1. D

    To long serial usb device

    How can i fix this long serial at this moment i can't disable the smart on my usb so it won't start seen image error text if i want to disable smart Ensure this value has at most 30 characters (it has 120). who can help me Thanks
  2. hiro5id

    How to create a bootable USB for my FreeNAS box

    I have been booting from USB since the days of v8.x I would like to make a new USB. But it seems the procedure has changed since then, and i'm a bit lost. I used to just download the ISO, and create a USB bootable form that ISO and away I went. Now it seems it's not that straight forward as...
  3. P

    Install USB isn't recognized

    Hi, I am kind of new to all this nas-stuff, and I am running into a problem. I have an Acer Aspire x3990 that I want to use as a FreeNas, but my USB drive isn't recognized. I think I have the problem described here: Now I have...
  4. S

    Swap install on usb boot drives

    Power glitch degraded both mirrored usb boot drives. Still working but want to try and resolve before it dies completely. I have a few other usb drive for testing. Installed freenas 11.1U6 onto a new usb drive (what is running on current usb), inserted into system as sole usb drive, system...
  5. bigdadda06

    FreeNAS joys and USB woes (USB mirroring tips)

    So I came across an article the other days about mirroring your FreeNAS boot device, especially if you are using a USB stick as your boot device. Well I am, so I thought I had better. :-) So I go down to the local stationery store and pick up a second 16GB USB stick. I get home plug it in and I...
  6. W

    USB disk too much

    Running 11.2beta3, I had an USB disk (FreeNAS reports its 115.69 GiB) that I recently removed. It was a non-production, simple backup disk for friends. Now that I removed it, FreeNAS still thinks its part of the system. I'd like to remove that disk from FreeNAS. I searched the forum, its most...
  7. N

    Aeotec Z-wave stick not working

    I'm trying to setup Aeotec Z-wave stick on FreeNAS, but have run into a strange issue. The stick has a light that turns on when you plug it in, but nothing happens when I plug it into any of the USB slots. The lights turn on for any other computer or USB port I've tried on. Confused, I went...
  8. bigdadda06

    Proper method to remove USB HDD after import.

    Hi All, I'm new to FreeNAS and am having a good time working out all the ins and outs of the OS/setup. Everything seems to be going mostly OK. I've got one issue at present, after a bit of messing around trying to do it the wrong way, I finally figured out how to import the data off an NTFS...
  9. C

    Stick with FreeNAS isnt bootable.

    Hello, when i try to install FreeNAS on my new Homeserver it dont works. When i boot from stick the pc loads the file for 1 second and then it returns back to the boot menu. In the Homeserver are only this USB Stick and Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor. I tryed another Stick too and i tryed with...
  10. A

    UPS Service not starting, Solved

    Hi My APC Backup-CS USB Stopped working this week, so I got the emails every 5 minutes. However it did not do this on every boot (power reconfigurations this week so rebooting a few times) Tried to manually restart the service, failed. Unplugged and re-inserted UPS usb connector, no go. Then...
  11. Sirach Matthews

    SOLVED Changing boot drive from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 - FreeNAS-9.10.2-U6

    Brief History My FreeNAS server has been running fine, fairly consistently over the past 5 years or so on my home-built server. Recently, it suffered MB failure. Because it was 5 years old, they don't make them with the same CPU socket, so I ended up replacing everything except the PSU, case...
  12. IGHOR

    VM USB Passthrough in FreeNAS 11

    How can I get USB web camera device in VM?
  13. A

    ESXi and FreeNAS Boot Devices- 3 USBs?

    Hi there, Still working on sourcing parts for my ESXi and FreeNAS (as a VM) build. I am loosely following Stux's AIO build guide (a great resource, to be sure)! I came across some info saying that ESXi can be booted from a 32 GB Sandisk Cruzer Fit USB 3.0 drive (older reported issues with...
  14. R

    Backing up the system OS device

    I am running 11.1-U2. I boot from a reliable SanDISK USB STICK that is installed inside my chassis but I do want to back it up in case it crashes but I don't want to mirror the stick as I need the backup stick to be offsite. Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to clone the stick? Should...
  15. L

    Cannot view disk Seagate backup+ hub USB drive

    Hi, I am trying use my 8TB Seagate backup+ hub USB drive in my FreeNAS machine. It cannot be viewed as a disk in FreeNAS. I am running FreeNAS on ESXI. usbconfig sees the seagate. ugen0.1: <0x15ad XHCI root HUB> at usbus0, cfg=0 md=HOST spd=SUPER (5.0Gbps) pwr=SAVE (0mA) ugen0.2: <Seagate...
  16. Mgs0008b221

    Disk Not Verified for Import Rules

    Hey all, Short version with pertinent information in the last two paragraphs. I've been searching the in/out of the forum for a solution for a disk import problem I've been having. I recently built my wife a FreeNAS machine for some redundant data storage and did a good bit of research on the...
  17. bitsquirrel

    pass-through of hard disks

    Hello all! I'm a relatively new (1 year) user of FreeNAS and I am very very happy with many things about it. One thing I'm unclear on, is where the official support fora are. Is this it? I suppose I was expecting a mailing list and/or IRC channel. Not complaining, just surprised. Okay back...
  18. Paul Cushing

    FreeNAS 11.1 Unable to create USB boot mirror

    Freenas 11.1 - I have been trying to mirror my USB stick boot drive. I have a larger drive (64GB) than the original (32GB) and I have followed the procedure several times - System/Boot/Status/Attach with no joy. When I click the button it seems to think for a bit and then the window closes and...
  19. Kuyper

    Triple mirrored my boot volume; new device not showing gptid?

    In preparation for upgrading to FreeNAS 11, I am in the process of migrating from a 16GB RAID1 pair of USB boot "drives" to new 64GB USB drives. The plan was to clone my old 9.3 install onto the new drives, remove them, and then upgrade, so that if all goes horribly wrong :) I can just go back...
  20. B

    FreeNAS 11; is there a way to pass through USB to a VM?

    I have a webserver on an external HDD that I want to migrate to my new FreeNAS box, however, I want to keep all the files on this existing drive. I was thinking of passing it through to my Debian VM, is this possible? If not, is there a good way to permanently mount the drive using a jail as...
  21. X

    How to check for matching USB flash drive sizes?

    I understand that manufacturers of USB flash drives will sometimes make tiny changes in capacity for a given model during the product lifecycle. If I want to mirror the USB boot device and have a spare for future use, is there an easy way or a tool to reliably check that the USB flash drives...
  22. nericervin

    Redireccionar USB a VM

    Hola. Quisiera saber si se puede direccionar un puerto USB a una VM, y cómo es el procedimiento para realizarlo. Desde ya, muchas gracias. Neri Cervin Cipolletti Patagonia Argentina
  23. Spud

    FreeNAS 11 won't boot after trying to mirror USB

    Hi, Yesterday I tried to mirror the USB boot device but FreeNAS complained that second USB wasn't large enough which is fine my mistake. But now the system won't boot it gets to grub and then the system reboots. So anyone got any ideas as to what I might be able to do here? Any help here would...
  24. D

    SOLVED FreeNAS 11 install on a USB stick

    Hi dear FreeNAS Friends, sorry, I am posting quite a bit right now. I wonder if you can install FreeNAS VMs yet, but I guess the VM storage and installation will be on the added storage / pool?
  25. F

    Backing up Removable storage, thumb drive, phone or SD card

    I would like to back up my phone when I plug it in to charge. I charge my phone every day, first thing when I get to work, and I was looking at my NAS box, it could charge my phone, but could it backup my phone? I do not really care about apps, but it would be nice to back up pictures and...
  26. T

    FreeNAS on ESXi - Question about boot disk

    Hey All - I've had FreeNAS running on bare metal now for a few years with no problems at all. I'm using a SuperMicro board, 32 GB of ECC RAM and 8 hard drives connected directly to the motherboard. All's been fine for years. Now...I've decided I'd like to reconfigure the box to run both...
  27. Maarten.Provo

    Plop on data-drive

    Hello I'm trying to install FreeNAS v9.1 to an old computer which doesn't yet support boot from usb (the cd-drive is broken and I don't have any floppy's as well) so I solved it by installing plop boot manager to the HDD which is also the data-drive for the NAS. Everything works when I boot...
  28. David47295

    Operating system not found when booting from USB

    Hey everyone! So I'm trying to install FreeNAS 9.10.2 onto my Dell XPS L50X2 laptop, but for some reason, my laptop keeps displaying the message "Operating System not found" whenever I try to boot from my USB flash drive even though the install went on without and error. I'll explain what steps...
  29. K

    Presentazione e prime delucidazioni su USB e file

    Salve a tutti mi presento sono Kiukko e da oggi faccio parte anche io della grande famiglia di Freenas! Provengo da un precedente server NAS da me creato su un oramai supercollaudato microserver HP N54L (processore AMD Thurion II Neo abbinato a 8 gb di RAM ECC) su cui avevo installato, come...
  30. M

    HP Proliant MS Gen8 G1610T won't boot USB With FreeNAS

    Hi, i have this weird problem with FreeNAS (currently 9.10.2) on our new HP MS Gen8. We purchased Kingston DataTraveler 100 G3 16GB as system drive, but i just cant get it boot up. Sata controller is on AHCI mode, XHCI controller is disabled as recommended here , usb is set to boot first. When...
  31. nigelm

    Procedure to replace a mirrored USB stick boot drive

    I have a FreeNAS box currently running FreeNAS-9.10.1-U4 (ec9a7d3), but originally installed with 9.3. The boot drive is a pair of 16GB USB sticks (Kingston DataTraveler devices):- # zpool status freenas-boot pool: freenas-boot state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired 0 in 0h15m with 0 errors on...
  32. O

    Some questions regarding USB access from FreeNAS

    I have a low spec FreeNAS system with 5 HDs which I would like to extend to 6 HDs so I need to move my data off that raid, rebuild it with 6 HDs and copy data back. I realized uploading the data to an external, online storage service would be too expensive so I guess I'm going to buy a huge...
  33. E

    F3 to test thumbdrive from NAS

    Hey there, firstoff I am not used to working with any kind of linux and am happy I got this to work ... since now nobody keeps reading this I can get to my point: I have 2 thumbdrives with 1 TB and 2 TB. Yes, TERABYTE ... Since this is ridicioulus I want to know if this is correct (well ...)...
  34. R

    USB kldload -n uhid error

    Can anyone explain what could be causing the USB to disconnect? Please see console dump below. I understand that the system is trying to load the uhid module - which has been initiated after plugging in a USB cable to connect to an EATON 5E Essential UPS - why is my NAS constantly...
  35. K

    USB with FreeNAS installation is not bootable

    I followed and installed FreeNAS on a USB succesfully. However the USB with the FreeNAS installation doesn't show up as a bootable device on my Macbook(tested it on another Machine, didn't work either). I'm not...
  36. Krowvin

    Grub and other Boot Frustrations

    For all that is holy, I've been having problems. Partly because i'm a rookie, partly because I haven't had to touch my server in MONTHS. I will admit I've been committing the holy sin in fear that I knew my server wouldn't reboot. My install drive failed some months back, but having it on a...
  37. D

    Cómo configuro para usar un disco externo USB?

    Hola, soy nuevo por aquí. Necesitaria saber si hay alguna guia bien explicada para configurar en el sistema, un hdd externo que tengo. La idea es configurar el sistema de forma que grabe o lea la información almacenada en este disco; utilizando CIF o FTP. Como el motherboad que tengo, (según...