1. P

    Lost pool

    Hi to all, I would appreciate any help! Today the pool was lost. I have 3x wd red drives on freenas. Some days ago I saw a degraded message on the dashboard and I wrote down the serial number of that drive. I then changed My PSU and all the cables and the message went away after I restarted. I...
  2. S

    Error Unlocking

    I get this in a pop up window.. [MiddlewareError: Volume could not be imported: 2 devices failed to decrypt] Error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/tastypie/resources.py", line 219, in wrapper response = callback(request, *args, **kwargs)...
  3. poobear85

    Error getting available space (volume)

    Hi, I have a freenas system running 11.1-U7, it has 4 volumes, each volume is created from dedicated disks using raid-z2 with an additional spare per pool. A disk failed in one volume, I identified the disk and the serial number, shutdown the system, replaced the failed disk and when it turned...
  4. H

    Cannot import 'mypool': no such pool or dataset

    Hello guys, I set up this FreeNAS system that I have been using to replicate another system. Hardware: a Dell PowerEdge T420 8 disks attached to a SATA controller. 4 TB each. I created a Z2 pool using all disks. Two things: one of the disks had had SMART errors for a while. I saw this...
  5. Daniel Augusto H. Jr.

    Erro ao importar discos

    Olá amigos! A algum tempo meu freenas apresentou problema e com ajuda dos amigos aqui do fórum eu resolvi substituindo um dos discos. Fato é que a um tempo atrás apresentou outro problema, tipo aquele monte de códigos e o sistema nem estartava. Ai reinstalei o freenas em um pendrive novo e os...
  6. E

    "Parental Control"

    Hi a noob question THAT DOSENT EXIST ON GOOGLE. I am setting up a FreeNAS system with SMB shares. I have setup a pool with 3 datasets me, person 2, person 3. Person 3 is my child. I wnt to set it up so i can access his share and edit files but he can only access his files.So my question is...
  7. M

    Disks do not appear to create pool

    We configured a Freenas version 11.2-U5 on a DL380 Gen9, Storage D-Link DSN-4000 with 16 4TB RAID 5 + 0 disks so 50TB is available to create a pool, but does not appear on Freenas system and when using the command df -lh show me 11TB size in / var folder can help me? Is there anything specific I...
  8. S

    SOLVED Pool Locked / Pool state is UNKNOWN after power failure

    Currently using 11.2-U5. I am having issues with one of my pools named "Volume2". There was a power failure and the system had shut down inadvertently. Upon restart, the first pool (Volume1) works fine but only one disk on the on the second pool (Volume2) is detecting on the Dashboard which is...
  9. K

    TRIM support, and any other issues to look out for in an all SSD pool?

    I'm planning to build an all SSD pool for various storage (vm's, database, static files etc...), and I often run in to the TRIM-thing and garbage collection painted as a big issue with SSD's. I'm not sure if this information is obsolete or not. The FreeNAS documentation does not help me that...
  10. A

    How to backup and restore jails?

    Hi, I have a pool with 2 4tb drives and I need to upgrade it. I have 2 more 4tb that I'd like to add to it. I have them currently striped but I want to raid them now. Do I have to destroy the old pool first? I've backed up all my data except my jails because I don't know how to do that. How...
  11. K

    Reset Configuration then upgraded from 11.2 to 11.2U4.1. Pools and data are fine, but disks don't show under storage/disks

    Basically I ended up installing a brand new 11.2u4.1. It didn't show my disks. I had to unplug my disks boot up then shutdown. Plug in my disks boot up and then I was able to import my pool. On the dashboard it shows my disks, but says disk details not available. When I look under...
  12. E

    disk failure in pool extension

    Hi guys I have a little problem with my pool. Initially my pool is composed of 2 hdd 4TB in stripe to form 1 vdev. I add 2 other hdd 4TB in stripe to form a another vdev to expand my pool. The expansion finish successfuly ( the spinning loading weel disapear and the pool display 14TB...
  13. T

    Reinstalar freenas sin un backup de bootdrive

    Buenos dias, tengo un problema, hace un año aprox le arme un server a un amigo, la semana pasada estuvo con unos problemas y llamo a un tecnico porque yo no estaba en la ciudad, resulta que el tecnico formateo el freenas e instalo windows server y no volvio mas a terminar el trabajo. El problema...
  14. L

    Disk missing from 'create pool'

    Hi, Just starting with FreeNAS (11.2-U3) and in Storage > Disks I see all 19 disks: When I go to create a pool however, it's not showing the last HDD (da14): What am I missing? Thanks
  15. Mr. Slumber

    How to move a dataset from one ZFS pool to another ZFS pool

    Ok, here's what I want to do: I have one ZFS pool (let's just call it) "pool A" (3 HDDs, raidZ1) with one dataset (let's just call it) "dataset A". Also on this machine I have another ZFS "pool B" (3HDDs, raidZ1). I want to move "dataset A" from "pool A" completely over to "pool B". (Read...
  16. K

    3 newbie questions about: 1 tb missing, what raid, change existing raid

    So, newby here. 1) I have 2 4tb WD Red that show as 7 tb max, i understand that ZFS takes up some space and that 4tb isn't REALLY 4tb. But almost 500 gb less per disk? 2) I have created this pool 1.5 years ago but after that didn't have time to do anything with it, now i'm trying to figure out...
  17. B

    Pool datasets missing from mountpoint

    After a reboot earlier today the pool and all the datasets are missing from the mountpoint (/mnt). The ZPOOL and ZFS listings (as well as the 11.2 GUI storage display show them to be fine. I have tried various things such as export/import the pool to no avail. I am able to create a new...
  18. schoolpost

    Upgrading Pool | 1TB -> 4TB

    Hello, This is probably well discussed somewhere here, however to avoid confusion on my part I thought I'd ask specifically to my setup. ( FreeNas 9 ) I'm looking to upgrade my pool from it's current 10x 1TB Z3 Pool to 4TB Drives. My understanding from some initial research is that I can...
  19. kensab

    FreeNAS remains frozen at startup: import pool version 5000

    First of all I am very new to FreeNAS and with little experience. I see similars post about my problem but they are too old. I need know if have another new solution to this problem. https://forums.freenas.org/index.php?threads/boot-up-stuck-at-importing-pool.35335/...
  20. T

    Pool state degraded ?

    I am getting the error "The volume ali_pool state is DEGRADED: One or more devices are faulted in response to persistent errors. Sufficient replicas exist for the pool to continue functioning in a degraded state." the shell reads pool: ali_pool state: DEGRADED...
  21. IceBoosteR

    HELP needed -> SCSI sense: NOT READY -> pool lost

    Hi all, first of all my system config: Xeon E3-1225v3 on Dell T20 motherboard 24GB of DD3 ECC memory 10x4TB WD RED in RAIDZ2 connected 8drives via flashed M1015 and 2 drives via onbaord SATA. Seasonic Focus Plus Platinum 650W with APC Back UPS Pro 900VA in front of the system. Today I am...
  22. T

    SOLVED How to create striped mirrors aka RAID10 in the GUI?

    I have six 3 TB drives and I would like to create 3 striped mirrors with 2 drives in each mirror - RAID10. The wording in the manual and the GUI are confusing and not very detailed. Googling and searching the forum for the past couple of hours haven't helped me much. What is the difference...

    Kernel panic importing a pool.

    Created a RAID array of 4 disks on a FreeNAS. After some time it stopped working. I removed it and in the process of trying to reimport this error appears (see the picture). Please help. P.S.: I'm afraid to lose a lot of data
  24. krizzo

    Manual setup Z2 or default 2 mirror vdevs?

    I'm creating a new pool as my current pool raidz2 8x2T drives is nearing 90%. I have four 6T drives and two 5T drives. I keep debating which setup I want to go with as I do plan on replacing the two 5T drives with 6T drives in the future. I figured by the time this new pool gets close to full...
  25. RallyGallery

    Asking the Experts - Storage Reworking

    I am new to FreeNAS so I am asking a quick question of the experts. I have searched through this forum but not found exactly the answers I was looking for. I have FreeNAS 11 running 2x4tb WD Red Drives in a mirror. The system is basically a media server and carries all my media. I also have an...
  26. T

    verschlüsselter Pool lässt sich nicht mehr einbinden

    Hallo, nach dem meim USB Stick kaputt war, auf dem das FreeNas OS lief habe ich auf einen neuen USB Stick das OS wieder aufgespielt. Ein Key hatte ich zur Sicherheit auch von Anfang an gesichert. Jetzt habe ich das große Problem, dass sich der encypted pool aus zwei Festplatten sich nicht mehr...
  27. M

    ayuda para la recuperacion de pool

    Saludos y gracias de antemano por leer mi problema Tenia problemas con mi tarjeta de red y al ser novel en freenas, no saber las consecuencias restaure las opciones a defaults , con esto perdi el acceso a mis datos , intente leer o buscar algo que me pudiera ayudar pero no lo eh podido conseguir...
  28. D

    USB ciclo en el boot

    Tengo la versión 9.2.1 instalada en una usb. Funcionó muy bien por casi un año y de un dia para otro comenzó a ciclarse a la hora de arrancar. Cuando termine de arrancar y muestra las 14 opciones posibles para teclear aparece el siguiente mensaje: freenas init: getty repeating too quickly on...
  29. A

    Import pool from FreeNAS 11 to FreeNAS 9.3

    Hello, will there be a way to import a pool from FreeNAS 11 to FreeNAS 9.3?
  30. R

    Import ZFS pool from a FreeBSD installation

    Hello! I plan to move from FreeBSD 10.3 to FreeNAS 9.10. How can I use, import my "old" ZFS pool? (with geli) Cheers!
  31. S

    Interpreting free space outputs to fix failing snapshots

    My snapshots are failing allegedly due to lack of disk space: Snapshot PER-WORKVOL2/PER-WORKVOL2@auto-20170329.1637-2w failed with the following error: cannot create snapshot 'PER-WORKVOL2/PER-WORKVOL2@auto-20170329.1637-2w': out of space I am trying to understand what is out of space...
  32. O

    Reinstalled FreeNAS on new USB Stick, can't import volume

    Like the title said, reinstalled FreeNAS 9.10 onto a new USB stick as Coral was being weird to me. Shutdown machine, popped install media into another USB port and installed onto the new USB stick. After booting GUI didn't list anything, so opened a shell terminal and did a zpool import -f...
  33. M

    Pool will not Import

    So my FreeNAS box became unresponsive. No GUI, No Console, No SSH. Hard rebooted. In normal boot mode it gets to importing zpool then hangs. In single user mode we can import the pool in readonly mode and all is good but a it comes up saying it cant mount a particular dataset (which I dont...