need help with windows 10 security network credentials

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Sep 8, 2018
id like to start off by saying i am no network tech. i am trying to learn as much as i can, but im having a hard time finding the right question to ask to get the answer im looking for.

so this all started cuz paul's hardware did a video on freenas11.2 recently and i thought that looked like a lot of fun. i went to a bunch of schools and got me some old hardware and built me a system to put freenas on. got freenas installed, my pool set up, and a share created. thought i was off to the races. went to go access it on one of my other computers on the network, found it, but windows will NOT let me get into it. i tried 3 different methods of disabling local network security password stuff and it still comes up. i have tried putting in every username and password i could think of and nothing. i got to thinking it had to be on the freenas side of things (which i dont know alot about) and that's how i came here.

please help, any suggestions or thoughts on freenas setup (or i should say "proper setup") or any other issues you might think could be contributing to this problem.

my end goal here is to have my nas with 4 2tb drives raidz storing all my things on my network, password and hassle free as far as access goes, so that way i can reformat one of my computers and be right back to where i was before in nothing flast.
Not open for further replies.