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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. stephen thomas

    SOLVED Folder disappeared after renaming folder with asterisk at start

    I've added Ubuntu to our previous Mac only network, so I've switched everything over to SMB (changed permission type on the datasets to Windows, switched off AFP, switched on SMB services & created new SMB shares). Some of the folders on our volumes started with an asterisk, but after the above...
  2. T

    Slow SMB performance from SSD Striped pool

    Hi I have been trying to tweak the Auxiliary parameters and System Tunables to perform best possible on SMB to Mac OS X and Windows 7/10 Please help me with my read speeds what parameter have I tweaked the wrong way? I use a 10 G setup and I have almost full throughput using iperf. I have add...
  3. D

    New SMB share wont show unless restart Samba

    Im running FreeNAS-9.10.1-U4 All my SMB shares works fine, they show on my Windows machine as Shares under "Network". When I add a new Share, it doesnt show, waited for 10 minutes and nothing. If I restart SMB, then it shows. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong?
  4. V

    CIFS Drive not showing in Windows 10

    Hi - for the last few days I've been having issues with my mounted shared drive not showing in Windows 10. I'm not able to establish whether the root cause of this issue is within my local PC, or the FreeNAS server configuration so would appreciate if anyone could provide a few basic steps that...
  5. T

    SMB disaster

    Hi All, I've been running FreeNAS with Windows AD integration successfully for almost a year now. AD users had their own shares which they could add/delete files and AD domain admins also had full control (being the admin group). Disaster struck Monday and I am still picking up the pieces. I am...
  6. J

    Permission bug

    created a group called fileshare then off to set the dataset and permissions This is a fresh install FreeNAS-9.10.2-U1 (86c7ef5). Once a dataset is created it needs permissions to restrict who can access the files. in the change permissions dialog box the owner(user) is set to root and the...
  7. E

    Multi-User Zugriffskonflikt auf SMB Windows Share

    Hallo! Bei mir läuft die aktuellste Version von Freenas und einem Raid 0 von zwei WD Reds, die ich auf 2 Datasets aufgeteilt habe. Die Client-PC sind allesamt Windoof 10. Nun habe ich für jedes dieser Datasets einen SMB-Share angelegt. Warnung: Ich habe so ziemlich keine Ahnung von Unix vs...
  8. S

    Moving directories within the same share and dataset is really slow...?

    My server (clean install 9.10.2-u1, hardware is Supermicro with a fast 1620-v3 CPU and 96GB 2400 ECC) has a single dataset, with a single SMB share on one directory in it. The NIC for this link is an onboard Intel Gb with MTU=9000. The datastore is on Enterprise 6tb spinners and is mostly empty...
  9. Caleb Surface

    SOLVED SMB for randomly stops authenticating

    I have a bunch of FreeNAS datasets that I am sharing via SMB on my AD environment, and it keeps losing the ability to authenticate users that connect on Windows. We have a mostly Mac environment, so thankfully it doesn't completely shut us down, but the few machines that do get affected by this...
  10. S

    SMB Over Openvpn

    I don't know how to connect someone when the openvpn is in the same machine as the SMB can you help me?
  11. W

    mount_smbfs share connection freeze

    Hi! In an effort to be more autonomous from our project partners we decided to set up FreeNAS on our own purposely built server for our small workgroup. Still in the process of setting up everything but making good progress so far. We have a lot of data (~3TB) hosted by our partners that now...
  12. A

    Multiple authenticated access to multiple FreeNAS smb share is possible?

    As per different google search, I can't made more than one authenticated access to a network share. Scenario and error given below: There are two smb shares (test1 & test2) on a remote freenas server. First connected to test1 using test1 user and password. Then, I try to use different user...
  13. A

    Not getting the windows authentication prompt for a FreeNAS share directory

    I have set up a FreeNAS box (FreeNAS 9.10.2). Created two windows share test1 and test2. There is two different users (also test1 & test2) and and groups (test1 & test2) for individual access to the share.i.e. test1 user of test1 group will only access test1 share and vice versa. Now the...
  14. M

    SMB shares y problemas de permisos

    Buenos dias, estoy teniendo inconvenientes con los permisos de los compartidos por smb, tengo una carpeta padre, y 3 subcarpetas, los archivos que pongo en la carpeta padre se pueden editar, mover perfectamente, los que estan en las subcarpetas presentan errores al momento de guardar. Ej.: tengo...
  15. T

    Can't Connect to SMB in macOS 10.12?

    Hi, everyone, I just upgraded my FreeNAS to 9.10 so as to take advantage of the features in the newer version of Samba that allegedly lets Final Cut Pro store its library over SMB. However, while I can get AFP to work just fine with the Mac, I can't connect to the SMB shares. In both cases, I...
  16. F

    FreeNAS Windows SMB Share - Everyone group - deny access by default?

    Brand new FreeNAS user here. I just built my box in late November 2016 and have been trying to learn FreeNAS and configure my box as time has permitted. I normally figure things out eventually from this forum or youtube or other web resources but I am currently stumped on a windows share problem...
  17. J

    iSCSI o SMB

    Hola a todos. Voy a utilizar FreeNAS y no se muy bien si utilizar iSCSI o SMB. Mayormente voy a utilizarlo como almacén de datos. Creo que utilizando iSCSI tendría algunas ventajas, pero tampoco se muy bien cuáles. El FreeNAS o mejor dicho los FreeNAS (porque voy a tener dos) quiero que sean...
  18. E

    vfs_fruit cannot delete files

    I am trying to make a share with Mac extensions that is compatible with a standard samba share with streams_xattr. The share appears to work at first glance but when I copy a file in via Finder then I can't delete it -- when deleting via Finder the file disappears for a second then reappears...
  19. Howard Swope

    FreeNAS LDAP with FreeIPA

    I am trying to get my FreeNAS to create SMB shares which authenticate against FreeIPA (Redhat Identity Management on Centos7). I have SAMBA installed on FreeIPA box. From the FreeNAS box running getent passwd shows my created users. I can successfully access AFP shares and can successfully SSH...
  20. S

    How to Windows SMB Over Internet

    I know i can add myself by using //FreeNas/DepartmentName but how can i add a friend over internet ?
  21. P

    Hello FreeNas Community

    I am excited to have built my first FreeNas System (FreeNAS-9.10 STABLE but without any updates, downloaded the first week of november), essentially using the ddr4 equivalent of what is found on Brian Moses EconoNas 2016 build here. No link version: ASUS B150M-K, 6x2TB HGST Deskstar 7200RPM...
  22. F

    Unable to access all SMB shares

    I haven't changed anything in relation to SMB or Datasets, but I messed around a bit with WebDAV earlier and ultimately ended up turning it off again. No share/user permissions were changed and every time I go to browse any of my shares, it says I have no permission. Everything still seems fine...
  23. T

    Poor Performance on 10 GbE and 5 disk striped SSD RAID

    Hi I have build this system: 2x E5-2640 v3 Intel 8 Core Xeon 2.60GHz Supermicro X10DRi-T, Dual Intel 10GbE LAN,16 Dimm Slots (upto 1TB RAM), On Board Graphics, On Board SATA RAID 0,1, IPMI & Remote KVM 8x 16GB 2133MHz DDR4 ECC Registered DIMM Module 2x Intel 120GB SATA SSD S3500 Enterprise...
  24. A

    SOLVED Can't write to cifs share from Linux

    I have just build a brand new file server to replace my old DroboFS. I have installed FreeNAS 9.10.1 on it. It has 4 WD Red disks in it. I have configured it via the wizard to raidz2 for now. I have setup a cifs share on the server and I can access the share from my Arch Linux box fine. Though I...
  25. Easygoer

    CIFS/Samba Shares and macOS Sierra v10.12

    Hi, I have searched quite a bit on this forum for "help threads" with CIFS/Samba and the new macOS Sierra sharing but have not found anything useful. Seems like most users are using the Windows Platform? Anyway my problem just cropped up after upgrading to macOS Sierra (v10.12 released early...
  26. SFoskett

    It's Time To Stop Saying "CIFS"

    I would like to suggest that the FreeNAS team consider renaming "CIFS" to "SMB". Or at least adding mention of "SMB2" to the user interface and documentation. By way of background, CIFS properly refers only to the original 1990's-era protocol supported by the original Samba. Microsoft began...
  27. L

    Mac Finder doesn't update FreeNAS SMB directory contents

    I'm running FreeNAS-9.10.1 (d989edd) as a fileserver for a computer lab. Lab clients are all Macs running OS 10.11.6, connecting via SMB. I put a little bash script in the "skel" folder that retrieves each user's archived files from last year, via rsync (archived files are stored elsewhere on...