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  1. O

    FreeNAS + offsite Owncloud backup. (Proof of concept build before project signoff.)

    HI All, I did a quick browse but couldn't find anything on what I would like to do. I'm wanting to have a client's data backup to FreeNAS (encrypted (hopefully?) ; ZFS ; dual 4TB SG IronWolf ; SSD cache ; SSD for OS & Samsung FIT USB for backup boot drive) , which will *not* be client facing...
  2. F

    FreeNAS 11.1 U7 und Owncloud; Es gab Probleme mit dem Code - Integritätsprüfung.

    Hallo Leute, seit einigen Tagen kann ich zwar Owncloud noch auf dem Server über die Weboberfläche erreichen, ich kann auch Dateien mit Hilfe des Klient hin und her schieben, aber die App Adressbook und Calendar sind im Owncloud nicht mehr sichtbar, nur Dateien. Ich finde diese auch nicht mehr an...
  3. S

    This version of ownCloud requires at least PHP 5.6.0 (updating owncloud)

    Hey guys still pretty new at this but I updated my owncloud and now whenever I access the service it says: This version of ownCloud requires at least PHP 5.6.0 You are currently running PHP 5.5.16. Please update your PHP version. I have the system set up in my own computer running FreeNas so I...
  4. ewahl64

    Einbindung einer bestehenden Verzeichnis Stuktur in die Cloud

    Sehr geehrte Forumsmitglieder, als Neuling in der Cloud, fand ich bisher nichts irgendo, wie man den bestehenden Storage (Verzeichnisstruktur mit 50.000 Files) in die Cloud einbinden kann. Das muss doch möglich sein. Die Daten sind ja schon im Storage. Einzige Idee die Synchronisation und...
  5. mario000

    Passaggio plugin owncloud a NEXTCLOUD

    Salve a tutti, utilizzo owncloud da parecchio tempo, e prima periodicamente veniva rilasciato l'aggiornamento direttamente da freenas, e in maniera molto comoda bastava cliccare sul pulsante "aggiorna" per fare tutto. Adesso invece e da un pò che per owncloud non vengono rilasciati...
  6. F

    Cantact/Kalendar-app in owncloud/nextcloud auf freeNAS 11.1 importieren

    Hallo Leute, habe owncloud 9.1.2 und nextcloud 10.0.1 installiert. Wie bekannt werden die apps für Kalendar und Contact nicht mehr im jeweiligen Dienst selbst angeboten. Die entsprechende Version habe ich mir vom App-store herunter geladen und weiß jetzt nicht wie ich die in...
  7. B

    FreeNAS w/ OwnCloud Plugin... need help finding Port #

    Hi, I am new to the FreeNAS Forum. I have made a small home server to be able to store all my projects and be able to access it from any network that I am in. In the process, I have taken step by step guides from Youtube, and Forums, but ran into a problem I could not seem to find. So far, I...
  8. I

    timeout while downloading in Owncloud

    Hello everyone laately I have noticed that my Owncloud can not finish the download. But apart from that everything is excellent is the only problem System: Freenas 11.1 U4 Version of OwnCloud: 9.1.7 Storage method: SMB So the problem is that I try to download a file (or anything else) after a...
  9. A

    Best Practices For Setting Up Storage In ownCloud Jail

    Hello everyone! I just wanted to get some opinions on the storage setup in an ownCloud jail to prevent data loss as well efficiency? I personally created a ZFS dataset called ownCloud then used /mnt/zpool/ownCloud as my Source and /media/me/files as my Destination in the ownCloud jail storage...
  10. S

    Nextcloud/Owncloud This server has no working Internet connection.

    Hey Guys, I have been using FreeNAS and both of the cloud plugins for a good few years now and I have never had a problem until I upgraded. The issue I assume goes hand in hand but is as follows. "This server has no working Internet connection. This means that some of the features like mounting...
  11. H

    sd card crashed - after new FreeNAS install, plugin not available even though jail exists

    Hello everybody, I'm a very happy FreeNAS user, even though not that experienced :rolleyes: As my sd card with the previous installation crashed, I just installed a new one with the latest FreeNAS release. FreeNAS itself has no problems with this upgrade :cool: - all data is still available in...
  12. PrincePaul

    New NAS with C3000 Series CPU

    Hello Guys, its a long time ago that I was really active in this forum, mainly in the german threads. But now its time to get back into it. My current FreeNAS System is running for over 5 years in 24/7 Mode and I had zero issues so far. Even tho I made some major mistakes in the build process...
  13. M

    Aiuto configurazione owncloud fuori dalla lan !

    Ciao a tutti ! Ho spulciato tutte le guide possibili sul mio problema ma non riesco a trovare una soluzione.Vi spiego. Allora ho installato freenas tutto ok, ho subito impostato tramite no-ip il dns collegato al router che si aggiorna in automatico. Quindi riesco ad accedere alla GUI tramite...
  14. ddavid

    FreeNAS 11 Plugin Installation Crash

    Hello Everyone, it seems everytime I try to install any plugins it gets to about 67% (creating jail) and hangs but it's actually crashing the FreeNAS server entirely. I have tried this with anywhere between 4-8 cpus and never less than 16g of ram. This was working previously prior to the upgrade...
  15. B

    FreeNAS 11 Nextcloud / Owncloud Letsencrypt SSL/TLS

    This no longer works as of 11.2 since plugin jails don't allow you to install python packages: Follow this guide instead:
  16. D

    owncloud login as user = wrong credentials

    Hi there, OwnCloud installed from the plugins, provides following error and makes it impossible for anyone to add a desktop client. Error: wrong credentials. And nope, it is not true, credentials are right. Help
  17. D

    OwnCloud and storage how to utilize

    Dear FreeNas Friends, I have installed the plugin for OwnCloud and added storage under /media/cloud I wonder, how can I convince OwnCloud to actually use this storage for all files and folders, specially while Documents and Photos already exist when I started OwnCloud for the first time...
  18. keboose

    Can't access owncloud files using WebDAV link

    I have the Owncloud jail (v9.1.2) setup with a valid SSL certificate. I can connect WebDAV-based apps like the desktop client and mobile apps with no problems, but I cannot connect using the WebDAV link listed in the OC settings. I have an app on my phone (android) that supports webdav, and I...
  19. S

    Nextcloud 12 (released 2017-05-22)

    I recently investigated Nextcloud (despite it being one of the "available" Plugins and having run FreeNAS for a couple of months) and I'm very eager to deploy on my server. I was able to install Nextcloud 10 via Plugin / Jail quite easily (without doing any research or following a guide), but...
  20. Atomic

    Jails bestimmten Netzwerk Interfaces oder VLANs zuordnen

    Moin Forum, wie kann ich Jails in FreeNAS bestimmten Netzwerk Interfaces oder VLANs zuordnen? Ich habe zu diesem Thema auch schon die Suchmaschine meines Vertrauens bemüht aber leider ohne richtigen Erfolg. Meine FreeNas Box hat zwei NICs, einen im LAN (em0) und einen in der DMZ (em1). Ziel...
  21. J

    Al iniciar Dns Dinamica para mi Owncloud el Servicio No inicia

    Buenas Noches ! Necesito de su ayuda, para poder configurar un Dns Dinamico y poder acceder desde fuera de mi modem a mi plugin instalado de Owncloud. La direccion de mi owncloud instalado es, Al abrir las configuraciones para poder agregar un dns dinamico selecciono el proveedor...
  22. N

    Freenas Owncloud share a database

    So I have owncloud set up nice and secure to access form outside my network. My only issue is how can I access the files on my owncloud locally from freenas? Wouldn't I just set up a share to a folder inside the owncloud jail? I am not sure how to go about this. Any help would be amazing.
  23. codyf51

    How to get NextCloud Jail working with Domain-name

    Hello FreeNAS community! I am new to FreeNAS and wanted to know if you guys could help me solve a problem that I'm having. I just finished building our new 24TB RAID Z2 Machine and love it! It's got two Intel E5 8 cores, 64 GB of RAM and enough extra hard drive bays to expand to 40 TB in the...
  24. J

    Hosting a static webpage in a subdirectory of OwnCloud

    I'm trying to host a static HTML page with a few files linked in a relative directory. I want it to be able to be accessed through a subdirectory of my domain (ex., but OwnCloud automatically redirects invalid URLs to the OwnCloud login page. I have my files...
  25. NicolasVin100

    BUILD NEW - First FreeNAS, Help?

    Hi everyone! I’ve been reading through the forums, but this is my first time posting! There’s quite a lot of information to read and digest. I’ve been trying to be a figure out my build all by myself, but I still have questions (read doubts) and would really benefit and appreciate any...
  26. operator

    Owncloud braucht für 115 GB 3-3200 Jahre...

    Hallo, seit einigen Tagen spinnt mein owncloud. Es behauptet, dass es in einer guten Minute 3 Jahre und in einer schlechten soger 32000 Jahre braucht um die Synchronisation durchzuführen. Ich bin ratlos da meine Kenntnisse eher gering von der Materie sind.
  27. NightHawk.ATL

    Lost access to ownCloud after an IP error

    I was working on a secondary pfSense machine and I gave the second one a dedicated static in my main pfSense box that was the same as the ownCloud jail IP address (just because I was up late and totally forgot about the devices on the network). I had noticed that none of my transfers over Rsync...
  28. D

    SOLVED Error With Owncloud Update

    We have a major power outage a couple of days ago and our server had to be hard started. When the server came back up, own cloud was throwing a php exception. We logged into the admin of freenas and attempted an update to the owncloud server since it had not been upgraded in a while. The...
  29. James1432

    9.10 update problem

    Hey Guys.. Currently using Build FreeNAS-9.10.1-U2 (f045a8b) Platform AMD Athlon(tm) II X3 440 Processor Memory 32710MB System Time Sun Oct 09 09:23:29 BST 2016 Uptime 9:23AM up 2 days, 10:11, 0 users Load Average 0.66, 0.61, 0.61 Problems I have are 1. Can't login at all from Mozilla after...
  30. K

    php extension in owncloud plugin

    Hey Guys, short version: i think i need to install the php-PCNTL-extension for running the "occ files:cleanup" command in the owncloud-plugin extended version: since my upgrade to owncloud 9.1 plugin on 9.10 freenas i got two annoying errors, which spam my whole logfile every seccond... -...
  31. James1432

    FN9.3.1 Owncloud Plugin

    Hey there Mainly due to the help of Joshua I have managed to get the Plugin running and a proper SSL installed. The problems I am having now are.. 1. Documents MS Word support (requires openOffice/libreOffice) Local openOffice/libreOffice is installed on this server. Path to binary is...