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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. 1

    SOLVED Help on pool degraded after 1 second power loss

    Hi guys i had a 1 second power trip, Freenas server i could not see it shutting down and restarting. However the pool is degraded. i have not re started it yet but i am not sure if it is a real issue or after i re booted it will be back to normal. 1 of the disk da7 have read and write errors...
  2. Newfoundland.Republic

    [SOLVED] GUI install fails with " could not be reached via DNS"

    [Edit: Title and info on DNSSEC] Hi folks - I was trying to install Syncthing using the GUI and the install fails after 50.00% Testing DNSSEC response to iocage-plugins followed by 50.00% Testing DNS response to iocage-plugins with: [EFAULT] Exception: CallError:[EFAULT]
  3. S

    Installation error 0xdb6c3670, error: 0x20

    Hi, I'm new to FreeNAS and when I try to install on a pc all in one lenovo c200( 1 ssd 250gb 4gb ram) I get the title error. Enclosed is a screenshot. If someone can guide me to know what these errors mean and how to solve them very grateful in advance. Best regards.
  4. S

    Access SMB Share from Ubuntu

    Hello guys, I hate posting this as hasving searched so much i know the answer is out there, i just dont know what it is. In simple terms my whole freenas box has a single share at the moment which i mainly use from a number of Windows clients. As i experiment with Linux i guess this will take...
  5. C

    SMB Single Working Account/symlink issue

    Version: FreeNAS-11.2-U5 So I'm trying to grant access to other users on an SMB share. Specifically it works with a single user account but all other user accounts are unable to access* it. I have correctly set the ACL on the share, and breaking the ACL does indeed affect the account that...
  6. Newfoundland.Republic

    SOLVED Physical Interface for NFS on Same Subnet as GUI

    Hi Folks - Slowly working through my Freenas implementation :) I would like to use a free network interface on my server that is dedicated to NFS. My primary interface (for the management GUI) is on igb0 which is on the network. My ESXi server is also on the...
  7. Z

    HELP!?! Use LSI 9211-8i with Supermicro X11SCL-F

    Hi, this is my first server build. My hardware: CPU: Intel Xeon E-2172 RAM: 32 GB Samsung REG 2666 MB: Supermicro X11SCL-F HBA: LSI MegaRAID 9211-8i SAS HDD: 6 x WD Red Nas 4TB SSD: 1 x Intel 80GB The LSI card was given to me and should already be in IT mode. I checked that the MB BIOS was...
  8. Newfoundland.Republic

    SOLVED Jails keep dropping connection

    Hi Folks - I thought I had the jail issue solved but the problem now is that after a few minutes the jail loses connection. This is with a single VNET and IP and two VNETs and IPs. When the jail is first started, I can ping, drill an IP, etc. but after a minute or so network connectivity is...
  9. E

    Can't find my shared drive in windows 10, but I can in Linux Ubuntu and I am able to ping it using cmd

    Hello I had an old laptop lying around and used to install freenas. Everything went fine with setting up untill I tried to share a drive. It just would not show up in windows explorer and even when I ran net use in cmd it can't find it. Wierdly enough, I can ping it throug cmd and if I create a...
  10. I

    I have issues with the permissions and sharing files

    Hello, all I am using the FreeNAS 11 U3. I made all the configurations from Lawrance´s Youtube channel and made all of the steps there, but I am not able either to make a new folder or to transfer a new file to the FreeNAS machine. I am putting here links to google drive with the relevant...
  11. schnumsel

    SOLVED Solved myself: NFS is mounted rw, permissions are right, but I can't write

    Hi there, after searching for a while, I am giving up... My problem: We have a share (/mnt/raid5/archive) which is exported rw. /etc/exports on freenas says: root@antipholus[~]# cat /etc/exports /mnt/raid5/archive -mapall="nobody":"nobody" [...] The permissions of this volume are as follows...
  12. U

    UI and SMB not accessable after trying to install plugin?!

    Hi everyone, i tryed to find a thread with my problem, but its hard to find the right keywords. I dont know if its a problem with jails, plugins or Update? or combination? I was an some Version of 11.2 (dont know exactly wich) i thought it was the newest one. i updated from older version with...
  13. Z

    [SOLVED] Disk Replacement issue

    Hello everyone, I have the issue with upgrading the disk following 9.5.2 instructions. I planned to move from WD20 to WD60 over eSATA. After resilvering has finished I've got new disk in state FAIL and Volume to status DEGRADED. I've shutdowned FreeNAS, removed the failed disk and connected...
  14. anderstn

    Is there any way to reset my samba config to Freenas defaults?

    Hi I had an unexpected shut down when trying to disable atime on a pool. At the time I was sharing files from this pool and that has apparently caused some issues with my samba config. When I start the service in the GUI it just says it failed to start so I tried doing it via SSH just to see...
  15. F

    Restored from backup, no network connectivity

    Hi everyone, I did a config backup earlier tonight before upgrading my freenas to the latest version, and later breaking connectivity by accident forcing me to reinstall. I reinstalled to my USB drive, logged into the webgui and uploaded my configuration. Now when I boot it up I get "Please...
  16. L

    SOLVED Two shares, can't connect to one

    Hey there, just setup my NAS and have two pools on it, Basic (just one disc, more of storage not for backup) and secure (mirrored and encrypted) Set up two SMB shares as all devices will be Windows or SMB compatible. But currently I can't connect to Secure share. Network tab in windows explorer...

    Array Degraded - Help

    I got a message a few days ago that appeared to be a possible loose cable issue. I got this email: .local kernel log messages: > (da9:mps0:0:16:0): WRITE(16). CDB: 8a 00 00 00 00 01 cd 91 6f e8 00 00 00 08 00 00 length 4096 SMID 761 terminated ioc 804b loginfo 31110d01 scsi 0 state c...
  18. Heracles

    Cloning a replicated dataset

    Hi there, I have two FreeNAS (both 11-2u1), first (Dell T130 - 16G ECC) is running the production and second (Dell T-110 ; 8G ECC) is for DR. Production is replicated to DR by ZFS replication tasks. Replication works as expected. The fact that it works as expected includes that the replicated...
  19. S

    SOLVED Some issues while expanding my pool (RAIDZ2, 9.3)

    Hello, Forgive the long post, but I'll give a complete synopsis of what is going on, with all the data I have to hopefully provide sufficient info to have some insight into things... I've been running a 9.3.x system (FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE-201605170422) for years with no issues. The pool was...
  20. G

    Plex Media Server doesn't download metadata

    Hi to everyone, I've installed PMS on my freeNAS 11.2 in a jail, using freeBSD ports. Everything seems ok, I can connect to the server, I can create a library and import files, but I cannot download metadata from internet: I tried several scrapers, but it seems that PMS cannot connect to the...
  21. N

    SOLVED Bootable USB won't work with 11.2. Works with 9.10

    Bootable USB won't work with 11.2. Boots with 9.10 without a hitch. Hardware: GA-Z68X-UD3H-B3 (Bios version F8) 12GB RAM 64GB USB thumb drive All other drives are disconnected. When I try to boot from my USB drive I get a weird error. When I try to google it that I don't find anything...
  22. S

    CAM status: Uncorrectable parity/CRC error

    Hi there, My System is: Build FreeNAS-11.1-U6 Platform Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU C2758 @ 2.40GHz Memory 16318MB ECC RAM since Wednesday I've have received this error message 2 times: freenas.local kernel log messages: (ada0:ahcich0:0:0:0): WRITE_FPDMA_QUEUED. ACB: 61 00 88...
  23. S

    System randomly rebooting

    My system has been randomly rebooting for the last coupe of weeks. Having search the forum as best as I can, I have updated from 9.10 to 11.1 u6 but it hasn't resolved the problem. I can't see anything in /var/log/messages (posted below - I know there are a couple of unreadable sectors but those...
  24. M

    SOLVED Error when changing dataset share type to windows

    Getting an error when changing dataset share type to windows. It's apparently looking for a file in /mnt/poolname/dataset/, but nothing is mounted at /mnt/. The pool is mounted at /poolname. Environment: Software Version: FreeNAS-11.1-U5 (8e2a858a1) Request Method: POST Request URL...
  25. F

    Broke plugins during system migration

    Mods: i tried tagging it as solved but i guess i did not do it right. Hi everybody, i recently moved my freeNAS drives from a celeron pc to a xeon server. Everything went as expected except i noticed my Plex server stopped running. I went to click on Plugins and got this error after a long...
  26. whiskeyjack

    SOLVED Second jail with VNET get no IP address (or internet access) [11.2 Beta 3]

    Just wondering if anybody has ran into this as well. I just tried to create a second jail with VNET (for Domoticz) and while the first jail with VNET is working fine (for the Unifii controller), the second one only gets localhost configured. This despite iocage start domoticz reporting +...
  27. F

    Replacing FreeNAS PC, seeking advice for migration

    Hello everybody, I'm about to make the jump from an pokey old prebuilt PC to (another prebuilt) Xeon workstation. I was able to pick up a HP Z400 for very little money locally with no drives installed which is perfect for me. It will be much cheaper to expand the RAM on the Z400 as well. My...
  28. cbbc

    Volume Manager can't 'see' 6 data drives

    I have a newly built NAS with 2x boot USB drives AND my 6x WD 4TB drives. FreeNAS 11.2-BETA3 (but using legacy UI as I can't find volume manager in new ui) I am stuck trying to locate my data drives - well, get FreeNAS to see them! Problem: In legacy UI, I can "see" my 2 boot USB drives AND...
  29. MorkaiTheWolf

    SOLVED Needing some assistance in troubleshooting hard drive burn in/possible RMA

    So, to preface, I have 6x6TB WD Red PRO drives that I bought from ebay and have been trying to do some burn in tests (following this guide) before I integrate them into any kind of zpool and begin putting some data on them. I've done the smartctl short and long tests and all the drives passed...
  30. H

    Help understanding available storage

    Hi Guys, I'm a bit 3 confused and I hope you guys can explain something to me. I have a mirrored vdev of two 3 TB drives and a vdev of 3 drives in raidZ 1 also each 3 TB It's my understanding that the mirrored vdev should have 3TB(about) available as the second disk is used for redundancy...
  31. pechkin000

    Unable to find domain controller error

    Hello, I am on 11.2 stable, after latest update i am unable to unable to enable Active Directory Service I have a DNS entry on the DC (server 2012 R2) for freenas, I am also able to ping the DC from freenas and freenas from DC. Kinda lost, I would appreciate any help
  32. Artix

    SOLVED 2 datasets on same pool having different performances

    Hello, I have a big performance difference when reading between 2 datasets on the same vdev : [root@NAS-02 /mnt]# dd if=/mnt/earth/homes/file.mkv of=/dev/null bs=2048k 10210+1 records in 10210+1 records out 21413851234 bytes transferred in 71.962681 secs (297568837 bytes/sec) (283 MB/s)...
  33. S

    ISO problems on HP DL120 G7

    Hi. I have a weird problem with installing FreeNAS on a HP DL120 G7. The USB drive that I write the ISO to is simply not recognized at all. What I've tried: I have tried both the FreeNAS 11.1 and 11.2-BETA1 ISOs. I have tried four different USB sticks (all are verified to work with various...
  34. Elliot Dierksen

    11.1-U5 smartd Issues

    I have 2 FreeNAS servers that are both running 11.1-U5. All key features of FreeNAS work just fine. Both hosts are Cisco UCS C240-M3S servers. Primary has dual E5-2660 v2 and 128GB ECC RAM, and the secondary has dual E5-2620 with 64GB ECC RAM. Both servers have 24 internal 2.5 SAS/SATA bays, and...
  35. D

    Problem with networking in bhyve

    I have a newly installed FreeNAS-11.1-U5, because the usb drive died. The pervious usb was running was running FreeNAS-11.1-U4 and i didn't have this problem then. The problem is that networking doesn't work in my one and only vm, but it's only outbound that's not working. I can reach the vm...
  36. Elliot Dierksen

    run_interrupt_driven_hooks: still waiting after 60 seconds for xpt_config

    I just started getting this message during boot on both my FreeNAS systems (FreeNAS-11.1-U5). Both systems are Cisco UCS C240 M3S. Primary has dual Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2660 v2 @ 2.20GHz with 128GB RAM, and the secondary had dual Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz with 64GB of RAM. LSI...
  37. M

    Does the Plugin and Jail "Delete" button remove all of the snapshots of that dataset as well?

    Does the Plugin and Jail "Delete" button remove all of the snapshots of that dataset as well? I removed the wrong plugin (accidentally clicked delete on sonarr_1 instead of sonarr_2) and I'm looking back through the periodic snapshots for that dataset and they're gone too. I have recursive...
  38. H

    SOLVED HELP!!! Accidentally shutdown at the beginning of resilver

    I replaced one of my drives and told the machine to resilver. I accidentally hit the power button while replacing the covers. This started shutting the machine down. Now, it won't boot. It tries to scan my volumes and suspends them. After this is done, it reboots. I tried putting the...
  39. cafenfrek

    SSD Not Listed for Install of FreeNAS OS

    I built my installation disk as directed in the guide for version 11; however, when I start the install, the SSD is not listed for me to install the OS onto during setup. I can only see the disks I plan to use for storage. I'm sure it is something simple I am overlooking but I am getting very...
  40. PeterWeyland

    Trying out Transmission plugin .. stuck

    New to using FreeBSD/FreeNAS. Installed latest stable release of FreeNAS to an SSD. Striped 4 disks + extra SSD for cache (performance is fantastic & yes I know it requires UPS + backup routine). Threw a couple of Tb of files on the Volume & created datasets matching my data. Created SMB share...
  41. S

    FreeNAS 11.1U4 & iocage : IPv6 not working

    Hi ! I've been searching the forum and the internets for 3 days now without any success, so I'm opening this post. I've been trying to setup IPv6 on my 11.1RELEASE iocage jails, but have failed. The IPv6 addresses seem to work (they're here ?), but if i ping or try to access the web server of...
  42. M

    smbd memory leak FN 11.1Ux and System crash after overflow

    Hello I'm using a FN installation (11.1U4) on a ESXi VM with following hardware: 12 Cores (2*6vCPU) 32GB RAM 1*e1000 nic 1*vmx3 nic 1*10GB Boot 1*33GB swap 2*500TB SAN volumes network sharing done with AD (2012R2) and CIFS only Since we upgraded from (11.1 to...
  43. T

    SOLVED How to create striped mirrors aka RAID10 in the GUI?

    I have six 3 TB drives and I would like to create 3 striped mirrors with 2 drives in each mirror - RAID10. The wording in the manual and the GUI are confusing and not very detailed. Googling and searching the forum for the past couple of hours haven't helped me much. What is the difference...
  44. Stranded Camel

    SOLVED How to "clone" old volume to new one (so I can eliminate old one)

    My FreeNAS box has had a 4x 4TB Raid Z2 volume since I built it, and I finally upgraded it with a new 5x 10TB Raid Z2 volume. In addition to your typical storage-type files (photos, videos, music, etc.), the old volume has a bhyve virtual machine and my user's home directory with scripts and...
  45. P

    Strange arithmetic

    I am done with my build of an NAS of 6 6TB hard drives in raidZ2. I do not understand the output. The reported size of the empty volume is 31.2 TiB. After writing 908.2 Gb of data to the server, the new reported size of the volume is 20.1 TiB. So writing less the a TiB to the disk did cause the...
  46. R

    SOLVED Previous versions permission issue

    FreeNAS-9.10.2-U6 I've set up a Windows share and got a snapshot job of it going, and it uses Windows permissions. The freenas is joined to an AD domain. The share itself seems to work fine. The problem is when I try to access one of the snapshots via Windows Previous versions tab. I can see...
  47. R

    SOLVED iSCSI connection drops

    Hi, I set up a FreeNAS from various parts, comfiguration as follows: Build FreeNAS-11.1-U1 Platform Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690K CPU @ 3.50GHz Memory 16207MB 6 x 7200 2TB drives 1 x SSD as SLOG for the ZVOL. CIFS, NFS and AFP works fine. I have 2 ESXi hosts, however, and...
  48. K

    FreeNAS crash

    I'm quite new with BSD and FreeNAS. After setting up the system everything works fine. While I watch a film from network FreeNAS seems to freeze and I have done a hard reset. Since than the FreeNAS isn't coming up again and the system shows the attached failure. The funny thing is that: If I...
  49. P

    Fractal Design node 804 Worldwide backorder

    It is out of stock everywhere I tried except from one store selling it at almost $300. I got no reply from Fractal Design either. Do you know any online store that has stock?
  50. P

    Obsolence vs modernity

    I have noted that obsolete Intel Xeon E5-2670 Sandy Bridge-EP 2.6GHz are currently less expensive at $173 then Xeon E3 v6. The old guy as 8 core and 16 thread and at this price, getting 2 of them is feasible. The new kid on the block has 4 cores and 8 threads except for low end models without...