1. G

    Install drive swapping.

    Hello! I have a question. I originally bought a 1TB Samsung SSD because I was going to, before I started using TrueNas, use Windows 10 as my storage server OS and knew that Windows tends to take up a lot of space. Obviously, I am using TrueNas and I am thinking of doing a swap to a smaller SSD...
  2. F

    DiskIAnalyser 0.2 Beta

    This is an early work-in-progress, It's a simple python script to run on TrueNAS server to analyze the SMART disk reports using ChatGPT. The goal is to leverage the GPT3.5 and GPT4 API to read your disk's SMART reports and generate simplified reports with health scores and detailled summary of...
  3. dak180

    TrueNAS-Report 1.8

    ZPool, SMART, and UPS Status Report with TrueNAS Config Backup Original Script By: joeschmuck Modified By: bidelu0hm, melp, fohlsso2, onlinepcwizard, ninpucho, isentropik, rotx, dak180 Last Edited By: dak180 Current Version: v1.8 Preview of the output here: When...
  4. Davvo

    Dig the IOPS

    I get the feeling that most of us (myself included) rely too much on the 250 IOPS value used as reference in iX's ZFS Pool White Paper, so I wrote this bit in order to clarify things a tad. IOPS stands for input/output operations per second and represents how many read and write operations a...
  5. A

    NVMe Driver Configuration for Consumer Drivers

    Hey, guys. I bought an adapter card to plug my NVMe driver into a PCI-e slot (adapter image is attached). This board has a super capacitor, capable of keeping the driver on for seconds in case of power failure. Enough time to write any outstanding data. It works as a UPS directly connected to...
  6. D

    Adaptec ASR-71605 not seeing SSD over SAS

    Hello my friends, perhaps I can get answer here faster than anywhere. I have small TrueNAS box. Inside I have put Adaptec ASR-71605 controller, configured in HBA mode. Now I have connected to it 6 drives, all 6TB SATA drives. They are visible and all working perfectly. Now I wanted to add...
  7. infinit0s

    Boot Drive question

    Hello everyone, Happy to finally join the TrueNAS community :)! It is my understanding that it is no longer recommended to boot software from a USB drive and preferably an SSD hard drive should be used - this raises a question that I can not get my head around. The OS 'weighs' only a couple of...
  8. U

    FreeNAS on supermicro board with 2 HBA's

    Hello Community, I'm testing a new system prior installing in production. During testing i'm running into some unexpected behavior and am trying to diagnose what could be the cause. I've installed FreeNAS onto 2 SSD's in a mirror, in bios mode from a USB drive. After the installation...
  9. S

    A bit about SSD perfomance and Optane SSDs, when you're planning your next SSD....

    NOTE: I'll be referring in this page, to a type of SSD developed by Intel and Micron, called 3D X-Point (pronounced "crosspoint"). It's most widely sold as Intel's Optane. The Optane devices I mean are things like the 900p, 905p, and P48xx. First generation optane and some smaller ones aren't...
  10. U

    Setting up hot and cold tiers using SSD and HDD

    Hello Everyone, I'm building a system using a supermicro X10QBI machine, my initial plan was to have a 6 SSD's for my hot-tier and 8 HDD's for my cold-tier. I have 2 individual raid controllers on the box and i'm ready to install freenas. I wanted to ask the community as I've googled around but...
  11. mistermanko

    Comprehensive list of compatible SSDs and/or SSD controllers

    Does it exists? If not, can we build one? Since SSDs are the go-to boot drive, this would be really useful.
  12. T

    Zwei Ausfälle in 4 Wochen

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin neuer Anwender mit FreeNAS und bisher richtig begeistert! Bis... ...bis vor ca. 4 Wochen unsere V-Server, die ihre .vhdx-Dateien per iSCSI auf dem NAS ablegen, einen bluescrenn gezeigt haben. In einem Pool aus 4 SSDs meldet eine Platte Chekcsummenfehler. Im Protokoll...
  13. A

    Full ssd system

    Hi , ‘I’m wanting to build a nas system entirely of ssd based drives. The capacity many Cary from 4tb - 8tb and some for redundancy 1. The sound is 0 2. Lower power comsumption 3. Cheaper is there any advise you can give me, as I’ve read many articles, and am confused as a can of spaghetti...
  14. Heracles

    SLOG or L2ARC first for iSCSI and which SSD

    Hi, Recently, I bought a used server (R820 ; 32 Core ; 256G RAM) as an upgrade for my ESXi server. Thanks to that, I moved my main FreeNAS from its T-130 to the T-330 I freed. The 8 drives are paired in 4 mirrors and a single pool. The server is maxed out on RAM (64G) and there is only a last...
  15. A

    Need validation on SSD move along with 11.1->11.2 update process

    Hi community, first time poster here! I currently have a R710 system running on 11.1 U7 and I've been running this on a mirrored usb drive for more than 1.5 year with only 1 usb failure. I want to increase the reliability of the boot system and move the OS to an ssd. I would also like to update...
  16. ISJ

    Best Practices on a Single SSD Network Share?

    Hello, I'm looking for some guidance on an addition to my FreeNAS system. I want to create a PCI-E SSD share and use it for volatile temporary storage and file transfers between systems. So redundancy is not needed, I just want quick storage over the network with High IOPS. Thoughts on how to...
  17. S

    Shared storage for 2-3 ESXI's

    I would like to have shared storage for our ESXI's. Our current hardware: ESXI1: HP Proliant DL380 G6, 144GB RAM, 2x Intel Xeon X5675 @ 3,07GHz, 3x Intel 910 800GB PCI-E SSD as local storage. ESXI2: HP Proliant DL380 G6, 72GB RAM, 2x Intel Xeon X5675 @ 3,07GHz, 2x Intel 910 800GB + Samsung 970...
  18. Exhorder

    Redundant SLOG device?

    Hi, I've got a question about SLOG. I'm not sure if it has to be redundant. What I've read so far says, that it does not need to be redundant because if device fails, the ZIL just goes to the pool where it would be without SLOG anyways. OK, but I never had a completely failing SSD so far. If I...
  19. T

    How to install internal SSD boot drive for Dell R720?

    Disclaimer: I am VERY new to anything server or homelab. I probably do not know what I'm talking about most of the time. I have a R720 with a H310MM RAID card that is flashed into IT mode. I plan to make this server into a NAS & PLEX server. It currently has 8x3TB drives in it. I need a boot...
  20. K

    TRIM support, and any other issues to look out for in an all SSD pool?

    I'm planning to build an all SSD pool for various storage (vm's, database, static files etc...), and I often run in to the TRIM-thing and garbage collection painted as a big issue with SSD's. I'm not sure if this information is obsolete or not. The FreeNAS documentation does not help me that...
  21. cobrakiller58

    Micron 4TB and 1TB

    Okay I just happened to stumble onto this and can't believe it 1TB $77.76 4TB $317.76...
  22. K

    Freenas MINI - boot from SSD

    I am in the process of replacing a failed SATA DOM (SSD) device (after about 1.5 years of use). This did not leave a real positive impression of that technology so I decided to just replace it with a more conventional SSD drive. After following the instructions on...
  23. JoshDW19

    Sweet Deal on an SSD Boot Device

    If you're looking to grab an SSD to use as a FreeNAS Boot Device these 120 GB Kingston SSDs are only $19.99 right now. Does anyone have any experience with these particular drives?
  24. KenwoodFox

    Recover pools from previous freeNAS machine

    Still recovering from a failed USB drive, all other 8 drives (save for one SATA drive that is being a little picky about when it responds to read commands) are functioning and should have the data from the previous installation. My backup .tar file doesn't seem to work, I can't seem to get the...
  25. jpi

    system reboot during volume creation of SAS SSDs (SSD then disappears)

    Hello, I bought two 800GB SAS SSDs and connected them to ports 12 and 13 on my R510 (yes, the internal 2.5" bays). I ran a short smart test on both of them and they look fine, been powered on ~4years but both have less than 1TB written or read to\from them. The first time I tried to create a...
  26. T

    M.2 SSD as a boot and cache drive?

    I bought a 120GB SSD for a boot drive and hate to waste the 100+GB of empty space! Does freeNAS accept partitioned drives and can I have one partition as a boot and one as a cache drive?
  27. iliak

    hardware recommendation(motherboard/chassis) question

    i see good prices (under 400$) on ebay for Samsung PM983 3.84TB SSD PCIe Gen3 MZ-QLB3T80 MZQLB3T8HALS-000AZ what chassis\motherboard is compatible with them to support 24 (or more) in 2U or 72 in 4U (supermicro preferred) this is not sas\sata so i don't know what are the competabilites
  28. A

    Using one SSD that will be backed up

    Hi, I'm using FreeNas in a rather basic way. I got 3 GB hard-drives in some sort of mirroring config (forgot how I set it up, but I can post info about that later) where I store photos etc. I upgraded my desktop computer and now got an 500 GB SSD-drive left over. I normally run a few instances...
  29. SeaFox

    NVMe Drives and FreeNAS

    I recently completed a new build, and for my Jail drive I used an M.2 SSD I got a good deal on online. I was a little concerned about longevity of the particular drive since it's using QLC flash memory, but since it was much larger than the capacity I really needed, I figured I could just...
  30. packinpennies

    Boot Pool after Reinstallation showing errors

    Hi, My system was running stable with the boot pool living on a mirrored set of flash drives. Recently one failed, and the other went to a degraded state and showed errors as well, so I decided to replace the flash drives with an internal SSD. I took a backup of the FreeNAS configuration, and...
  31. schoolpost

    Updating from 9 to 11 & Boot Mirror

    Hello, I'm looking to accomplish two things: 1. Upgrade from FreeNAS-9.10.2 to version 11 2. Move from my single USB boot drive to a dual SSD's ( Mirrored ) My Freenas hosts a RAID-Z3 Pool, which I mostly use as a home share for some windows machines. What will I need to do in order to make...
  32. cirss

    FreeNas HDDs speed vs hardware RAID SDDs

    Hi FreeNAS community :) Would like to share my storage experience: hardware RAID SSDs vs FreeNAS old rust spinning SATA HDDs.... Hardware and soft used: 1) 4 years old, everyday in use HP ML350p Gen8 server, 2xXeon 2630v2, 64GB RAM, with 420i raid 1GB cache raid controller, configured...
  33. M

    SATA SSD for boot

    Hi All, What do I look for in a SATA SSD to be used as boot disk in freenas? I recently built a freenas server using a 120 GB WD green ssd for boot. I got checksum errors and a degraded boot volume almost immediately after initial boot in freenas. I learnt from this forum that some models of...
  34. M

    Degraded boot on brand new ssd

    Hi All, I re-purposed an old CAD workstation to run FreeNAS RC1, about half an hour after initial boot I got a re light indicating the boot volume is degraded. I used a brand new 120 GB WD green SSD. How can I tell if the ssd is faulty? I've seen other threads with people having issues with ssd...
  35. S

    Hitachi SAS SSDs as SLOG and other SSD questions

    I have a ZFS server with 2 x mirrored/striped (aka RAID10) pools. One pool is 8 x 3TB 7200rpm Toshiba drives and holds an iSCSI volume. The other pool is 12 x 4TB drives and is used for SMB shares. (I put a zpool status dump at the bottom of the post) Currently I'm using 2 x HUSSL4010BSS600 as...
  36. r0b0ty

    Have 16GB and 60GB SSDs... which one for Boot? Suggested use for the other?

    Hello all. I am very close to completing my first FreeNAS build (just waiting on a CPU heatsink bracket in the mail). While I wait, I wanted to get your opinion on the use of two SSDs that I have at my disposal. I initially bought a 16GB, based on the recommended FreeNAS minimum requirements...
  37. D

    Boot Volume State is Degraded...what now?

    Hi all, My fresh FreeNAS-11.2-BETA1 build shows a "Boot Volume State is Degraded" error. My boot drive is a WDC WDS120G2G0B-00EPW0 (WD Green 120GB SSD on m.2) I've read in the following threads:
  38. S

    Iocage on ssd

    So I decided to add a mirror set of 240g ssd's to my freenas box and seeing as iocage is the way things are heading I would like to know how to activate iocage to use my ssd pool (Named: Jails) for Plex etc.. instead of my primary pool (Tank) I have previously activated iocage on Tank (iocage...
  39. Sokonomi

    M.2 SSD as install drive for FreeNAS + Plugin Jails?

    I was wondering if it is possible to install FreeNAS on an M.2 drive and still use it to store some jails on it as well. I have a spare 128Gb M.2 Drive, and I feel it could be put to good use somehow in a FreeNAS. But I think FreeNAS destroys all partitions prior to install, so im not quite sure...
  40. spacecabbie

    Several Questions VM issue / Memory / SSD install / Jails

    Hi all, Been working with Freenas for about a year now maybe. I have some questions i saved up: 1. I have 16gb of memory I run Plex / nzbget / sonarr / radarr / transmission / plexpy / webserver (spotnet) CPU: 0.0% user, 0.0% nice, 0.0% system, 0.0% interrupt, 99.9% idle Mem: 53M Active...
  41. L

    Fragen zur FreeNAS-Hardware

    Hallo zusammen, ich bin dabei mir ein NAS - eher SAN (als VMware Datastore) - zusammenzustellen und habe dazu drei Fragen. 1. Wird die (unten aufgelistete) Hardware-Zusammenstellung funktionieren? 2. Wird diese Konfiguration mit FreeNAS funktionieren? 3. Spricht irgendetwas gegen einen...
  42. Grinas

    SOLVED Cloning a Volume with zvol

    Hey, i have an SSD that all my jails and VMs run from. This is a volume with a single drive so if it ever fails i'll have a lot of work to restore. Just wondering what is the best way to clone it so i can have a backup copy if it ever goes?
  43. A

    Degraded Mirrored SSD's during installation

    I have loaded Freenas on two SSDs and get a degraded message in the GUI. If I load Freenas on to each drive separately the system shows healthy. Is there something I am doing wrong, should I try to mirror the drive after the first drive installation?
  44. Monkey_Demon

    Boot device: USB or M.2 2280

    Hello, I'm building a NAS drive with a Supermicro X11SSH-F motherboard and trying to decide what to use as the boot device, and I'm asking you for advice. The board can boot off of any one of several possible devices, but the two most likely options are a USB flash drive or a M.2 PCI-E 3.0 x2...
  45. Eds89

    Samsung P961/P951 firmware update recommended?

    Hi Guys, Is it recommended to update Samsung M.2 NVMe SSD firmware versions before use with FreeNAS? I have a PM953 and just wondering if there are any recommendations on updating the firmware to a certain level before using as a SLOG? Cheers Eds
  46. kikotte

    Error Unable to GPT format the disk "nvd0": gpart: geom 'nvd0': File exists

    Hi, I need help I get this error. Request Method: POST Request URL: Software Version: FreeNAS-11.1-U1 (f7e246b8f) Exception Type: MiddlewareError Exception Value: [MiddlewareError: Unable to GPT format the disk "nvd0": gpart: geom 'nvd0': File...
  47. V

    Passaggio da Windows Storage Spaces a FreeNAS

    Ciao a tutti, sono nuovo nel mondo FreeNAS ma ben felice di farne parte...Perchè? Dopo aver letto il seguente articolo, credo che stavo un pò perdendo tempo sia nell'imparare una nuova ( per me ) tecnologia, sia nello sfruttore un pò meglio le prestazioni del mio umile hw...
  48. S

    Commands to correctly clear/reset a used SSD and create an aligned partition for overprovisioned ZIL

    I googled this but I don't have the experience and certainty so I thought it's worth asking here. I have a decent SSD (Intel P3700 NVMe) that I plan to redeploy as a ZIL. It's a lot bigger than the ZIL needs to be, and web pages make clear that many SSDs can gain phenomenal performance if they...
  49. D

    FreeNAS ZIL Cache mit 4 SSD´s

    Hallo ich möchte in einem FreeNAS Server einen ZIL Cache hinzufügen mit 4 SSD´s, wenn ich das mache und kann ich bei 4 ausgewählten SSD´s nur Mirror auswählen ist das dann sowas wie ein Raid 10? Ich möchte durch den Cash eine Schreibgeschwindigkeit um die 1GB/s (10GBE Netzwerk) bekommen. Ist das...
  50. artix lumren

    SSD boot drive not added to smartd.conf

    Hello everyone, I'm testing my build to check that everything is working as expected. Here is the build : Supermicro X11SSL-F Intel Core i3-6100 Kingston Memory DDR4 16GB 2133MHz ECC Seasonic FOCUS Plus 550 Gold Samsung ssd 830 pro 128GB (Detected has 840) 2x WD Red - 3.5" SATA 6Gb/s - 6TB...