1. Basil Hendroff

    Let's Encrypt Local Servers and Devices 1.1

    When accessing internal servers and devices, are you tired of seeing warning messages from your browser informing you that 'Your connection is not secure'? Want to set up secure communication for supported systems? This scripted resource builds a Let's Encrypt toolbox in a jail including...
  2. Basil Hendroff

    Scripted Resilio Sync Installation

    Resilio Sync has disappeared from the FreeNAS Plugins Collection. Curiously, while Resilio Sync can still be compiled from a FreeBSD port, due to licensing restrictions, a pre-built binary package of the port is no longer available, so pkg install rslsync returns nothing from the FreeBSD...
  3. gos-tlt

    Using the connector on the m2 2230 Key E motherboard

    Hello dear forum members. I am looking for the answer to my question about the use of the M2 connector on the motherboard using a adapter. I don’t know who to contact, therefore I am waiting for a competent opinion on this issue. There is a motherboard ASUS PRIME J3355I-C (CELERON, mini-ITX), it...
  4. detalikota

    HP DL180 G6 can't restore ZFS

    HP ProLiant DL180 G6 freezed one day, reboted - I get db> prompt. Reinstalled Freenas, can't mount zfs, I get reboots every time I try. Now it's rebooting all the time without me doing anything. Found a thread with the same problem, a man got corrupted pool, but easily restored it, but I can't...
  5. E

    Recommended NIC

    So I am new to FreeNas and I am trying to use a old pc as a NAS. It does pass the small nas minimum. When I plugged in ethernet to my mb(motherboard) and tried to install it kept giving me a ip (my motherboard is the: ASRock N68-GS4 FX R2.0 ). So I think it is the ethernet port that is...
  6. B

    Map drives

    Hi, How we can map the physical drives to the FreeNAS drives?
  7. S

    How to set up an nginx reverse proxy with SSL termination in a jail

    Instructions are available here: Recently I went through the process of standing up a Bitwarden server. As this is the second service that I plan to make available externally to my LAN, I had to set up a reverse...
  8. W

    Unable to get past bridge when using vlan in iocage jail

    Hello all, I'm sorry to post yet another thread with regards to VLAN's. I thought I had it all worked out when I got it working in my 11.3 BETA1 environment, but I can't get it to work in my 11.2U6 setup. So I have a iocage jail called test2, using vnet. It's configured for VLAN ID 178. I am...
  9. J

    Currently unreadable sectors (smartctl -t long no error)

    As you may have guessed from the title, I have a problem with a drive that says it has 22 currently unreadable sectors. It was a new drive when I installed it a couple of years ago and it has been running fine since. The unreadable sectors finally worried me enough to make a decent effort to...
  10. A

    Weird CPU heat spikes.

    I'm having some weird CPU heat spikes, jumping from 50°c up towards 90°c in few minutes then back down. Been trying to figure out what's going on but i'm completely lost, found nothing helpful on google. In the last spike my unifi AP crashed at the same time and had to be rebooted. Also got this...
  11. I

    Stuck on LSI card and HP Storage Works P4500 G2

    Good day! I have two hp storage works p4500 G2 with 12x2TB drives. I understand that P420 not working well with FreeNAS. And I start looking another HBA card and stuck.... In that server used backplane like this...
  12. S

    FreeNAS in VirtualBox on Win10 bootfailure

    I'm trying out different NAS/fileserver/filestorage programs, and have found FreeNAS, which sounds easy to use and what I'm looking for. It will (if I can get it to work, to check it out) be running on the following hardware: Asus Strix Z270E Gaming Watercooled Core I7-6700K 32 Gb Corsair...
  13. iliak

    storage limits questions freenas vs ceph

    we are growing and we need a larger approx 50-200 TB (redundant) ( we will scale withing a year to the full capacity, sdds will be added on demend) currently i cant decide if we should go for freenas or ceph ceph cons much higher storage price, due to 2 or 3 replications pros freenas...
  14. H

    Get web interface url without a monitor

    I have my freeNAS installed on a sd card used with my raspberry pi 4, but the HDMI port doesn't work. Is there a way to get the url that you find on the screen to open the web interface without an actual screen?
  15. H

    Capacity Reports

    Hello, has it already been reported that the units are showing up incorrectly in the partition storage reports? It's supposed to be in GB but appears to be in bytes, here is a screenshot of an 8TB partition which would be ~8000GiB not "8000000000000GiB". It would also be amazing if the reports...
  16. S

    Error Unlocking

    I get this in a pop up window.. [MiddlewareError: Volume could not be imported: 2 devices failed to decrypt] Error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/tastypie/", line 219, in wrapper response = callback(request, *args, **kwargs)...
  17. G

    QBittorrent @ FreeNAS -> Zugriff auf Downloadordner

    Hallo zusammen, ich benutze die Weboberfläche von QBittorrent auf meinen FreeNAS System als Plugin und bin damit auch super zufrieden. Jetzt habe ich nur das Problem, dass QBittorrent logischerweise nur Zugriff auf das eigene Verzeichnis hat. Das heißt ich kann hier ja leider keinen beliebigen...
  18. E

    FreeNAS в качестве iSCSI хранилища

    Друзья, всем привет! В планах идейка развернуть FreeNAS на старом (но живом) железе в кач-ве хранения бекапов с виртуальными машинками от Hyper-V (3 вирт. сервера). Есть такое железо: 1) М/П: ASUS P5Q SE PLUS (775 socket); 2) Процессор: Intel Core 2 Duo E7500 (2 ядра по 2,93 Ггц каждое, 2...
  19. S

    Rsync from Freenas to Unraid

    Hello everyone, I just recently setup a new Freenas server, and I have already transferred all files from my old Unraid server to Freenas. Now I want to use the old Unraid server as a back-up to my main Freenas server using Rsync. I understand that it is really easy to setup between two Freenas...
  20. D

    Change Nextcloud port

    Hello, I have the latest version of FreeNas with the NextCloud plugin installed. I would like to understand how to change the http and https ports of the NextCloud so as to bring it to reach: new port. Thank You.
  21. D

    Aumentare risoluzione VM

    Salve, Ho freenas ultima versione con delle macchine virtuali (linux, windows) e vorrei poter usare VNC e teamviwer a 1080p .. come posso fare ?
  22. T

    Quota storage for user

    Hi everyone, I am new on FreeNAS and i have a question. I read documentation on the web and the forum but is not clear for me what is the better way to define quota for users. I know 2 methods: 1. Set the quota for Dataset and create 1 dataset for user to define the quota. 2. Set the quota...
  23. benoitc

    any recommendation for a rackmount hw 1U I could use with freenas

    I'm looking for a compatible rackmount 1U storage server I could use with freenas. Do you have any recommendation. This is a pretty low level usage for 20 users max and 4-10TB of data. Any idea is welcome. I'm looking preferably for hardware with a public price.
  24. 0

    Should be OS drive be redundant when using encryption?

    I am currently building a small freeNAS machine and I am planning to encrypt the HDDs. I'm planning to use 2 SSDs in RAID1 and 1 SSD for the OS. Now I'm wondering what would happen if the SSD died? Am I just screwed then? Or could I just install freeNAS onto a new SSD, replace it with the old...
  25. M

    Disks do not appear to create pool

    We configured a Freenas version 11.2-U5 on a DL380 Gen9, Storage D-Link DSN-4000 with 16 4TB RAID 5 + 0 disks so 50TB is available to create a pool, but does not appear on Freenas system and when using the command df -lh show me 11TB size in / var folder can help me? Is there anything specific I...
  26. J

    Physically Connecting Servers to FreeNAS

    Hello everyone. I'm in the process of planning a two node, ESXi cluster that uses FreeNAS for shared storage. Before moving forward, I have a question I'm hoping someone will be kind enough to help me with. To explain, I have three Lenovo x3650 M5 (5462) servers. The first two are identical...
  27. J

    my first FreeNAS/Plex Build

    Hi there, I already posted that, by mistake in the introduction area, but that was not the place to get feedback on my config ... apologies My Synology DS415play does not satisfy my demands to PLEX any more, so I would need to get a new one. I build a custom PC for the same price as the...
  28. S

    FreeNAS -> Windows server 2016 AD. Users folder redirection and romaing profiles.

    Hi Guys, New to freeNAS. Ive setup a FreeNAS pool/dataset etc, and have linked this to a new windows server 2019 installation acting as DCHP, AD, DNS Having major issues regarding permissions when trying to redirect Folders and/or roaming profiles of users. Before i type the endless...
  29. A

    WebDAV Services/ password problem during configuration

    Hello Everyone, I'm new on the forum and a beginer on Free Nas, i have managed to create a home NAS and it's work well but, i want to make outside access with WebDAV but it looks like there is a problem : Has you can see, every time i finish typing the password and click on the other field...
  30. T

    Can I use freenas server as a router?

    Hello community I hope you are well, forgive my ignorance but I have a question and I have been investigating but I cannot find concrete answers. My question is: Can I use the freenas server as a router (enable routing)?
  31. T

    Is an I5 7400 enough for a home server?

    Okay so, I'm going to upgrade my main pc soon, but I was wondering if my current I5 7400 with 8GB of RAM would be enough to run a home FreeNAS server for a daily backup system, a Pi-hole adblock system, and I'm not sure yet but maybe a Plex media server. For me at least, this sounds like a lot...
  32. S

    FreeNAS-11.2-U5 new UI not showing disk size

    I just installed FreeNAS on an old 45Drives system with 30 disks in it. Everything working well but I did notice what I think is an annoying bug in the new UI. If I use the "Legacy" UI, which I prefer, and go to 'Storage->Volumes->View Disks' it shows the disks and their sizes accurately. But...
  33. S

    FreeNAS Eigenbau ggf. wie FreeNAS Mini

    Hallo liebe Community, ich habe bisher QNAP Systeme verwendet und möchte nun ein eigenes System auf Basis von FreeNAS umsetzen. Mein Hauptaugenmerk liegt dabei auf der Speicherung von Daten und dem Zugriff via AFP, Samba etc., erstellen von virtuellen Datenträgern bzw. Volumes (ISCSI). Des...
  34. emailhelpdesk

    Use of virtual machine as a webserver.

    How do I access VNC virtual machine (Ubuntu) using ssh on FreeNas? I have installed FreeNAS on my system. I have created a VNC virtual machine (Ubuntu OS) on that. I don't know how to access it with ssh. Actually, I want to use that virtual machine as a web server and launch my site on that. Is...
  35. S

    Advice for a newbie setting up ZFS

    Hello. Recently I have inherited an older 45drives server (REV4) to manage with the following specs: - 15 6TB WD RED NAS SATA drives - 15 4TB Seagate SATA drives (sorry cannot recall model) - CPU: i3 3220 - RAM: I will max it out at 32GB, DDR3 1333MHz, ECC - Boot drive will be a 256GB SSD The...
  36. S

    Rsync Ports

    What ports do I use so I can sync two FreeNAS boxes using rsync in different locations?
  37. P

    Expert Opinion, First FreeNAS Build

    Good day guys! This will be the first time I am posting here but have been reading and researching. Though I dont have that time to really dig for information since Im quite busy with work as i am into field work most of the time. My Background is an IT Network Admin and System Admin though...
  38. Theapplefuture

    SOLVED Restore Pool

    Hello Everybody, First I hope I'm in the right sub-thread, if not please guide to the right one. I'm having a huge problem and don't know what to do. Today I started my FreeNAS Machine because I wanted to move my files to my new FreeNAS Machine which I have recently installed but there was a...
  39. E

    FreeNAS files getting zeroed out

    I've been having an odd problem with my FreeNAS setup. I've been having files getting zeroed out. Filename is there and it's in the right place. Modification times look correct, but the files with just be zero size and I'm not able to do anything with them. Has anyone seen anything like this...
  40. stomata

    OneDrive token too long (characters) for rclone

    I am trying to configure my OneDrive to my FreeNas. I went through the instructions (, but at the point where you paste the token given, it does not fit in the Shell. It has around 2900 characters, and the limit is at 1920 characters. I have tried multiple times...
  41. H

    [NEW] FreeNAS Build - Files/Plex/VM

    Hello! This is my first second time designing a FreeNAS box. Now that I've had some time to research and save, I'd like to have another go at this. Currently, I have data stored on a few external/desktop HDDs and I can't see that being a viable option for the near future. My main goals are...
  42. A

    help) cant install nextcloud

    i have freenas working proparly and sharing files but now i tryed to install next cloud plugin but it wont work [EFAULT] Exception: RuntimeError: + Acquiring DHCP address: FAILED, address received: Stopped nextcloud due to DHCP failure occured, destroyed nextcloud.
  43. N

    Using FreeNas as iScsi relay

    Hello everyone! Question for those who want to think, I have a challenge, I'm using 2 storage IBM DS3512 and DS3524, these wonderful boxes do not have iscsi connection insted they use some fancy DAC cables, which greatly limits the number of servers that can be connected (2 per storage). I am...
  44. A

    Machine beeping constantly

    Hi i have a problem with my freenas machine is constantly beeping. It started suddenly and doesn't stop after it starts. My motherboard: Asrock e3v5 ws CPU: Intel G4560 Memory: 16 GB ecc Kingston RAM (2x 8 GB) Drives: 6x 1tb in Raid-Z2 EDIT: FreeNAS-11.2-U4.1 there is no error like that...
  45. D

    How to install OCS Inventory on FreeNas Jail

    Hi, I'm new to the forum. FreeNas I set with tutorials on YouTube. My server has 16GB RAM, 2 TB storage. My question is whether I can install the inventorization system (OCS Inventory) in Jail. How is it possible for someone to have a step by step guide? I would be grateful !
  46. C

    Mounting Optical Drive to VM

    I've got a windows Vm on my Freenas server and I was hoping to pass through the optical drive through to it so that I can rip some bluerays to store on my NAS, I thought it would be like moutning a drive to a jail but I can't seem to get it going. Anyone else ever had success with this? I'm...
  47. P

    Slack Alert?? - Alerting in general

    So i want to setup slack alerts so i can get all of my main alerts on the same platform. I've read the documentation which is real basic and mentioned nothing specific to Slack config. I've pasted the webhook URL (including https) in the webhook box and left the rest blank. Right from the...
  48. Kiran Kankipati

    my weird FreeNAS Drive replacement & upgrade - worth looking at

    today I attempted weird FreeNAS ZFS pool drive replacement and upgrade. And it worked flawless :p I feel this is where ZFS shows its true potential combined with powerful FreeNAS UI abstraction. I cannot imagine doing this with any other NAS platform.
  49. W

    Login to freenas without using computers domain

    I'm setting up a freenas server for my film department in my school and its all configured, but the school computers use AD logins and when I try to login to the server through file explorer, it tries to use our schools domain. I can manually type in a domain I want to login with, but all of the...
  50. Velcade

    Hello from the Midwest

    Hey there, I'm looking to get into FreeNAS for file storage and Plex streaming. I'm also hoping to run a windows VM that would allow me to rip and transcode my media files. It'd be a family build with at most 4 streams at once. Right now I've got FreeNAS installed on an old i7-2600 to...