1. Gnrl Kitty

    403: Forbidden | Unauthorized IP Address.

    I've just installed transmission. I've done nothing to the plugin or jail. However, when I go to the management page for Transmission, I get the following message: I've used the shell in the jail to open settings.json and neither 'rpc-whitelist' nor 'rpc-whitelist-enabled' are in the...
  2. emk2203

    Transmission has issues with certain trackers - how to port Linux fix to FreeNAS?

    Some trackers don't work with Transmission anymore because the firewalls of the trackers mistakenly assume a SYN flood attack. This also affects the FreeNAS versions. There is a workaround for Linux: echo 'net.ipv4.tcp_adv_win_scale = 4' | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf; sudo sysctl -psysctl -p...
  3. itskando

    Plex and Transmission Security

    Intro: If both guides are followed, openVPN is installed in a jail and plex and transmission are installed in a separate jail. • I am able to remotely connect to freeNAS and my file system through ssh via openVPN. • I am able to run plex and/or transmission without issue, even with openVPN...
  4. xxsj

    [GUIDE] Transmission iocage jail relocation

    Hey all, I didn't see any sort of help for this, so I thought I'd lend a hand to anyone who had the same troubles as me getting their Transmissions jails ported over for the iocage update... I'm not going to be super in depth, but in short, here's the commands I had to run to get everything in...
  5. urza

    SOLVED Not possible to persistently change downloads dir from the default inside jail

    I just installed transmission plugin in FreeNAS-11.2-U3 All settings work fine except changing the download-dir. It is reverted to default value "/usr/local/etc/transmission/home/Downloads" every time the plugin is restarted. All other settings are preserved correctly across restarts. Changing...
  6. Z

    Error installing Transmission Plugin

    I had recently updated FreeNAS from 11.1 to 11.2 and upon doing so I deleted the old jails and plugins set up during 11.1. I had a Plex/Transmission combo on 11.1 and if I'm being honest is basically the only thing I use my FreeNAS server for. I saved all my movies and directed the new Plex...
  7. Oriann

    Problem with SMB when accessing transmission download folder via Windows 10 machine

    Hello I have a FreeNAS at home and 1 PC, I have installed transmission on NAS to download files to folder /media/download, jail has a mountpoint outside of jail to folder /mnt/tank/transmission/download. Transmission corectly downloads to folder I see the files problem BUT Problems...
  8. N

    Transmission service is stopping randomly

    I installed Transmission manually in an iocage jail using this guide. However, the Transmission service stops once every few days. The jail is still up and running and I am able to start the Transmission service again without any problems. I tried rebooting the jail and the server itself without...
  9. D

    Autorizzazioni cartelle

    salve, volevo far si che transmission e plex utilizzassero una stessa cartella .. quindi dalla shell l ho creata ed ho dato il comando chmod -R 777 /../ ma entrando nella shell del plugin essa non è visibile .. come mai ? mi sapete aiutare ? freenas 11.2
  10. zer0bitz

    Cant manage Transmission

    Hello all! I installed FreeNAS-11.2-RELEASE-U1 yesterday with Transmission plugin, but im not getting it to work. I get some permission access denied warnings while trying to download. Going to "Plugins" Im not able to manage the Transmission plugin somehow, and on top of the page it says...
  11. S

    (Tutorial) 11.1 warden jail to 11.2 iocage jail - Plex migration and rebuild of transmission + openvpn (pia) + ipfw + tvnamer

    Specifically I changed my train from 11.1-U6.3 to 11.2-RELEASE-U1, and although my plex and transmission jails were still working in the old no longer supported warden jails, i decided to try to get them working in the new iocage jails. I was able to get all this working the way I used to have...
  12. UF8FF

    OpenVPN wont create tun0 in transmission jail

    Hey everyone, I have been having issues with my transmission jail so I decided to start from scratch. I have gone through setting up openVPN but here's the error I'm getting: openvpn --config /usr/local/etc/openvpn/openvpn.conf Wed Dec 5 18:32:08 2018 WARNING: file...
  13. D

    OpenVPN + Couchpotato + SickRage + Transmission setup

    Hi! After having spent more than a month, Googling, reading and trying to get this to work, I am once again turning toward the community here for help... I can simply not figure out what is wrong, and how to check if it is right. Today, after having even more problems setting up openVPN on my...
  14. Bibi40k

    Step by step to install Plex & Transmission inside iocage Jail in FreeNAS 11.2-BETA3

    Hi, i decided to add a new tutorial to help us all create and maintain an Iocage Media Jail with Plex & Transmission. I personally use VPN all the time, even to connect to my Plex server so i also recommend to you my first tutorial Step by step to install OpenVPN inside a Jail in FreeNAS...
  15. M

    Bind Transmission to a specific NIC

    Hi - I'm looking for a little - maybe a lot - of help/guidance in how to bind the Transmission Jail to a specific NIC? My motherboard has 2 NICs (see signature), one goes to the ISP's router (192.168.1.x) and the other i'd like to go to a VPN enabled router (192.168.2.x). Is such a thing...
  16. KieranEves

    Transmission OpenVPN - Different Subnet

    Hi, I have my Freenas box setup on a VLAN with an IP 192.168.30.XX and I can access the Freenas GUI, the Plex Jail and my ZoneMinder jail from a different VLAN (The rest of my network is on 192.168.1.XX). What I don't seem to be able to do, is access transmission gui once OpenVPN starts. If I...
  17. N

    Transmission folders - are they duplicated or just a link ?

    Hi guys, I'm new to FreeNAS so don't mind me asking this... I got the Transmission running OK now, it is downloading stuff that I wanted. But I'm confused about the two folders in the Transmission Storage setup : Source and Destination. If I look at these 2 folders from Windows mapped...
  18. kaub07

    Transmission upgrade broke plugin

    I recently allowed FreeNAS to update my Transmission plugin via the GUI from 2.92 to 2.93 and now the plugin fails to start. The jail is running, but not the plugin. I see that it still has the “old.transmission-2.92....” but I can’t figure out how to make the system use the old version /...
  19. BlakeNagel07

    tun1 state changed to down

    I run openvpn on my transmission jail and it uses "tun1" as the tunnel for connections. Every couple of days I notice that transmission will not connect to anyone and realize "tun1" state has been changed to down. MY question Is there something i can do that when "tun1" state is changed to...
  20. Spencer Myers

    Transmission not seeding / OpenVPN login

    So I've setup my Tranismission, ran it thru a private VPN, got it downloading from a private tracker... I opened up port 51412 (transmission default), and access the interface thru port 9091. Downloads work just fine. Settings for Transmission { "alt-speed-down": 50, "alt-speed-enabled"...
  21. S

    Проблема с Transmission

    Всем привет, не так давно почему то Transmission стал жаловаться на то что не может качать торенты потому что Permission Denieded на любую директорию. Где и что надо проверять по правам на оперирование с файлами?
  22. BlakeNagel07

    Transmission Update changed permissions

    As the title says, I just installed the update to transmission (version 2.93). Anything that i have downloaded since this update today that creates its own folder inside where transmission downloads go, has a different permission and i am no longer able to delete these newly created folders for...
  23. BlairEL

    Transmission with PIA VPN setup not working

    Hi all, I've banging my head on this for ages and just not making any progress, I hope someone can help. I am following the steps to setup PIA inside a transmission jail, I do not get any errors, but my public IP remains the same, rather than a PIA IP. I am following this guide LINK Here is...
  24. odragon

    Multiple VPN servers in OpenVPN?

    Hello all. I wanted to see if anyone knows or has tried to list multiple vpn servers in the openvpn.conf file of their openvpn clients? I have a transmission plugin with openvpn and ipfw running in the jail and it's working great. The only thing I wish I could do is list multiple vpn servers to...
  25. vvchumanov

    transmission слетает

    Mar 21 09:30:34 freenas uwsgi: [plugins.utils:88] Couldn't retrieve Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0) Mar 21 09:30:34 freenas uwsgi: [freeadmin.navtree:614] Произошла ошибка при десериализации (unserializing) от...
  26. Janus Ng

    Update plugin Transmission 2.93 failed.

    I have just tried to update the plugin Transmission from 2.92 to 2.93. Unfortunately it failed. I have uploaded a screenshot of the message and filed a bug report. Could anyone enlighten me how to update it manually? Thanks a ton!
  27. awesomer

    Best way to give write permission outside jail

    Edit: Seems like the easiest way to give permissions for applications in jails to write outside the jail is to give the "Everyone" user permission to write? (This is using Windows sharing options)
  28. Myriad

    Set up Torguard VPN for Transmission on Freenas 11.1 – Updated for 2018!

    Nowadays, it is prudent to protect your privacy when downloading torrents on the net. A few lawsuits have recently been brought against ISP’s by businesses seeking damages from users allegedly downloading illegal content. Many of these lawsuits have centered on trying to get the ISP’s to...
  29. M

    Open listening port for Transmission with VPN

    Hi team, I've spent the last 2-3 days trying to figure this out with no luck. I know how to port forward with my router etc. to open up a listening port for transmission, however as soon as I activate my VPN it closes all ports and I can't upload any of my seeds. I've tried everything within my...
  30. moosethemucha

    DNS rebinding attacks against transmission daemon

    Not sure if this is right place for this but I thought it would be a good idea to put this here; as i think alot of people are running some sort of torrent client. They haven't released any other info on what other torrent cliuents are affeevcted but it seems to be an issue for most of them...
  31. emk2203

    How to change file ownership properly in jail by a script?

    I am running transmission in a jail and would like to have the resulting downloaded files to have a different owner than the transmission user. I know that I can run transmission as a different user by adding transmission_user and transmission_group to the jail's rc.conf, but then I have one...
  32. P

    Transmission can't write to disk (sorry but I can't get it to work)

    Hey guys. Sorry for such a general/basic question but I think I have done my absolute best in being able to solve all sorts of problems on my own up to this point. When it comes to Linux permissions I'm still quite a bit in the dark. To clarify I *have* read through this...
  33. Digitaldreams

    Transmission Port Issue - Comcast - AirVPN

    Hello, So I'm trying to figure out where the Transmission listening port is being blocked. I have already ruled out the transmission jail. I have Transmission plugin running on listening on port 65392. On the VPN, I opened up the transmission listening port. I'm using a AirVPN...
  34. N

    Jail with openvpn, transmission, socks proxy

    I finally got a jail working with OpenVPN (client), Transmission, and a socks proxy (3proxy). I had to solve some reliability problems with a custom service/script, but I wonder if there is a better way. Basically, the Transmission and 3proxy configurations depend on the VPN endpoint IP address...
  35. A

    Transmission plugin and Cloudflare, SNI SSL / TLS extension, any updates?

    This past year many bittorrent trackers, both public and private, have been DDoSed heavily, and therefore turned to Cloudflare for protection. In the process they also have turned on SSL / TLS for the announce URL. The problem is, the Transmission plugin does not seem to support this with...
  36. icey_u22

    (Transmission) Problems Setting up OpenVPN(PIA)

    OK so I think I am doing something very wrong i have followed the instructions for this script and it is not seeming to work at all. i have already tried the guide on another plugin jail and a reinstalled plugin, the transmission plugin is working fine. If there is a better guide i should be...
  37. Digitaldreams

    I'm Sorry...Yet Another Transmission Thread

    I hate to create yet another topic on transmission but I have spent literally 2 days (16 hours) looking for a basic guide that will show me some initial steps on doing a clean install, using the CLI, of transmission daemon in a jail without using the plugin. Since I'm a Linux novice, I'm...
  38. H

    Transmission download directory

    Hi guys, I know there are plenty of threads about this subject but I'm desperate. Firstly, sorry about my English - I'm not a native speaker. :) I have a problem with setting up a download directory for Transmission plugin. In WebUI is not option for that but I've managed to modify...
  39. P

    Updated Transmission Remote GUI

    Hello everyone, Like most of you, I would assume if you are using your server for torrents then you most likely have Transmission installed. I have been going around on this forum and I have noticed that many guides and such link to an application called "Transmission Remote GUI" which...
  40. T

    CPU per Multitask NAS

    Buongiorno a tutti, dopo molte ricerche non riesco a trovare una configurazione adatta alle mie esigenze. Mi rivolgo quindi a voi nella speranza che mi possiate aiutare a scegliere le componenti più adatte per far girare: -Plex -OpenVPN -Torrentbox -Resilio Sync -Backup -Ubuntu/Homebridge La...
  41. T

    NordVPN installation for Transmisson

    Hi there I have my freenas running nicely with plex, sickrage and transmission working fine. I've just subscribed to NordVPN and I would like to setup it on my freenas for transmission. I'm a freenas noob thus can someone help me please and send me step by step instruction how to install...
  42. monkeybutt

    Transmission/Sonarr permission problems

    I am having trouble getting permissions setup probably with Transmission and Sonarr. I have been messing with it for a while so I am in the middle of a chicken and egg type scenario at the moment. Long story short, when I first setup Transmission, I got it so files would download with full...
  43. V

    Transmission start error after upgrade from 2.84_2 to 2.92

    Ok, so I've updated my Transmission 2.84_2 to the latest version (2.92), because I like keeping things current. After the update completed, first thing I noticed that the Transmission entry disappeared from Plugins menu. Going to Plugins/Installed still had Transmission listed, but when trying...
  44. krysenn

    Routage Transmission Jail et VPN

    Bonjour, J'utilise Freenas depuis peu de temps, il est configuré avec: Plex, Transmission (+script openvpn), SickRage et CouchPotato. Dans ma jail transmission j'utilise un script qui lance transmission uniquement quand le VPN est connecté. Voici le script...
  45. S

    Internet loss in jail behind VPN

    Good evening, I am unsure what is going on and unfortunately can't find logs that help me out. I am running a FreeNAS with a couple of plugins, Plex and Transmission. I have a pfSense that runs the whole of the network, and one of the things that I have done is set up a VPN and have certain...
  46. 9

    My first guide on FreeNAS with FlexGet and Transmission on a Jail

    This is my first post in the FreeNAS forum. I have been using a FreeNAS box as a home file-server for the last 3 years now. I am grateful for FreeNAS and I thought I should give back to the community by sharing my current setup configuration. I've tried to document the steps from setting up to...