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  1. S

    9.10.2-U6 - SMB Windows 10 Permissions Issue

    Hello all, My N40L FreeNAS had sat idle for about 18 months I recently decided to upgrade the storage which went fine and I then copied data from my older 2TB [N36L] setup onto the larger combined unit. I then discovered that the server no longer listed under Windows 10 Network [suspect this...
  2. G

    Issue with accessing SMB share from different workstations

    I am using FreeNAS-11.2-U6 on a Dell Optiplex 3010, 16GB RAM, connected/configured to our domain, 2x500GB RAID 0 as my main storage array and share. I made root the owner and applied the Share group to the root of the dataset recursively. I created a user, set a password, and made that user...
  3. S

    Managing many SMB3 shares on Windows 10

    I'm trying to figure out a way to manage having many SMB3 shares mounted to Windows 10 workstations. Windows seems to privilege "letter" mappings with some important features that it does not afford to symbolic links on the NTFS boot drive. I have a handful of Windows 10 1903 workstations...
  4. C

    SOLVED FreeNAS Pool Migration, iSCSI doesn’t show devices

    Hello All, I recently migrated a pair of zvol’s from one FreeNAS machine to another. I have copied the iSCSI configuration screens side by side to ensure they are correct. At this time it appears I am able to connect and establish the iSCSI path but no devices will pass through. My intent is to...
  5. J

    Very Slow Bhyve VM's on Freenas 11.2 U4.1

    Hi Everyone I recently decided to switch from hosting Plex in a VM on ESXi 6.5 to bare metal so I can try to eliminate a virtualization layer. Also, I have read that a virtualized Freenas is never a good idea-- though I ran it quite well for 3+ years and never lost any data. Either way, I...
  6. R

    Recover deleted files

    I have a FreeNAS set up that holds 5 folders. One of the folders has subfolders but the files inside are no longer available. This happened after I switched off Windows Offline sync feature. Why did this happen and how can I recover the files? I am using Windows 10.
  7. I

    Rufus failed

    I don't know what the hell is going on here, i have created a Windows installation disk with Rufus, but it didn't work with the computer. As a popular tool, it shouldn't happen like this .
  8. D

    Auto backup from Windows PC to FreeNAS

    Hi guys, me again, i need an advice, what is the best option to auto backup like 7 Windows pc's on a FreeNAS Server (running 11.2), i just install the backup pc plugin and bru server, but i dont know how to configure it, so i decide to use a program on each PC to do the backup on the NAS, what...
  9. H

    SOLVED Issues getting win 10 educ pc to see freenas box.

    Recently ive been trying to get my freenas back up and running after moving. I got it up and working and everything installed and I go to my desktop and it isnt able to find it in network portion of file explorer. I tried some basic stuff like making sure SMB 1 is turned on and that the file...
  10. E

    Freenas share not browsable

    Hello, i have installed freenas for the second time (last time was with the legazy ui). I have set my nas box up with smb share. In the UI it says the share is browsable on the local network, but i can not find it... i can find the freenas box under network on my win10 pc, but i can not find or...
  11. A

    Revert FreeNas drive to be windows usable

    Our system we had dedicated to FreeNas install had moboard die before we got any real use of it, and we won't be upgrading the board, but we have these 4 great drives we'd like to use in Windows/Mac systems. Any advice / utility that will convert the freenas drives to a windows-usable state?
  12. U

    FreeNAS-11.1-U6 Incorrect Permissions for SMB share

    I have a FreeNAS share that I use for storing torrent downloads from a dedicated windows machine. The torrent machine has its own login and user on FreeNAS, called torrent. Every time I try to delete a folder in the completed directory from my workstation, I get this The problem is that the...
  13. O

    need help with windows 10 security network credentials

    id like to start off by saying i am no network tech. i am trying to learn as much as i can, but im having a hard time finding the right question to ask to get the answer im looking for. so this all started cuz paul's hardware did a video on freenas11.2 recently and i thought that looked like a...
  14. I

    FreeNAS not showing up in network tab on Windows

    My freenas is configured as best I can. I have a windows share setup but my windows pc can't find it in the network tab. It can see other PCon the network but not the nas. If I try to ping the servers IP with command prompt I can and it works but it still won't show up in the network and I can't...
  15. F

    Windows 10 Enterprise 1709 update smb share not visible.

    My name is Flavio. I had successfully implemented a freenas server(FreeNAS-11.1-U4) in my office and the access to it was possible from any machine with any OS. Everything worked perfeclty. After the new update in windows 10 version 1709, the smb share stopped being visible in the machines...
  16. I

    Setting up FreeNAS for file sharing

    Hello all, I am trying to setup FreeNAS v.11 on one my spare system which has only one HDD of 1TB. What I want to do is create few datasets on the mounted volume and share each dataset with different user group with appropriate access rights. So far I have done following: setup FreeNAS on...
  17. cobrakiller58

    Windows explorer cause slow transfer

    TLDR: has anyone ever seen windows explorer slow a transfer because it was trying to update the directory listing (or something similar) after every file transferred? Today I was moving 21000+ small files for a total of 14gig, half way through the transfer it slowed to below 1MB/s after...
  18. S

    Authentication issues with smb windows fall creators 1703 update

    My windows server died. So I decided to try FreeNAS. I downloaded and installed FreeNAS-11.04-U4 this weekend. Everything seemed to go fine except I cannot access the smb share from my Windows 10 box. if I explore to \\<ip>\ I can see the shares "if I use the root user name and pw I installed...
  19. J

    Windows 10 VM BSoDs randomly

    Hello everyone, I am finally trying out VMs in FreeNAS, because I want to go away from having multiple computers for doing stuff... The installation was quite smooth albeit slow, I have used the latest ISO from windows via their Media Creation tool. Directly after the installation I installed...
  20. D

    unidentified Network on Windows 10

    I have the simplest of configurations as I have moved my server onto a network of 2 machines. 1. My Laptop and 2. the NAS box. There is no gateway or connection to the outside world. I updated to 11.0 assigned static IP addresses, and I can pull up the FreeNAS GUI on my Chrome browser. The GUI...
  21. cronsloth

    Windows error: No Mapping between account names and security IDs was done

    First post on here, sorry if this has already been answered. We have a Windows env and SMB shares through our network. On one of those shares, using a Windows 10 machine, I added a FreeNAS user to have full permissions on a folder. Despite them showing up in the 'Security' tab as having full...
  22. S

    FN11 - Windows 10 VM install stuck on 'Blue Window'

    Hi, I've just upgraded to FN11, really like this version and am wanting to use the VM features to host a Windows 10 VM. I have two FN 11 installs both based on HP Microservers, The 'test' install of FN 11 is running on slightly 'Older' hardware than my 'Production' NAS. I installed a Windows...
  23. D

    Cannot connect to SMB Shares with Windows 10 client

    I have been trying numerous how-to guides to connect to my FreeNAS-9.10.2-U3 server from my Windows 10 Home PC. I can see the server in the listed Network locations on the file browser in the windows 10 client, and trying to access the server named "NAS" brings up the Windows Security "Enter...
  24. S

    Trying to tighten up server perms, what ACLs are actually needed?

    I'm using FreeNAS 11.0-U2 on good hardware (SM, ECC, Xeon v3), clean installed at 9.10.2, never modded outside the GUI, and nothing running except basics (SMB, SSH, iSCSI). The SMB clients are mostly Windows. From my desktop, there's a laptop and the server, both offering file shares. I can...
  25. E

    La macchina virtuale di Windows non parte

    Salve ragazzi, ho installato FreeNAS Corral, (mi sono innamorato della sua interfaccia, dei PlugIn installati tramite Docker, ma sopratutto della facilita per creare macchine virtuali) e non riesco ad installare Windows 10, succede questo: Avvio la macchina virtuale Premo il tasto per leggere...
  26. S

    FreeNAS und Windows 10

    Hallo ich habe FreeNAS schon seit einiger zeit am laufen , mir macht aber mein Laptop Kopfzerbrechen . Ich komme mit dem Ding weder per WLAN noch per Kabel auf die Nas , mit den anderen Rechnern klappt das .... Kopfkratz ..... :) Das Laptop hat Windows 10 Version 1703 build 15063.296 . Ich sehe...
  27. J

    What software to use at Windows 10 to backup to FreeNAS

    As it says in title, I wonder what software are recommended to use at the Windows 10 platform to do automatic backups to the FreeNAS server. Is it possible to set it and forget it, and then have a similar service as the Apple's time machine? I am talking about if it is possible to having it...
  28. X

    iSCSI + Bitlocker?

    Am I insane for thinking this might be a good idea? I am currently using a VHD encrypted with BitLocker but I am considering moving this to the network. Would iSCSI provide better performance vs SMB? How about snapshots? I haven't tested anything so I was more just throwing it out there. The...
  29. Eddyger

    Disco Duro con 2 os

    Tengo un disco duro con 2 sistemas operativos, windows 10 y linux debian stretch, el otro disco es de 2tb y alli es donde pienso tener mi NAS, soy nuevo en esto, si lo instalo en virtualbox de windows, cuando me pase a linux ¿Cómo lo podré visualizar?, ¿Qué tengo que hacer para tenerlo...
  30. V

    CIFS Drive not showing in Windows 10

    Hi - for the last few days I've been having issues with my mounted shared drive not showing in Windows 10. I'm not able to establish whether the root cause of this issue is within my local PC, or the FreeNAS server configuration so would appreciate if anyone could provide a few basic steps that...
  31. C

    SOLVED Help, Can't access my files

    I've had my freenas server for over a month so far and I have found it incredibly useful. However today it disappeared from the network section of windows fie explorer. My server is running freenas 9.10.2 and my desktop is running windows 10. I made no changes to any freenas settings before this...
  32. D

    Can't access directory and other questions from a newb

    Hi there. I'm not sure where this question(s) should go, so I am throwing it here. I am unable to access my FreeNAS directory from my Windows 10 PC. I am an experienced windows user, but incredibly new to Unix, so I am going to give as much information as possible so all of you can tell me...
  33. Velict

    Specialty Game Server

    So I want to see if the following is possible: Build a server, a nice monster Install video cards (2-way sli) Install FreeNAS (duh!) Create Win10 VM to run simultaneously inside FreeNAS. Continuously active. Install games to the VM, and run/play these games only using the server's hardware...
  34. C

    SOLVED problem accessing shared folder after last windows 10 update

    Hello, after installing the latest patch for Windows 10 released between 02/09/2016 and 09/05/2016 he no longer access shared folders on nas. or tried to change CIFS Server protocol minimum ------------------- and maximum server protocol SMB3_11 but still can not access the folders. If I sign...
  35. D

    Unstable AFP and CIFS. Need help extracting data.

    Hello, I connect to my FreeNAS directly using a patch cable. The Finder crashes all the time in past few months. Previously I used AFP, but in last few months I have switched to using SMB on all shares since Apple deprecated AFP support on El Capitan and supposedly improved SMB support. It has...
  36. M

    can't see server on one machine (windows 10)

    i have currently 4 windows pc connectiong to the server and sharing files but for some reason one of them cannot connect and at this point idk what to do any more
  37. P

    NetBIOS browsing issue Windows 10

    Solved: It had to do with the Windows 10 and the FreeNAS server was not on the same subnet. Next day my Windows 10 got IP in the same subnet and could connect to the file share. Similar to this thread...