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  1. Vaclav

    Docker Volumes on TrueNAS CORE Shares

    My idea was to set up an Ubuntu VM on my TrueNAS CORE 12.0-U1 box running Docker and use a share for all the persistent data. This will have many benefits like snapshots and easy access to the data. Very soon I realized that it is not as easy as it looks. Containers really often want to set...
  2. Basil Hendroff

    Nextcloud and Collabora Integration

    Collabora and OnlyOffice are popular office suite choices for Nextcloud. This is a collection of notes on how to get Collabora Online Development Edition (CODE) working in Nextcloud behind a reverse proxy on FreeNAS. To realise this, a number of building blocks need to be put together. Credits...
  3. Basil Hendroff

    Nextcloud and OnlyOffice Integration

    Collabora and OnlyOffice are popular office suite choices for Nextcloud. This is a collection of notes on how to get OnlyOffice working in Nextcloud behind a reverse proxy on FreeNAS. To realise this, a number of building blocks need to be put together. Credits @danb35 : Nextcloud and Caddy...
  4. A

    NFS Mount on Multiple Clients

    Hallo, im new in the FREENAS Community and i have a big problem. My Setup Freenas 11.2 Stable 2 Docker VMs 1 ZFS 1 NFS ( Share on /mnt/data_storage/server_storage ) On the Dockers i Mount in the vi /var/lib/rancher/conf/cloud-config.yml On the first mounts: -...
  5. Y

    Docker auto sleep

    I run a ranch 2.0 server on a FreeNAS docker host VM. It periodically becomes unresponsive. I need to connect to the VM using Serial to wake up the server(Connecting to the VM is enough. Do not need to execute any commands.) Any clue? Thanks!
  6. W

    [EFAULT] VM UbuntuPiHole failed to start: vm_create: Device not configured

    Hardware: I'm running on issues when trying to run a VM or a Docker host... Yes, I have virtualization enabled on BIOS. Bhyve error: Docker error:
  7. I

    Docker VMs not working anymore

    Hey guys, I can no longer create working Docker VMs in 11.1U7. Attempting to pull any image results in the timeout message, despite having a working internet connection within the VM. I've been getting these messages on previously working, and new, VMs for about a week now. Anyone else seeing...
  8. W

    Freenas Rancher (docker container) very slow

    Hello. I have FreeNAS-11.2-U5 HW configuration: System on USB 2 mirror MB: supermicro X9DBL CPU: Xeon E5 2430L * 2 RAM 32GB ECC 1333 HDD: 1 pool 4Tb * 5 RAIDZ2 So i have some problem with performance of system operations, especially in docker container created. I have done everything as...
  9. R

    How many Docker Host VMs do you create?

    Hi, I'm curious to know how many Docker Host VMs people create in FreeNAS for their containers, or if there's a recommended practice for this. The way I see it, there are two options: 1. Create a Docker Host VM for each application (ie. a Docker Host VM for a Wordpress install that contains...
  10. S

    Guide for FreeNAS 11.2 NFS sharing with Rancher.

    Can anyone direct me to a guide on how to expose NFS shares to Rancher OS in FreeNAS 11.2? The documentation for this (16.3.6. Configuring Persistent NFS-Shared Volumes) is thin and I'm still not able to get it to work. Thanks for any help.
  11. Binary Buddha

    RancherOS Image unable to download

    [EFAULT] Failed to download (retries=3) So, I keep getting that error. However, if I login to the NAS I can wget the url.
  12. C

    Creating New Docker VM with existing Docker .img files

    I'm trying to migrate my Docker VM from one freenas box to another. When I try create a new Docker VM the UI won't allow me to select a .img file that already exists. Do i just need to create a bhyve VM with the exiting files as a raw file device?
  13. B

    RancherOS Upgrade

    Hello, I was using 11.2 RC2 and created DockerVM with RancherOS. All is fine, and now we have upgraded to the release 11.2, and RancherOS has been upgraded to v1.4.2. If you create a new docker VM, RancherOS is at the v1.4.2 level, however, the one created earlier with RC2, is still at v1.4.1...
  14. Binary Buddha

    V11.2 Virtual Machine Static IPs

    Anybody know how to assign the Docker Host VM a static IP? In the 9.10 I could assign the IP in the VM config.
  15. S

    Rancher "all ports busy"

    Hi ALL, I am have trouble with getting access to Rancher. I have installed Docker then Rancher using the shell script, I am now trying to add a host but I lost the shell prompt in FreeNAS, when I opened a new shell and try to log in to rancher I keep getting "all ports busy". Can anyone tell me...
  16. S

    Docker, RancherOS, and zvol

    Hi, I am looking for a bit of advice or guidance. I recently installed FreeNAS-11.2 Beta and was playing around with docker containers. I was able to get the Nextcloud docker image running and stored persistent data to a mounted volume created inside rancher. Everything worked perfectly. I...
  17. N

    New Docker Host/RancherVM failed to start

    On a new FreeNAS install on I would like to test setting up a Docker virtual machine. Expectation: A running RancherOS virtual machine. Result: Error message "VM failed to start" [EFAULT] VM assad failed to start: vm exit[0] reason VMX rip 0x0000000000000000 inst_length 0 status 0 exit_reason...
  18. Sokonomi

    Jails or VM?

    Ive been scoping out options on how to do what I want, and I keep hearing 2 distinct options; Jails, or a VM. For jails I see there are some negatives; mainly 'don't bother with native plugins because the updates are slow', and 'Jails are annoying with permissions on new files'. For VMs there...
  19. S

    Rancher - Plex Install Failing

    Hi guys, so I've been trying to install plex on docker recently and I'm running into a few issues. When I install plex with the default settings and dont give the config folder a specific location it seems to work a dream. But the moment I map the config folder to a specific place outside the...
  20. B

    Help with installing openHAB in a docker container

    Hi, I would like to install a docker container running openHAB/Alpine linux from here: However there is not enough info in the docs to help me do this. I can create the docker container and attach a datset to RAW but unlike the example I do not have an...
  21. dublea

    [HOW TO] FN11.1 Docker VM, Rancher, Plex, Tautulli, Ombi, Deluge w/OpenVPN & PIA, Sickrage, & More

    I've spent the past couple weekends teaching myself RancherOS and Docker for the intended purpose of migrating my Plex from a Jail to a Docker container. In this guide, we will install and configure a RancherOS VM, spin up Plex, Tautulli (formally plexpy,) and Plex Requests containers...
  22. ByerRA

    SOLVED PROBLEM: Installing Rancher UI.

    I'm attempting to install the Rancher OS/UI per the current FreeNAS 11.1-U2 documentation and I'm not getting very far. I started off by creating a "vm-storage" dataset without any issues. I've created the "RancherUI" VM with the "VM Type" set to "Docker VM" with 1 CPU, 2048MiB of memory and...
  23. B

    RancherOS Connectivity Issues

    Hi All, I am trying to use the docker subsystem to learn more about docker. I followed the documentation all the way. The only deviation I took is based on...
  24. averyfreeman

    FreeNAS lite branch? Persistent service disabling?

    Hi, been a user of FreeNAS for a few years now. I run it in a VM for file storage only. I love it, however, I'm noticing it's getting more and more features added I have no intention of using. My guess is that there are likely others like me. Stuff like docker, bhyve, etc. I don't mind the...
  25. N

    Rancher VM Suggestions (for 11.1)

    I'm trying to understand how to best use Docker VMs on 11.1. I've successfully created the rancher UI and another VM host node. But I have a few things (so far) that I can't find info about: 1. Upgrading the Rancher OS in a VM. The installed version is 1.1.0, but 1.1.1 is available. The...
  26. Yusuf Limalia

    [HowTo] FreeNAS 11.1 + RancherOS + Docker + RancherUI + PLEX

    Alllllll right. I have finally freed myself from the bindings of Corral and I'm back on the train. Corral's method of handling Docker was just amazing. It hid much of the complexity and let an idiot like me get up and running with minimal knowledge of Docker. After some wrestling with RancherOS...
  27. C

    Adding storage to 11.1 Rancher VM

    Hey all. So, I had a pass at making the change over from Corral to 11 today (I was one of those where corral was still working fine for my uses so I didn't jump on 11 from the start). Got as far as having the new RancherOS VM installed, the UI set up and it talking to the host correctly, but I...
  28. D

    I've forgotten, was there a new plugin system coming?

    I think I read somewhere, we're going to get a new, improved, plugin system which will still use jails or something (so low overhead) but more compatible with umm a wider varierty of plugins? PLUS the docker / VM solution (eventually)? Is that right? After dabbling with the VM functionality...
  29. D

    FreeNAS Network Shares Mounted in Ubuntu (w/ Plex, KVM)

    Hello FreeNAS forums! I've been banging my head against this issue for a couple weeks now and thought it time to seek out some help. I. Summary I have one FreeNAS server and one server running Ubuntu. I would like to run Plex in a docker on the Ubuntu server and have the Plex config and media...
  30. S

    Accessing Corral Docker 'storage.img'

    Afternoon all, Late last week my freenas-boot USB running Corral died. I am trying to recover the Docker data that I had on that install to save starting again. Really - the only Docker I care about is the Plex database. If I can access that I can import into a FN 11 Plugin to recover Plex...
  31. Hisma

    Another 11.0 Docker Setup Tutorial - This one using Ubuntu Server VM

    I originally wrote this for emby users, but because this is certainly relevant to freenas users, I'll cross-post it here, since once you get docker working, you can use it to set up any container you see fit. I will use emby server as my container of choice though. Here's the original I wrote -...
  32. K

    FreeNAS Corral Boot2Docker VM DNS Permanent Configuration

    Hey guys, So I know Corral was relegated to tech preview, but I can't give up docker (hoping for that 11.1 goodness soon). My only major issue at this time (other than iSCSI pretty much not working at all) is that the boot2Docker VM resets the DNS settings every time it reboots. I am just...
  33. P

    Docker versus iocage jails

    Perhaps it is a bit premature to ask this question, but what is the big advantage to running Docker versus iocage jails? I've seen a lot of discussion about Docker, often in reference to setting up something like Plex, and it looks like getting everything up and running is quite complicated...
  34. I

    Docker container/VM: dedicated NIC

    Is there any workaround or guide how to assign dedicated NIC to a docker container, VM or jail?
  35. S

    [HOWTO] FreeNAS 11, RancherOS (Docker), and Portainer

    So when FreeNAS 11 came, I updated from 9.10 to get rolling on the new options. Unfortunately this killed my VirtualBox jail that I was using to run some services I couldn't get working in a jail. So I started looking on how to get Docker running under FreeNAS 11 so I could replace those...
  36. C

    Need some clarity on docker setup

    Hello I've got a standard FreeBSD jail setup as a webserver. On there I have nextcloud going. What I'm trying to accomplish now is getting collabora up for nextcloud online office capabilities. However, I'm not finding anything about getting collabora installed on FreeBSD. And on the nextcloud...
  37. M

    Docker Plex en Corral

    Hola a tod@s, buenos días: Muy contento de ver la evolución de Freenas hasta llegar a Corral (hace años que no utilizaba Freenas). Situación: · Instalación limpia de Corral en microsd · HP Proliant dl320e gen8 · 16 GB Ram · 2 x HGST 7k4000 2TB Raid 1 · 1 x Samsung 850 Pro (pcie) Problema: ·...
  38. x-Timmey-x

    Plex spielt keine Filme und Serien ab FreeNAS Corral / Docker PlexPass Image

    Hallo Community, ich benötige eure Unterstützung und hoffe das Ihr mir helfen könnt. Über das Wochenende habe ich meinen Server neu aufgespielt und FreeNAS Corral installiert. Nach einer Anleitung hier im Forum habe ich das PlexPass Docker Image installiert und eingerichtet. Meine Mediathek...
  39. T

    Physikalisches Laufwerk in VM/Docker

    Hallo Miteinander, durch das Update auf FreeNas 10 hat sich ja so einiges geändert. Ist es inzwischen möglich das Physikalisches Blueray Laufwerk in die virtuelle Umgebung einzubinden?(Hat mit Jail/VBox lieder nie geklappt.) Konkret will ich mein BlueRay einlegen und dann mit MakeMKV...
  40. kriegalex

    Freenas 10 bhyve : is good old transmission plugin dead ?

    Hi, With Freenas 10 RELEASE around the corner (we hope), I was wondering if you would take advantage of the new bhyve capabilities to move away from the default transmission plugin that probably most people use for torrenting in Freenas 9 ? What are you using and what do you plan to use (and...