1. W

    Newbies - making use of existing hardware for TrueNAS

    Hi, I have an unused PC that i wish to convert into a NAS running TrueNAS. I am completely new to TrueNAS and is wondering if True NAS can fully support my exisiting motherboard and CPU, they are: ASUS Aorus Z590 Master Intel Core i7 10700 64GB RAM Can TrueNAS recognize all the chips on the...
  2. Z

    Computer Not Starting After Stock CPU Fan Replaced

    Hi All, Specs: ASRock X370 Killer SLI AM4 AMD AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Seasonic 750W Prime Titanium New CPU Cooler: Deepcool Assassin III (Amazon reference here ) NZXT H700i Tower Recently noted the stock Ryzen fan wasn't performing as adequately as I would have liked (as noted by almost 30c...
  3. C

    Run Freenas Fanless

    Hi, I have freenas running on a Intel Pentium G4400 with a standard intel cooler. Can I plug off the fan or will it run hot and slow freenas noticably down. Can I run it fanless if I buy something with a larger cooling area? greets from germany
  4. steveroch-rs

    CPU recommendations

    Hello, reading various official hardware sizing guides and user builds I find it hard to decide how much CPU horsepower I'll need for my use-case. I'm planning to build a FreeNAS box that uses very little power <80W when idling with 12-16 drives but has high performance and throughput when...
  5. _Alchemist_

    Will it FreeNAS? CPU + MoBo + RAM for simple Network Storage

    Hello iX Community :^) I found this example FreeNAS Build Guide and was wondering if it would be a good Idea to base my own FreeNAS Server on that. They use a Fujitsu D3644-B and an Intel Pentium Gold G5400 and 8GiB Kingston DDR4 ECC Memory as the core components. (~240€) My Requirements: -...
  6. TheWoo

    CPU suggestion for Plex@FreeNAS? – Better than Intel Core i3-4370?

    FreeNAS Version#: 11.2-U5 Plex Server Version#: I run the latest Plex Server on FreeNAS, which is using an ASRock E3C226D2I motherboard with Intel Core i3-4370 | (CPUBenchmarknet) | (CPUMonkey), 16 GB RAM and 6 pcs. WD Blue 5 TB HDDs. Booting from SanDisk 32 GB USB-Stick (with...
  7. A

    Ryzen 7 2700x cpu reading is 100° celcius.

    Hello, I noticed that my Ryzen 7 2700x CPU temp readings are at 100 deg celcius on idle. The CPU has worked great. And that reading is clearly wrong from what I can tell. BIOS temp is like 35 deg on idle. There is no overclock other than SoC voltage being 1.1 which is the recommended voltage...
  8. Slidspitfire

    Home ESXi storage and Container host

    Hello there, This is my first topic after the self introduction one. I wish I can have some advice from you communauts on the build I am planning. I currently have a VM host computer (still testing several hypervisors, should move to ESXi in the next days) that through an UnRAID VM provides...
  9. D

    SOLVED ZFS Volume Status unknown after CPU Upgrade

    UPDATE: it is booting, but take very long and now my ZFS Volume is in Unknown status :( and i still get the interrupt storm message every second. Is it possible that the RAID controller has not been connected correctly? HP Microserver Gen8 16GB RAM New CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1260L Hello...
  10. Nitro626

    FreeNAS-11.1-U7 Netdata adding cpu temp to System Overview

    Hi all, I finally got this working, SHH in to FreeNAS with WinSCP navigate to /usr/local/share/netdata/web/index.html copy the index file for editing (Rename the original index so you can go back if needed) open index.html in notepad or html editor Ctrl F and search cpu in the mainHead section...
  11. A

    Pentium Gold and P10S-I Mini good starter build?

    So I've read the build guide(s), more like perused, and checked the forum for similar builds but had a hard time finding an LGA1151 build. I'm trying to build something for a home environment to store some family photos .etc. I was wondering if the following 2 components would be a good start...
  12. N

    Which of the boards is the right one for FreeNAS

    At the moment im searching for the right board. First I just want to use my FreeNAS system only for Media Storage, Backups of my "important data". VM's / Dockers I run of my Main Server with 3x 500GB SSD's in raid 5 (HWR). I was looking at this boards: X11SDV-4C-TLN2F X10SDV-4C+-TLN4F...
  13. F

    11.2 VM 2 Core limit

    I have upgraded from 11.1u6 to 11.2 two days ago and only just realised that the VMs are limited to 2 cores. I have previously added the tuneables "hw.vmm.topology.cores_per_package=4" and "hw.vmm.topology.threads_per_core=2" to my 11.1-u6 installation for my 4 core 8 thread processor (xeon...
  14. M

    Difference 8100 8100T

    Hi, I'm looking to build a new freenas system. For my current purposes an i3-8100 seems to be perfect. cheap, 4 cores, ecc. Ideal for a home server and several jails. Would it make sence to go the extra effort to pick up a 8100T (harder to get) which has a lower TDP for power efficiency (does...
  15. S

    Best CPU for FreeNas

    I have these choiches: -Pentium 6/7th gen -Celeron 6/7th gen -i3 6/7th gen The motherboard I use is: MSI H270 gaming M3 Which CPU do you consider the best in order to prevent freezing, increase stability and compatibility?
  16. zamana

    Will this combo work?

    Hi! I'm searching hardware to build a new NAS and I'm wondering if this "combo" will fit well together. I mean, are this 3 pieces technically compatible with each other? Beyond that, they will provide a good hardware infrastructure for an NAS with 8x4TB hard drives for data? Supermicro Micro...
  17. Kennyvb8

    bhyve uses 10-15% idle cpu

    Hello there after updating to FreeNAS 11.1, my bhyve VM's uses 10-15% in idle, where in FreeNAS 10 they used 0.1-1% in idle what has changed ? Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40GHz 16265MB 1800Mhz FreeNAS-11.1-RELEASE
  18. Kennyvb8

    bhyve - uses 10% cpu in idle

    is it normal now in 11.1 that bhyve uses 10% in idle per vm ?
  19. nojohnny101

    Processor Upgrade, recommended Xeon?

    Hello, Here is my current hardware: ASRock C226M WS Micro ATX Intel Pentium G3258 Dual-Core 3.2GHz Kingston DDR3 ECC Unbuffered (KVR16E11/8) 8gb x 4 Seagate NAS 3.5" 3TB x 6 (raidz2) Sandisk Cruzer CZ33 16gb x 2 (mirrored) for boot SeaSonic G Series SSR-550RM 550W Modular Plus Gold Fractal Node...
  20. P

    Best CPU for decoding 4K HEVC MKV files

    Hi, While my current system ( with Atom C2751 ) is good enough for keeping storage and playing 1080p x264 video via Plex, I see some problems when playing 1080p HEVC MKV files. I think I need to upgrade CPU for that. What do you recommend?
  21. I

    VMWare Esxi 6.5 VCPU's

    Hi, I am planning to setup FreeNAS in a virtualized environment. I currently have 2 Intel E5-2620v4 https://ark.intel.com/products/92986/Intel-Xeon-Processor-E5-2620-v4-20M-Cache-2_10-GHz on an Intel MB (Intel® Server Board S2600CW) . I do a passthrough of the motherboard's MEGARAID SAS...
  22. C

    About the CPU power for FreeNAS

    Hello! Its maybe a stupid question so apologize for me. I heard the min requirements for FreeNAS is 2 cores processor with min 2.5 ghz clock speed. Its need only for transcodeing i think. i wann to stream to my LG tv and some PC in my house (streaming only for 2 device at same time) I think...
  23. E

    E le temperature?

    Una delle cose che mi ha stupito di FreeNas 11 è la totale assenza di un monitor per le temperature... come è possibile che non ci sia ? (o non l'ho trovato io ?), nel caso come posso risolvere?
  24. sweeze

    After 11.0 update, CPU temperatures are too high

    After I upgraded to 11 I saw the console was spamming some coretemp messages about the CPU temperature being too high and that a shutdown was recommended. I halted the system, drove home, booted it with a monitor attached and went into my BIOS (gigabyte z68x-ud3h-b3) and lowered my clock...
  25. B

    2017 Best Build

    I would like to know what would be the best parts of 2017 to build a reliable NAS for a small office. 5 - 6 computers will be accessing the NAS locally for Photography and Video Editing. I need about 20tb to start. Most work will be accessed locally but some also needs to be accessed...
  26. Borja

    Very worry about CPU usage %

    Hello, I noticed today a, what i think, very rare CPU usage percentage. I attach pictures below (please help because im very worried about): Thank you.
  27. B

    Motherboard CPU-socket with bent pins: I've tried to repair, will it work?

    Hello together, I'm a bit sad and I need some help of you guys... :( A few weeks ago, I bought a used Asus P10S-I motherboard to save some money (student...). When unboxing the device yesterday in the evening, I saw that some CPU-pins were bent. At this place, thanks to the seller... I've...
  28. X

    How to read CPU stepping info via CLI

    Hi, Have been enjoying FreeNAS a lot for the last 3 weeks since installation. I bought a 2nd Xeon, same model, to upgrade my FreeNAS box but it seems it was a different stepping so FreeNAS kept spitting errors on bootup. I plan to buy a 2nd CPU that matches the stepping of the CPU currently...
  29. lukyjay

    Why use Plex when Kodi is cheaper?

    Hello Just curious about something. When setting up a FreeNAS server, you generally need a bit of CPU to support Plex transcoding. What are the benefits of this? Why don't people just serve their media files over the network and have clients like Kodi play them directly? It would save some...
  30. Jailer

    Quick question for the devs about 9.10 and jails

    Was something changed with the jail structure for 9.10? It seems that jail processes are limited to a single core since updating a week ago. Decompressing files takes much longer and never goes over 25% CPU utilization. Right now I'm cleaning the ports tree in a jail and it's taking what seems...
  31. Ejay8400

    Help choosing CPU cooler

    Hi everyone! I'm looking into getting a CPU cooler as the stock cooler from Intel isn't doing well enough. My build is as follows: Case: Fractal Design Define R5 CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 Skylake Motherboard: Supermicro X11SSL-F HDD: 6 3TB WD Red Power Supply: Corsair RM650X, 650 Watt, 80...