresh my memory on some jail installs and found this:
I did have this problem on my original server and forgot about it. I have since switched the NIC to VirtIO and have started installing the VM again, though I can already say it's still going very slowly.


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