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  1. W

    Recommendations regarding FreenNAS NFS datastore for VMWARE

    Hi, some recommendations regarding NFS datastore for VMware for current build FreeNAS-11.2-U6? We intend to use FreeNAS on an older DELL R320, 192 GB RAM, HBA PERC H310 with 8x 4 TB SSD SanDisk Ultra 3D, a RAIDZ2 pool and expect "good" performance. NFS version NFSv3 vs NFSv4? sync? compression...
  2. D

    NAS Copy to Freenas VM - incredibly slow - but other operations very good

    Hi, Just posting this up in case it's an obvious known issue as I've found a work around for now. It's more for my understanding than anything else. I'm running a Freenas VM on vSphere 6. Freenas is at 9.10.1-u2 and is a very simple non-production deployment with 2 cores, 12 GB RAM, 1 x SATA...
  3. P

    FreeNAS as vSphere datastore

    Hi, I am currently searching for manuals / documentation on how to use a freenas server as datastore for vmware. iscsi works great - but would nfs be better? Are there settings I should use? And how can I use the vmware snaphots? Is there any up to date tutorial/blogpost/manual/documentation...
  4. C

    SOLVED FreeNAS Pool Migration, iSCSI doesn’t show devices

    Hello All, I recently migrated a pair of zvol’s from one FreeNAS machine to another. I have copied the iSCSI configuration screens side by side to ensure they are correct. At this time it appears I am able to connect and establish the iSCSI path but no devices will pass through. My intent is to...
  5. M

    Please Help - Deleted VMDK accidentially

    I'm a dead man walking. I had 2 similar vmdks of 3tb, deleted the wrong one. Family Photos, ect. of course. No back up but i was sure i had snapshots turned on in the freenas. Nope of course not. (corrected that since). Fortunately? that vm was the only vm on a mirrored set of 4TB hard...
  6. R

    Where to setup RAID when using VM

    I have been fooling around with NAS devices for a while now. The FreeNAS interface seem pretty self explanitory, and I have been able to create one in VMWare. My question is in regards to the RAID array. I would like to manage the RAID in FreeNAS, but I think that requires pretty much a...
  7. J

    expanding volumes and shares on vmware hosted freenas

    I am running freenas (FreeNAS-11.2-U4.1) as a virtual machine under vmware esxi, which is hosted on a hardware raid system so there is no need to use another raid configuration inside the virtualized freenas. The freenas vm had two harddisks, an 8GB bootdisk and another 2.0TB for the filepool...
  8. N

    Using FreeNas as iScsi relay

    Hello everyone! Question for those who want to think, I have a challenge, I'm using 2 storage IBM DS3512 and DS3524, these wonderful boxes do not have iscsi connection insted they use some fancy DAC cables, which greatly limits the number of servers that can be connected (2 per storage). I am...
  9. S

    Virtualised FreeNAS with MPIO - will it work?

    Hi, I am converting an R510 12 bay into storage for my environment, below is my plan of attack and was wondering if anyone could verify or tell me why it won't work? 1) Install ESXi ont a usb device using an internal header 2) Passthrough another USB stick and create a datastore to put the...
  10. Grinas

    Moving from Native FreeNAS to Virtualised(ESXi)

    I have been using freenas for over a year now and it has been great but the one downside I am seeing is that I need to use a tonne of VMs for my lab and it is just too time consuming to create these in Bhyve as I usually have to install the stock OS and then install all the applications...
  11. sa1eh

    Can I install ESXI on FreeNAS?

    As I understand NAS storage are file based storage so I can't install ESXI hypervisor on it right? And if I can't install ESXI on it why some people use NAS storage attached to VMware. What is the best scenario to integrate VMware & FreeNAS?
  12. M

    Can't Save to NAS

    So I was able to somehow get SMB to work, I definitely need to do more research with this, on my windows laptop. I can move files to and from the NAS using simple drag and drop techniques but I can not for the life of me get other applications to save to the NAS directly. I was trying to make an...
  13. D

    Importing VMware .vdmks into FreeNAS VMs

    Hi all- I'm playing around with 11.2-RC2 and I have several VMware .vdmk files I'd like to bring into FreeNAS. I've seen this oft-referenced post on conversion, but it's from a few years ago, and it's not FreeNAS specific. In this latest version of FreeNAS, is there a more streamlined and/or...
  14. J

    FreeNAS/TrueNAS Best Practices for VMware NFS datastore [2018]

    What are the FreeNAS/TrueNAS Best Practices for VMware Datastores? Current Draft Plan: 22 mirrored vdev Setup with 10TB Helium SAS drives (220TB usable before overhead, 44 total drives) Running on Dual Xeon 10 Core CPUs with 256GB RAM and a P4800X ZIL and dual 40GBE. 12 x VMware ESXI 6.7 Hosts...
  15. O

    NEED Advice with ISCSI BUILD

    Hello, I've tried searching for this and can't get a straight answer it seems but this is my build plans (ALREADY OWN) AMD A10 CPU ASUS A88X-PRO MOBO 32GB DDR3-2400 VARIOUS SATA2 AND SATA3 HDDS (GOING TO BUY) LSI SAS 9261 SSD FOR L2 CACHE (IF NEEDED) (2) HP 81E 8G FIBER Matching HDDS for RAID...
  16. titanve

    FreeNAS 11.1 U6 rebooting randomly when transfering via iSCSI and vmware esxi

    Hello everyone, My freenas is rebooting randomly when using iSCSI to backup my vm's using Vsphere Data Protection. I added the device to the ESXi without troubles and I have to RJ45 crossover cables which connect the freenas with the ESXi host. I wonder if I'm missing some network...
  17. 1

    Problem to add disk partition (physical) in Vmware FreeNAS guest

    Hello, I have a problem with my Freenas virtual machine (Vmware workstation 14 on Linux). When I want to add a physical partition to my Freenas vm, I have the entire disk instead of one partition. Someone had the same problem ? Chris
  18. A

    Building a FreeNAS for the first time

    Hi there. I have a server I want to install freenas on which has ESXi-6.0.0-20160302001 installed on, and running few light game servers on it. My server specs are. Intel® Server System P4308CP4MHEN Intel® Server Board S2600CP4 2x Intel® Xeon® Processor E5-2670 Micron 32GB (4x 8GB)...
  19. Nanosynth

    Blame FreeNAS or VMWare/corrupt VMs on FreeNAS

    Was wondering if anyone has had ruined/corrupt/non-bootable virtual machine files on FreeNas. Just built my FreeNas (11.1-U4) on standalone Dell R410 with 4 drives. Loaded FreeNas to its own harddrive, no Esxi on this server or drives at all. Other server is a DellR410 again fiber channel back...
  20. Adam Tyler

    My FreeNAS performance review

    Hello FreeNAS forum. I've just assembled my first FreeNAS box "on a budget" and I was hoping to review the specifications and current performance metrics to see if there is any obvious small or inexpensive tweak that can be made to increase performance. Here is a bit about the hardware...
  21. sfcredfox

    FreeNAS / VMware Storage Best Practices

    Community, I'm looking for any first hand experience with performance best practices and recommended configurations for doing FibreChannel connected FreeNAS storage for use as VMware Data Stores. This post is an excellent configuration guide for enabling FC...
  22. D

    VMWare snapshots no longer run after updating to FreeNAS 11.1

    I just updated to FreeNAS 11.1, and now my snapshots throw the following error "'Current license or ESXi version prohibits execution of the requested operation.". I'm using ESXi 6.5 with a free licence. I have not made any changes to ESXi, snapshots where mostly working before, any idea why is...
  23. E

    Testing FreeNAS 11 in VMware Player NIC unconfigurable

    I downloaded FreeNAS 11 .iso, and tried to run it in VMware Player 14.1.0, using Manjaro linux. The host machine is a Ryzen 1700x with the Asus Prime x370-PRO motherboard. 32 Gigs of ram This has a Intel NIC 26:00.0 Ethernet controller: Intel Corporation I211 Gigabit Network Connection (rev 03)...
  24. Wizman87

    AIO ESXi+FreeNAS Whitebox Build

    Hello, there! I'm really new to the FreeNAS forums and wanted to personally thank everyone for all of their support here. FreeNAS is a really great community and I've been learning quite a lot from everybody! With that said, I had a couple of questions in regards to my upcoming all-in-one...
  25. U

    New FreeNAS build for VMWare datastore

    Hi, I have used FreeNAS for non-critical (file sharing, lab ESXi) use for a while now and I'm about to build our first production FreeNAS box and I'd like to have your advice. The plan is to use this server: HP DL380 G7 48 GB RAM 2x Xeon X5680 Smart Array P410i RAID controller 2 x 2TB...
  26. D

    Some Vmware snapshots failing in FreeNAS

    I setup VMware snapshots for my ESXi box, however some of them seem to be failing and I do not know how to figure out why. There doesn't seem to be any relation between the VMs that fail and the ones that succeed. I can log into ESXi and create a snapshot successfully for these VMs, but they...
  27. I

    VMWare Esxi 6.5 VCPU's

    Hi, I am planning to setup FreeNAS in a virtualized environment. I currently have 2 Intel E5-2620v4 on an Intel MB (Intel® Server Board S2600CW) . I do a passthrough of the motherboard's MEGARAID SAS...
  28. meggenberger

    HP DL380 G8 Setup for VMware iSCSI datastore host

    Hi all. I'm building a new VMware lab environment and part of it is the storage. My plan is to use the following: Server: HP DL380 G8 with two Xeon E5-2670 with 256GB Memory and second drive bay for a total of 16 2.5" drives Drives: 16x Samsung 850 Pro 1TGB 2.5" SSD Boot Device: 16GB Sandisk...
  29. P

    esxi FreeNAS and windows vm's - strange bottleneck in data transfer

    Hi guys, I followed the freenas guide to setup freenas as vm on an esxi server. the freenas server gets 16 gigs of ecc ram, 2 cpu cores from a xeon 5520, and passthrough to a hba card with 6 * 2tb drives. this works perfect. the freenas server has a share that is used by esxi as datastore...
  30. L

    New to FreeNAS - How To Back Up VMWare ESXi VMs to a FreeNAS

    Hi; I have not used FreeNAS before but have installed and configured it as best I can. The issue I'm trying to figure out is how do I backup a Windows VM hosted on a separate VMWare ESXi 6.5 server to the FreeNAS? This is a non-production environment, just a test lab I use to play ... Here's...
  31. Swampass

    10gbs switchless bridge issue

    Hi all, I have a strange problem that I cant seem to figure out. I am attempting to link two R710s(esxi) to a R510(FreeNAS) with a dual 10gbs sfp+ nic. (link to a similar setup) VMware 6.0 expects each host to see a datastore on the same IP in order for DRS/HA to work, which is why the bridge is...
  32. T

    FreeNAS on ESXi - Question about boot disk

    Hey All - I've had FreeNAS running on bare metal now for a few years with no problems at all. I'm using a SuperMicro board, 32 GB of ECC RAM and 8 hard drives connected directly to the motherboard. All's been fine for years. Now...I've decided I'd like to reconfigure the box to run both...
  33. Evan Richardson

    iSCSI volumes showing normal,degraded in VMware after update to 9.10.2-U2

    I updated a few weeks ago to 9.10.2-U2, and without chnaging any settings, my two iscsi volumes in ESX went into a Normal, Degraded state: I've tried to disable and re-enable iscsi, delete everything and start over, but whatever I do, I can't get the disks to show back up as datastores...
  34. Spearfoot

    SOLVED 10GbE FreeNAS servers are constrained when receiving network data

    EDIT (16 May 2017): Enabling jumbo frames solved the problem. I'm getting > 9 Gigabits/second with the gear described here. I have a problem with 10GbE networking between FreeNAS servers: they seem to be constrained when receiving network data. The servers I'm configuring a new All-In-One...
  35. T

    Another FreeNAS+NFS+Vmware Speed

    Hi FreeNAS forum :-) Another FreeNAS+NFS+ESXI+Datastore performance problem. Thanks for a great forum. (sorry for my english, hope that you understand) First of all, I have read the many threads about NFS Performance with VMWare, and I know and get that it is all related to the SYNC writes...
  36. WalterWampe

    looking for advice and solution for my home FreeNAS and backup system

    Hello pros out there, as a beginner I come to you with a question about usability, security and because I am looking to the best solution. I spend the last weeks gathering information and reading manuals and threads and now I am stuck with my initial concept and am not sure whether I should...
  37. Isuress

    SOLVED zVol iSCSI to ESXi 6.5 - Unable to create datastore (ATS error?)

    Hello FreeNAS forums; it's been some time since I've had to post here. I guess in most cases that would be a good thing, lol. So I'm having an issue with regards to my FreeNAS SSD storage zpool that is being sent over iSCSI to my ESXi 6.5 hosts. I have a zPool of three 256gig SSDs that are...
  38. Josif

    2 x Freenas iSCSi Target to VMware Slow Migration!

    Hi Guys, I believe i`ve chosen the right section of the forum to ask for your professional opinion. If not than please guide me. Well here is the deal: I`ve 2 x VMware Hypervisors connected via iSCSi MPIO to 2 x Freenas boxes using 2 x 1Gbps cards with MTU 9000 on both sides. I`ve carefully...
  39. Willy666

    Vmware su FreeNAS?

    ma posso fare il contrario. Installare una macchina virtuale per far girare mac os su FreeNAS?
  40. A

    FreeNAS + VMWARE + APC

    Hi, Would you please share the best practice how to achieve power outage protected system for the following landscape: 1) I have 3 hardware units - FreeNAS 9.10.1 box, VMWare ESXi 6.x box and APC UPS with AP9630 network card 2) All VMWare VMs are located on FreeNAS via iSCSI 3) VMWare has...
  41. muzhik

    expand zfs

    Hi! I've change volume size on my vmware host for freenas server. How to expand current zfs pool to new allocated free space on drive?
  42. A

    XenServer SR snapshot

    Hi, If used VMWare snapshot, the state of the VMs are consistent when making the dataset snapshot, is there any way to have the same consistence for XenServer VMs ? The idea is to replicate the dataset that is configured as XenServer SR to a remote site but having the VMs on a consistent state...