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  1. S

    FreeNAS hosting Mac home directories on Active Directory

    Hi all, thanks for all the information posted in this forum so far, it has been invaluable. I currently have our FreeNAS box serving SMB shares to a set of Macs (mostly Mojave), which are bound to a Windows Server 2019 Active Directory. I would like to have the users' home directories (Library...
  2. T

    SMB Trusted Domain Sharing

    Trying to create an SMB shared for Windows clients on different domains. Currently the share permissions are set for domain users on the domain FreeNAS is enrolled in. Normally I use authenticated users to allow users from other domains to connect, but I am unable to add this group in the...
  3. D

    Directory Groups could not be retrieved

    Hi, I installed FreeNAS 11.2-U6 from scratch and I connected it to my Active Directory domain controller. After connecting it users and groups are retrieved, but after few minutes groups are no longer listed in storage pool permission, even if wbinfo correctly shows users and groups. I get this...
  4. D

    Active Directory join: timed out

    Hi, I'm trying to connect my new FreeNAS 11.2 system to Active Directory, but I'm receiving the following error in the UI: [MiddlewareError: Active Directory start timed out after 90 seconds.] During the configuration process I get these logs in /var/log/messages: Sep 25 12:09:34 fs...
  5. D

    setting up kerberos for active directory

    I have looked at and "played" with FreeNAS over the years but, now, I have gotten quite serious, I still consider myself and newbie to FreeNAS (BSD) so, sorry for that. I am attempting to join a FreeNAS box to an existing Samba 4 Active Directory (Linux OS domain controllers) as a member...
  6. K

    'getent passwd' showing different number of users in AD depending on the day?

    Hi, we have a FreeNAS configured to work with our AD but we are experiencing a strange issue: depending on the day, 'getent passwd' shows a different number of users in AD. For instance, 26.XXX, 6.XXX, 5XX, etc. We have disabled the FreeNAS cache for the Active Directory, but it's still not...
  7. S

    If FTP is enabled, each domain user can store data via FTP in its home directory

    Hello, I have a freenas with a registered AD installed. As soon as a domain user connects to the system, a home directory is created. The home directory becomes a problem when you enable FTP. Now every domain user can log in via FTP and store data uncontrolled in his home directory. We want to...
  8. wr00

    Active Directory Permissions on Storage Pool

    Hello all, I am having an issue that I don't quite understand. I have a store pool we'll call ABS, share type is windows. under the permissions, ACL type is Windows, it's owner is DOMAIN\admin and group is DOMAIN\amu. In AD, my username is a domain admin and part of the amu group, however, I...
  9. mircsicz

    FreeNAS Domänenbeitritt in UCS (Univention Corporate Server) nicht mgl

    Hallo zusammen, ich versuche einer UCS Domäne beizutreten, bekomme dabei aber immer den folgenden Fehler: Unable to find domain controllers for AAM. Habe auch schon diese Hinweise probiert, bekomme dabei aber diese Fehler: mircsicz@nas ~ $ sudo sqlite3 /data/freenas-v1.db "UPDATE...
  10. K

    getent passwd showing all users in AD but not shown in pools permissions

    Hi, I guess we have correctly joined our FreeNAS to our AD (getent passwd shows all users (more than 26000)) but in the pools permissions dropdowns they are not shown. Any idea about what may be happening? Thanks.
  11. K

    Users and groups from Active Directory not shown in the pools permissions editor dropdowns

    Hello, I am trying to set permissions for some pools using users and groups from my company's Active Directory but I don't see them in the pools permissions editor dropdowns. It's strange because the FreeNAS seems to be correctly joined to the Active Directory. For instance, 'wbinfo -t' returns...
  12. M

    Unable to find domain controllers for my.dom

    Hello, I have a problem by our customer. I try to connect a FreeNAS Server withe the customers AD that user can access to cifs-shares. When I set the configuration in the option for AD everything looks ok, but when I try to set the configuration on "enable" I'll get the error you can see in the...
  13. K

    Set permissions on Samba shares using Active Directory

    Hi, for the first time, I recently installed FreeNAS latest version (11.2-U4) on a RAID for my company and it should share some Windows directories with permissions for users from two Active Directories. I already set FreeNAS for working with our Active Directories but I notice something...
  14. M

    Try joining Active Directory - MiddlewareError: Active Directory failed to reload.

    Hi all, i try to connect my freenas to an Active Directory. But i'm not able to connect. I always get the "MiddlewareError: Active Directory failed to reload. " - Error. I already read this issure , but time differences are not the problem. My System...
  15. W

    Login to freenas without using computers domain

    I'm setting up a freenas server for my film department in my school and its all configured, but the school computers use AD logins and when I try to login to the server through file explorer, it tries to use our schools domain. I can manually type in a domain I want to login with, but all of the...
  16. N

    Cannot connect to Active Directory (2012R2) with FreeNAS-11.2-U2.1

    This is a completely new install, and my first time deploying FreeNAS. First thing i went to do was plug into my existing AD server and got an error following this guide: . When i ping the domain name from...
  17. A

    Datasets in FreeNAS for AD integration

    I am building an AD environment for a small-to-mid sized company (around 20-30 users) and chose FreeNAS as the main storage, where all users will have their home directories and where all departments' directories will be saved. My question is: should I create just one dataset for the whole...
  18. C

    Automatically create a share in FreeNAS when a new user is created in AD

    Hi all, I would like to automate the process of creating a new share for each individual user in Active Directory. When a new user is created in Active Directory I would like that the new user automatically got a share created in FreeNAS as seen in the picture. FreeNAS is connected to Active...
  19. united

    Active Directory Fails to show Mounts After an Update from 11.2 Beta to 11.2 Stable

    Our office has been using 11.2 beta successfully for AD home folders for Windows users. Very nice After updating to 11.2 Stable today - re-authenticating the Domain account name and Pass under http://tank/ui/directoryservice/activedirectory and ensuring the enable is still checked - We can see...
  20. rumbeard

    NFS on 11.2-RELEASE can't add Active Directory Groups

    So I've had AD groups in the drop-down and have been able to add them as a mapall group for many releases up to 11.1 U6. Upgraded and now it says the groups don't exist. First clue was the dreaded DOMAIN<Group> without the backslash showing up in a mountd error on the console. If I try to add...
  21. H

    FreeNAS not connecting to AD anymore

    Hi fellow Users , I installed a NAS at my Company with Freenas on it . After the first installation Freenas connected to our AD without any problems and everything worked fine. Now for some reason it can't connect to AD anymore . I wanted to get an idea , of what is wrong and wanted to look...
  22. I

    Guest access does not work when FreeNAS is integrated with Active Directory

    Hello guys !! I am new to FreeNAS and am having a problem with an SMB pleasure after I integrated my FreeNAS with Active Directory .... It is the following: I have access that I need access from outside the domain, so I checked the "Allow visitor access" option and in the storage permissions I...
  23. Zyrusvirus

    Welche AD Gruppen importiert FreeNAS

    Hallo alle zusammen. Ich habe mein FreeNAS grade in die AD gehoben und es wurden auch soweit alle User und Gruppen importiert. Nun habe ich in der AD eine neue Gruppe angelegt und wollte eigentlich das FreeNAS diese importiert. Nun ist mir aufgefallen, dass FreeNAS garnicht alle Gruppen...
  24. I

    Acesso "Guest" não funciona quando o FreeNAS está integrado com o Active Directory

    Olá pessoal !! Sou novo no FreeNAS e estou tendo um problema com um compartilhamento SMB depois que integrei meu FreeNAS com o Active Directory.... É o seguinte: tenho um compartilhamento que preciso acessar de fora do domínio, então, marquei a opção "Allow Guest Access" e nas permissão do...
  25. Zyrusvirus

    FreeNAS in die AD einbinden schlägt fehl (MiddlewareError: Active Directory failed to reload)

    Hallo alle zusammen. Seit Tagen probiere ich FreeNAS 11.2 in meine AD einzubunden. Leider ohne Erfolg. Windows Systeme und auch Ubuntu und Mint lassen sich ohne Probleme einbinden. Ich habe schon sämtliche Seiten zu dem Thema im Netz durchgelesen, jedoch ohne Erfolg. In FreeNAS bekomme ich die...
  26. littlewing1977

    SOLVED Cannot reconnect to AD

    Without getting into too many details, I had to build a new domain controller. The old one was trashed. The new DC is up and running with the same domain name, etc. Now I can't reconnect Freenas to Active Directory. I get an error that says MiddlewareError: Failed to reload Active Directory...
  27. BloodyIron

    SSSD really needs to be an idmap option

    Hi Folks, I've recently been doing thorough comparison between winbind methods and SSSD methods for SID -> GID/UID translation. To say it another way, when systems (such as FreeNAS and others) join an Active Directory (AD) domain, the method options in translating Security IDs (SIDs), which...
  28. H

    Problems binding to Samba AD

    Hi there, if have setup a AD domain with samba and after binding successfully two Macs to it I tried to bind a FreeNAS server (11.1-U6) to it as well. Unfortunately it fails to bind every time I try. The first reason was that samba rejected a simple bind so I imported the samba CA, the key...
  29. G

    How do I get FreeNAS to leave active directory

    I'm troubleshooting some samba weirdness, and I want to: - 'unjoin' the freenas from AD, - make sure its name is removed from AD, - manually kill any kerberos tickets associated with the AD connection, - rename the host, - rejoin it to the AD with the new hostname Specifically I mean...
  30. pechkin000

    Unable to find domain controller error

    Hello, I am on 11.2 stable, after latest update i am unable to unable to enable Active Directory Service I have a DNS entry on the DC (server 2012 R2) for freenas, I am also able to ping the DC from freenas and freenas from DC. Kinda lost, I would appreciate any help
  31. united

    Unable to find domain controllers

    After updating from 11.1 to 11.2 FreeNas will no longer "Find" the domain controllers Even though I can: ping the domain from Freenas shell ping the DC from Freenas shell verify the dc forest from Freenas shell ping freenas from DC and have a DC host entry to freenas have rebooted freenas...
  32. L

    Ubuntu clients can't connect to FreeNAS via SMB + AD

    I have a FreeNAS box serving student home directories via Samba. Users can log into the FreeNAS from any Mac or Windows machine on campus and mount their home directory via smb:// (Mac) or // (Windows). The FreeNAS is bound to our campus AD system which...
  33. S

    Kerberos errors after server power outage

    Hi there I've lost my whole weekend trying to figure this out before the work week starts again, and have got pretty much nowhere. I've found on/off issues connecting our Freenas server to AD, and it seems to go awry whenever a restart takes place. On this particular occasion nothing seems to...
  34. wires

    Hoping for AD support

    Greetings! In the many years since I gave up on Windows NT servers it's been a progression of Linux based solutions. Netwinder, Cobalt and lately SME. Much more good than bad! With W10's 1803 update I have had to start looking to move from NT style domains to AD. From my reading here I see...
  35. M

    Can I use SMB without AD Intergration?

    I wasted a good three weeks trying to get AD integration working. It worked for a week and now stopped again. Nothing changed. I'm going to try one more thing before I buy a Synology box. Can I use SMB without a remote active directory?
  36. M

    Can FreeNAS use an Domain Controller that's running on a VM using FreeNas storage?

    Just got a message: freenasHost: unauthorized system reboot. Let's deal with that later. My Freenas is dependent an AD Domain Controler thats running in a Virtual machine. The Virtual Machine's storage in on FreeNas. Therefore during the freenas bootup, the domain controller is not...
  37. 3

    Upgraded FREENAS and now its broken!!!!!!!!

    I was running on freeNAS 9.2.0. I saved its config, and uploaded the config to a FreeNAS 11.1. Boots fine, all my shares are there but Active Directory permissions on the shares is not working!!!! Nobody can get to their files. Everyone is hitting the NAS as guest. Any ideas?
  38. M

    Login dialog shows AD domain account login but wont accept password

    When I attempt to login to freenas 11.1-U5 it loads the username/password dialog with the AD Domain Account as the username and not root. But when I enter the password it says. Please enter a correct Username and password. The username is WITHOUT the Realm or WorkGroup. I am able to login...
  39. P

    Using Syncthing in Active Directory Environment

    Is it possible to use Syncthing on a share/dataset that is set up to use AD permissions? I've played around with it a little, but everything I've read seems to indicate that Syncthing has to have its own user permissions.
  40. W

    AD Auth issue

    Hi, I was trying to join my FreeNAS (11.1u4) to the domain and was able to do everything fine. I could auth with domain credentials to my SMB share and restart the server and everything would come back up. However, I noticed when it would come back up I would get this error during boot...
  41. G

    AD Certificate Import confusion

    Hello, i have a WS2016 AD CS/CA and a FreeNAS setup on the same network. I have succesfully gotten the FreeNAS box to join the domain. I wish to use SSL capabilities and encryption with the NAS, so I'd like it to use the ADs Certificate Authority. However, I can find no way to export the CAs...
  42. P

    Unable to join domain with LDAP or AD

    Good evening, It's been a full week since I've been trying to make my NAS join my Windows Server 2016 AD domain. Even after following over 20 tutorials, documentation, and trying to solve the problem by myself, I'm still unable to make it join the domain. Trying with AD: I get this error...
  43. Invasi0n

    FreeNAS 11.1U4 Windows Server 2012R2 Integration problem

    Hello users, I want configure FreeNAS with the Active Directory of Windows Server 2012 R2, but it's not working. I have tried other versions of FreeNAS as well, but the same result occours. The following configuration used: VMWare Workstation 14.1.1 OS: Windows Server 2012 R2 IP...
  44. B

    Recuperer utilisateur AD

    Bonjour à toutes et tous, Je viens d’intégrer une nouvelle société et il m'ont demandé de voir pour un cloud interne. Je me suis dirigé vers Freenas 11.11 U2 et le plug-in Nextcloud, seulement voilà j'aimerai pouvoir récupérer tou les utilisateurs présent sur l'active directory et ensuite les...
  45. F

    FreeNAS being flaky when connecting to my (Active Directory) domain

    Had FreeNAS working pretty perfectly with my domain controller. My domain controller runs on Win2012r2 in a VM on another machine. Had some trouble with the hypervisor and the VM itself, after which FreeNAS was giving LDAP errors when trying to connect. But logins on another Windows workstation...
  46. F

    Redoing my FreeNAS from scratch

    Sorry for the lack of Google-fu, but the terms 'rebuilding', 'reconfiguring', 'redoing', and 'factory reset', etc. have a lot of different connotations in the FreeNAS world that I'm having a hard time finding what I'm asking. So I ran into some snafus that hosed up my FreeNAS for a few days. I...
  47. H

    AD authentification avec Partage réseau

    Bonjour à toute la communauté,j'aurai besoin de votre aide, voici mon problème : J'ai un active directory me permettant d'authentifier tous mes utilisateurs qui appartiennent à mon domaine. Puisque effectivement j'ai besoin d'avoir des profils itinérants pour que ces derniers puissent retrouver...
  48. C

    FreeNAS 11 as AD Domain Controller

    * A note about my background may help in structuring responses to the question* My background/schooling is Art/Design, so my original role was Web/Graphic Design. I have a joy of technology, and as such have been roped into becoming IT/SysAdmin for the office. The company I work for is...
  49. J

    SOLVED FreeNAS 11.1-U1 - Active Directories keeps reconnecting and SMB shares disconnect on regular basis

    Hi there, I have a FreeNAS 11.1-U1 installation that has been running rock solid for several years now on an HP Microserver. It has been AD integrated since day one, and this has always worked really well with the old Windows 2008 R2 Domain Controller that was on the network. Today I build a...
  50. S

    How do you assign a FreeNAS home directory to an AD user?

    I am trying to give access to a file to an external organisation. They need to use either FTP or SSH (SFTP) to pull the file. We use Active Directory with Freenas currently and I've been able to successfully create the users in AD and have them log in either by SSH or FTP. The problem I am...