1. hugo-contreras

    First build for personal use - Hardware advices

    Hi there, I'm working on my first NAS that I gonna build in a near future and I'm looking at the hardware recommandations in this forum and on the web. It looks like most of the time, high-end, "enterprise level", expensive, hardware is recommanded. But as I said I'm looking for something for...
  2. Jason Brunk

    12 drive recommendations (and i made a mistake)

    My freenas system is a super micro board, 32 gigs ECC memory. 12 x 2tb drives. I used to have it configured with 4 x 3 raidz vdevs. I was very weary of the chance of 2 disks going down would wreck everything. So I redid my config and made a BIG mistake. I moved everything off and...
  3. K

    Reset Configuration then upgraded from 11.2 to 11.2U4.1. Pools and data are fine, but disks don't show under storage/disks

    Basically I ended up installing a brand new 11.2u4.1. It didn't show my disks. I had to unplug my disks boot up then shutdown. Plug in my disks boot up and then I was able to import my pool. On the dashboard it shows my disks, but says disk details not available. When I look under...
  4. ThakurSN

    Do GIGABYTE Z77N-WIFI or H77N-WIFI motherboards resolve dual purposes - Internet in PC and NAS/FreeNAS?

    [Updated on 26 May 2019 : following thread is more elaborately discussed here ] Earlier I have received a suggestion against my question about a dual usage, and that suggestion appears to contradict my recent finding. That I want to configure a NAS storage for the backup/synchronize of the...
  5. ThakurSN

    SOLVED Which Motherboard, CPU etc. can I use in a new Desktop (Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p supports NAS) ?

    My Mi Home Security Camera 360° 1080p records High-Definition video with H.265 encoding and stores this video in a 64GB microSD card in it. The camera supports Network Attached Storage (NAS) besides, Network devices or routers with storage capabilities can also be used to store video files that...
  6. Theapplefuture

    Question about Plex

    Good Evening, I installed FreeNAS 11.1 U7 on a virtual machine with a bridged network (through Parallels Desktop) because I want to try something and don't want to "destroy" something on my real NAS. First question, I want to install Plex Plugin through the Plugins tab but I cannot access the...
  7. tholitz152

    Configuration for 'NOT' saving Pictures, Videos, .exe. etc.

    Hello guys! If I'm mistaken to post here I'm sorry (I'm not sure if this belong to here). Question: Is there any configurations for not saving jpg. mp3. mp4. exe. & etc. What I mean is just only file documentations. Thanks in advance!
  8. Devin Acosta

    FreeNAS zPool adding disk question.

    I am purchasing an HP DL380g8 with 12 drive bays. I want to start off by doing a raidZ2 with 4 drives, then have the ability to add a single drive to the pool for space, not caring about having additional redundancy. Is it possible to create a raidZ2 pool with 4 drives, and just add drives to...
  9. Kiran Kankipati

    Rsync setup between my FreeNAS and NETGEAR ReadyNAS Servers

    Hey guys, Today I managed to setup a working Rsync connection between my FreeNAS and NETGEAR ReadyNAS servers. I shot a detailed video of all the steps. FYI, in my scenario, I am using my FreeNAS as the Rsync source (push) and the NETGEAR as my archive server. (or a remote mirror site). I am...
  10. C

    SOLVED Noobie Question: How to access the automatically backed up system config db in the system dataset?!

    Hi All, I'm still learning my way round FreeNAS in my test VM. I'm currently making sure I know what to do if i have to recover the system from some kind of failure. Reading the forum, I'm aware that FreeNAS makes an automatic backup of the config db on the system dataset every morning at...
  11. F

    Freenas como DLNA server

    He estado buscando en internet el mejor documento or tutorial de como configurar freenas como DLNA server. He intentado seguir los pasos de este blog pero la verdad no funciona como se espera. Hay...
  12. F

    Botched upgrade

    I am fully aware that I screwed up and I deserve to get textually abused for it. :( That said... HELP! the short version is that I installed plex & nextcloud again before applying the old configuration. I think that's the cause of them not starting. I upgraded from to 9.3 and...
  13. united

    Netdata Alerts Configuration

    Using: FreeNAS 11 stable train root@pandora:/etc/local # cd netdata cp health_alarm_notify.conf.sample health_alarm_notify.conf then follow instruction from inside this file, in my case added slack webhook - I curled the webhook successfully Also see this...
  14. T

    Cleanly & permanently disabling swap on an unimportant SSD

    Hello, After my primary HDD pool was created, I recently added my SSD to my new install and forgot to set the swap parameter in system to 0 before creating it, so I'm stuck with this 2GB partition and want to take all precautions before removing swap from it. So I built a simple FreeNAS VM and...
  15. W

    Cannot access FreeNAS Mini anymore

    Hi everyone, I am completely new to FreeNAS and bought a preconfigured FreeNAS Mini XL through Amazon. I am struggling getting the system up and running. In the first system I received, one of the bays was not working and one of the enclosures could not be opened. iXsystems was very responsive...
  16. N

    Will Starting with no pool mess up the config?

    I am rebuilding my system, and I forgot to take a fresh backup of my config (I don't think it has changed since the last backup, but I'm not 100$ sure)-was under time pressure, and it slipped through the cracks. I'm using the same motherboard, but I upgraded to an i7 CPU and added another 16GB...
  17. Y

    Configuration pour FreeNAS

    Bonjour à toutes et tous, Je suis nouveau sur le forum et j'aimerai bien avoir votre avis concernant la configuration que je prévois pour créer mon NAS maison selon. Il doit répondre à plusieurs besoins; je souhaite avoir un NAS pour y stocker mes données de façon sécurisé (dans un premier...
  18. F

    No configured interfaces found - Need help troubleshooting

    Hi all, I've been using FreeNAS on an old work PC for some years now with little trouble apart from the odd death of a HDD. However I will say my knowledge of FreeNAS has only ever been just enough to get it to work. Recently, after I had moved a different PC and made some cabling adjustments...
  19. Digitaldreams

    Configuring Couchpotato to Search for Freeleech Only

    Hey all. How do I configure my TorrentPotato providers to search only for freeleech? I have couchpotato plugin installed. Thanks!
  20. Hazimil

    SOLVED Unable to configure APC Smart-UPS 1500 (SMT1500I) with FreeNAS v11

    Hi, I'm doing my burn-in tests with my new NAS box (see signature for specification), and am having trouble configuring the UPS. I have run the command: dmesg | grep -i --color 'american power conversion' Which gave me the following result: So I then went to Services to configure the UPS...
  21. E

    Não gera IP

    Olá , estou com problema depois que instalo o freenas, ele não gera IP automatico e quando eu crio um e entro pelo navegador ele não acessa, preciso configurar o DNS?
  22. tbrezniak

    Feedback on new FreeNAS Build

    Been planning a new freenas build since I had data corruption on my old freenas. I wasn't using ECC and it bite me hard. I have the following parts from my old build: HDDs - candidates for the RAIDZ2 pool: MEdia pool for movies and TV shows 6x WD Green WD20EZRX, 2TB- SATA 6 GB/S 5400rpm HDDs-...
  23. tyve55

    Gathering some feedback on DIY FreeNAS build...

    New here but have spent a while lurking around on the forum and reading various pdfs on this. I have the following at my disposal: HDDs - candidates for the RAIDZ2 pool: 2x Hitachi Travelstar 5K750, 500GB - SATA300 5400rpm 1x Seagate Barracuda Green ST2000DL003, 2TB - SATA600 5900rpm 2x WD...
  24. U

    Matériels idéal NAS FreeNAS

    Bonjour à tous, je me lance dans l’aventure FreeNAS et donc dans le choix des composants. L’utilisation sera la suivante : J’ai 4 TV et 1 Vidéo-projecteur (Salle dédié) possédant tous un lecteur Multimédia (PopCorn Hour A500). Je souhaite faire 2 HDD miroir pour le stockage de tous mes MKV...
  25. E

    Configuration d'un NAS en 2017

    Bonsoir, J'ai décidé ces derniers jours de me lancer dans la mise en place d'un NAS pour ma maison. J'ai eu comme premier réflexe de chercher des NAS tout fait. Puis je me suis dit que je pouvais faire comme mon PC : acheter les composants et le monter moi-même. Çà demande plus d'investissement...
  26. V

    General direction for 'new' setup utilizing FreeNAS in lieu of DrivePool

    Good Day all, I am new to FreeNAS, an OK server person and overall general that you know a little about my skill set here is some hardware info, I currently am attempting to reduce the 'size' of my setup (hardware). My current setup is basically the following: Sitting in a norco...