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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. A

    Full ssd system

    Hi , ‘I’m wanting to build a nas system entirely of ssd based drives. The capacity many Cary from 4tb - 8tb and some for redundancy 1. The sound is 0 2. Lower power comsumption 3. Cheaper is there any advise you can give me, as I’ve read many articles, and am confused as a can of spaghetti...
  2. C

    Help deciding on what OS for NAS solution

    Hello, So I am going to be building a NAS in the coming weeks current specs are: I7 2600k OC to 4.4ghz, 24gb non ecc ram at 1333mhz cl9 Asrock p67 pro 3 2 x 120gb ssd boot drives mirrored 8 x 2tb 7200 rpm 256mb cache seagate drives = these will be ran in a raidz3/equivalent HBA Lsi 9200-8I 1...
  3. M

    anderes NAS auf Freenas mounten?

    Hallo! Ich hab ein Zyxel NAS worauf 5TB Daten liegen, nun habe ich mir ein Freenas System gebaut und ich würde gerne die per SMB Freigegebenen Dateien also diesen Ordner wo alles drin ist auf Freenas mounten und dann per cp in der Shell die Dateien von dort über das Netzwerk auf meinen Freenas...
  4. S

    Need help building NAS for Storage and Media Streaming

    Hello, I have been researching a NAS build for weeks now and I just cannot find any answers. Up until recently, I have been using an external hard drive that plugs into my router via USB to stream media files to multiple TVs and for storage. Its definitely not the best way to do this but it...
  5. C

    NAS to switch then to PC?

    Hi, so I've got my NAS separate from my wifi network (it's not my house). I'm trying to connect my NAS to my switch, then have my switch be connected to my PC, all through LAN. Without any router. When I try to boot up, when it gets to the 11 options at the console, it will tell me that my web...
  6. J

    freeNAS 11.1 not coming back up after a reboot

    I was having trouble mounting hard drives from my proxmox server to my freeNAS server. I was getting some permission issues and it looked like adding no_root_squash in /etc/exports would fix it (temporary). After making the changes I rebooted from the GUI and almost an hour later it has still...
  7. K

    My first NAS

    Hello, I want to buy/build a NAS by myself, therefore I need some advise. First, I wanted to buy the ASRock J5005, but it's not available in Germany.... Should I wait until it's available again or should I buy another board (J4205 or J4105)? The NAS should have WOL, min. 4x SATA and should...
  8. C

    FreeNAS not detecting SATA drive???

    Okay, so I just built up my NAS like it told me I should. I'm able to get into the interface and everything. It detects the boot drive, but the drive I actually want to be visible on my other network devices (like my PC) which is on SATA does not show up. I can't make a volume because it doesn't...
  9. sa1eh

    Can I install ESXI on FreeNAS?

    As I understand NAS storage are file based storage so I can't install ESXI hypervisor on it right? And if I can't install ESXI on it why some people use NAS storage attached to VMware. What is the best scenario to integrate VMware & FreeNAS?
  10. F

    SMB Freigabe über Direktverbindung mit PC

    Hallo, ich habe aktuell ein Problem beim Einrichten der Verbindung bzw. Freigabe von meinem NAS zum PC. NAS und Computer sind über zwei 10GbE SFP+ Schnittstellen verbunden. Eine Verbindung besteht mittlerweile (das machte zunächst auch Probleme), ich kann von beiden Seiten die jeweils andere...
  11. A

    Will Lenovo with external HDD FreeNAS?

    Hey, I have been looking for a good NAS solution for some time now. And I think I finally found the best thing for me. I got this mini lenovo desktop PC with an i5 and 8gb ram, that should be more than enough power for a plex server. But.. The thing is the size of a HDD, so there won't be any...
  12. T

    Building low power consuming yet powerful NAS (homeuse)

    Hello, I'm new to this forum but very interested in building my own NAS. At the moment I own two NAS devices, Qnap TS419-PII (12TB) and TS-210 (4TB). Because I noticed my 419-PII is getting slow as media server I'm looking for a replacement. My 419-PII is a VPN client (anonymous access to...
  13. Lymen

    Can I re-purpose my old computer into a FreeNAS

    Hello everyone! I am super new to NAS and in the process of building a new Video Editing/Gaming computer and want to know if my old "gaming" comp can be converted for NAS use. I want to use the NAS to store all the video data that I created and if possible work the data right from the NAS. I...
  14. dramic

    Assistance Requested in Building My First FreeNAS

    Greetings FreeNAS community, Let me preface my thread by saying that the goal is to learn as much as I can to intelligently select and purchase parts for my first FreeNAS system at home. I have read through the supported hardware documentation, but honestly decrypting that info and selecting...
  15. B

    NAS down, I can't reboot it

    Hi all, I have a problem with a FreeNAS, last night fall down and now I can't reboot it, how can I do? In attached I put some photos.
  16. I

    Assembling a home NAS

    Hello Everybody, I'm new on the NAS world and I want to build a 540Tb home NAS based on FreeNAS. Here's my hardware : 1 x Supermicro SSG-6048R-E1CR24H 2 x SuperChassis 846BE1C-R1K03JBOD 56 x Western Digital Gold edition WD101KRYZ 10Tb storage 1 x TP LINK TL-SG1024 1Gbs switch With this...
  17. D

    My first DIY NAS - need some help (X10SDV-TLN4F)

    Hey guys, As i've said in the title, i'm thinking of building my first DIY NAS based on Supermicro's X10SDV-TLN4F. I tried my best to select good and compatible hardware but i'm just unsure and I want some opinions and if possible recommendations. What I'm trying to build is a fast and...
  18. O

    Using Netgear wifi adapter

    Hi, is there anyway I can use a Netgear Wifi Adapter to give internet to my NAS?
  19. X

    First FreeNAS: Undecided on Case i.e. Norco 4224 (new) or Supermicro 846 (refurbished)

    Hi, I have access to lot of movies, tv-shows, music, etc. The only bottleneck right now is storage. I do have 15 odd 2TB Seagate Portable HDD (SMR type), which I am using right now for storing the content but I don't think it's a neat solution. So, I have been wondering about getting a proper...
  20. W

    Newbie questions on external drive cases

    All, thanks in advance for your help. I have used FreeNAS for many years. My builds have always been hardware that is laying around rather than purchased on purpose for the task at hand. I am sure I have a non-efficient solution, but it hits the spot that I need and it makes me feel good to...
  21. C

    High Capacity With Expandability

    Hi All Im looking into a first real NAS system i have am currently running 3 separate store bought boxes but have run out of storage on all and am needing a better solution for all my needs. I have a collection of hard drives im going to be using and would like a build that will accommodate all...
  22. 7

    Xeon Server Home Media

    Hi So I asked this question before, based in the UK... but after some research and queries on here and on other forums I have a new look. Server- Xeon: Plex, Torrent, Sickbeard, couchpotato etc (may look to use pi to do part- not sure) 1 htpc player (Intel Nuc) to handle all 4k play back. So...
  23. A

    What am I doing wrong?

    Hi all, Trying to install on my first NAS and struggling. Got a HP ProLight Microserver and the Freenas iso on a USB to install it to a SSD BUT IT always stops at this point and I have no idea why. Any thoughts?
  24. Y

    Configuration pour FreeNAS

    Bonjour à toutes et tous, Je suis nouveau sur le forum et j'aimerai bien avoir votre avis concernant la configuration que je prévois pour créer mon NAS maison selon. Il doit répondre à plusieurs besoins; je souhaite avoir un NAS pour y stocker mes données de façon sécurisé (dans un premier...
  25. Z

    First Server build, would this work?

    This is my first sever build, so i have no idea what im doing any help would be appreciated. The server is going to be a backup sever to my computers, i thinking of running some sort of redundancy on it not sure what type yet. I trying to keep the buget low, and im thinking of having 3-6 drives...
  26. H

    Dell Dimension 9100 NAS

    I have a old Dell Dimension 9100 and wondering if I could use it as a NAS. Specs CPU: Intel Pentium D 820 RAM: 8GB of DDR2 That's pretty much all I know about the system
  27. B

    2017 Best Build

    I would like to know what would be the best parts of 2017 to build a reliable NAS for a small office. 5 - 6 computers will be accessing the NAS locally for Photography and Video Editing. I need about 20tb to start. Most work will be accessed locally but some also needs to be accessed...
  28. H

    Acceder a mon Nas autre que chez moi

    Bonsoir. Tout ce que vous voulez savoir sur les fautes que vous voulez voir. J ai eu beau chercher sur le net est j ai trouver aucun tuto qui puedi m aideé a réussir un accès à un serveur en autant qu'il soit chez moi par le biais de l'internet. Si quel-qu un aurai une solution ou m indiqué un...
  29. Kiran Kankipati

    Hi everyone :: I am Kiran Kankipati :: author The FreeBSD Youtube channel

    Hi everyone, I am Kiran. I am still relatively new to FreeNAS. I got multiple Youtube channels and a fairly large open-source/research website. So I store lots of data in my NAS (Netgear). But soon I want to build a complete custom NAS device with FreeNAS. So finally I was able to perform many...
  30. T

    Storage for small Renderfarm

    Hi everyone, I did spent the last few days on reading on the whole FreeNAS topic and still am very overwhelmed as I am new to many things. I decided to create a thread to get help from experienced people to get a hint in the right directions, and what is best for my specific needs. (I am...
  31. V

    Hi! Everyone

    I am new with FreeNAS but not new in enterprise storage both NAS and SAN. My partner is selling used IT equipment such as x86 server, storage, network switch and so on. I want to add value of FreeNAS on used server and storage.
  32. StephenFry

    Safe to use an active backplane?

    I really enjoy building FreeNAS systems, and have put together quite a few machines, for for myself, for fun, and for friends/fam. After initial trial-and-error, all builds are now similar: SuperMicro board, one or two Dell or IBM controllers as LSI 9211-8i in IT mode, and a couple of hard...
  33. S

    Help on Hardware Set up for FreeNAS

    I am new to FreeNAS. I have built my own computer in the past...although it's been a while (2009) but I would like to put together a NAS for my home for pictures, videos, documents storage and set up a source for streaming media to our many devices (PC, Mac, chromebook, iPhones, iPads, smart...
  34. O

    Kaufberatung - Hardware sinnvoll?

    Hallo liebes FreeNAS-Forum, ich bin schon seit einiger Zeit ein "Stillerbeobachter" des Forums, habe mich aber bisher noch nicht getraut, mir die geeignete Hardware für ein eigenes System anzuschaffen. Um es vorwegzunehmen, ich habe mit der Informatik so gut wie nichts am Hut (beruflich, wie...
  35. T

    FreeNAS ECC Build Review - Plex & Media Powerhouse

    Hi Everyone, I have been thinking about a FreeNAS setup to replace an old Drobo 5N that I have. Will keep this short and sweet. NAS Priorities: Transcode & Stream (3 x 1080p - 20 Mbps Max) Plex Media - Mostly Movies & TV Shows (Acquired legally of course) Run Jails with Couchpotato...
  36. Seani

    Storage Cube build for serious collectors

    Hi there. I am building a Server/NAS mainly for storage purposes (mainly movies, music and RAWs from my entire family) and would appreciate your input regarding sufficient hardware. What I own already: Case: Lian-Li PC-D8000 (enormous cube case)
  37. Ryan Allen

    Another Plex + FileStorage Build Advice?

    Hello All! I too am wanting a Plex + Storage Server. Can you guys let me know your thoughts? I have been beating my head up on this for SEVERAL weeks now and after going back and forth from forum to forum to YouTube.. I HOPE i have something good now. Here is what I was thinking...
  38. P

    My first NAS: Can I have one disk without any redundancy?

    Hi, I'm planning to build my first NAS. I plan to have 2 disks in RAID configuration for redundancy. This is for my critical data. Apart from this, I also plan to have ONE more disk, but without redundancy. This is for my non-critical data. Is it possible to have the above configuration...
  39. P

    My first NAS: Custom solution for Power outage detection

    Hi, I'm planning to build my first NAS. I have a simple APC UPS but it does not have USB port. I don't have money to spend on APC UPS with power outage notification. I plan to build my own power outage detection (may be using Arduino) with serial connection to FreeNAS PC. I'm planning to run...
  40. N

    860W for a NAS, help me decide please!

    Hi everybody, I'm sorry for my english, it's not my first language. I know that it sounds weird but I had to "transform" my gaming rig in a NAS until I got money to buy "real freenas hardware". I removed the graphics card, put in some HDDs, and now I got a i7 4770k, 8 GB RAM, 5 HDDs and a...
  41. nj4ck

    Complete newbie tasked with setting up a NAS solution for a small business, need advice.

    Hi there, I've been tasked with completely overhauling our NAS system at work, even though I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this kind if thing. It must be the fact that I occasionally build new PCs whenever needed that led my boss to believe I was the right guy for the job. All...