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  1. D

    Adaptec ASR-71605 not seeing SSD over SAS

    Hello my friends, perhaps I can get answer here faster than anywhere. I have small TrueNAS box. Inside I have put Adaptec ASR-71605 controller, configured in HBA mode. Now I have connected to it 6 drives, all 6TB SATA drives. They are visible and all working perfectly. Now I wanted to add...
  2. Exhorder

    Questions on external SAS JBOD enclosures

    Hi, got a few questions about external SAS JBOD enclosures: I guess it is absolutely mandatory to NOT create pools over enclosure boundaries. Otherwise a power failure of the enclosure or an accidentally removed SAS plug would destroy the pool? What happens to a pool located completely inside...
  3. M

    how to update HP H220 to latest LSI firmware?

    as above. info on my card somewhere in the boot up screen, there is a text that goes like "LSI utility for HP" card shows to have firmware I installed Ubuntu and it loaded the mptxxx kernel module. I believe this means my card is already running in IT mode. When I pressed F8...
  4. F

    Post-production server hardware for FreeNAS

    Hi, I'm going to build a storage server for a VFX company. In post-production you work with sequences of .exr files, let's say each file has approx. 10mb. There is going to be be 100K+, 200K+ and more amount of files. I would like to have a stable strong server which can provide a good speed for...
  5. G

    Can not reach Exos X16 SAS with A2SDI-H-TF through CS381 backplate

    I have a Supermicro A2SDI-H-TF mainboard in a SilverStone CS381 case. This case has backplates for SAS or SATA drives. The backplate is connected to the mainboard with a SFF-8643 to SFF-8643 cable. But I do not get any connection to my Seagate Exos X16 SAS drives. Putting in a SATA drive...
  6. M

    Adding a second RAID controller to an existing system

    Hi All, I hope this is a straightforward matter to solve :) I run Freenas 9.10 (uprading makes me nervous but i know i need to do it) on a Dell Poweredge T20 intel box with 4 x 4TB internal SATA drives with the Freenas O/S runing on a USB stick. It has worked happily for year and i just have a...
  7. KenwoodFox

    What does the FreeNAS community recomend for identifying physical drives in large pools.

    I have a NetApp DS4243 shelf with a lot of hard drives and they all show up with blinky green lights but two drivers are having issues. I use SATA to SAS backplane adapters, and when the drive is dead or disconnected, the adapters show up as devices of 0 bytes and with a throwaway serial number...
  8. zenon1823

    SOLVED Very slow write speeds during sas disk badblock testing

    Hey all wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this. I'm continuing the shakedown on my new freenas hardware and am having an issue with write speeds to one particular model of SAS drive, and I'm not sure what to look into next. I initially had the DAS populated with 12 Hitachi SAS drives and...
  9. C

    Will disabling / turning to AHCI built in RAID card work for Freenas?

    Hey guys! I recently purchased a Dell r720 off facebook, and now that I am messing with it, I see that the drives go directly from the backplane to a slot in the MOBO, with the raid card beside it. I asked in the LinusTechTips forums if I would be able to just disable the raid card for the...
  10. L

    switch from sata ports to hba - have I to export the Pool?

    Hi, I run Freenas 11.2 and have a raidz2-Pool with four WD Red 2,5" HDDs, the Mainboard is Asrock E3C226D2I. I want to switch the pool from the local Sata-Ports to a HBA-Card (LSI SAS 9211-8i, in IT-Mode of course). Have I to export the pool, switch the cables to the HBA and re-import the pool...
  11. noobi3

    SOLVED LSI SAS 9201-16i - FreeNAS boot Hangs

    I Installed a new LSI SAS - 9201 -16i card into my FreeNAS System. I flashed it to FW, Drives show up no problem FreeNAS booting process stops at EFI If I unplug the Drives it boots normally
  12. D

    SOLVED Help Connecting Supermicro Backplane to HBA

    Hi, I recently purchased a Supermicro SC847 BE1C4-R1K23LPB for a server I am building, yet I am not sure how to connect the drives on the backplane to the HBA I have. The backplane has 4 ports, but there is space for 24 drives, and I am not sure how to connect them to the two LSI SAS 9305-16i...
  13. maniyer

    8-port SAS/SATA x4 adapter card AND 4-slot M.2 SATA (non-nVME) x4 adapter card

    Anyone know of a reliable 8-port SAS/SATA x4 adapter card? I've seen plenty of x1, x2 and x4 cards, but they mostly use fairly unreliable/cheap controllers. All the SAS controllers I've found are either 8-port x8 or 4-port x4. If anyone has any 8-port x4 adaptor card that they know and swear by...
  14. jpi

    system reboot during volume creation of SAS SSDs (SSD then disappears)

    Hello, I bought two 800GB SAS SSDs and connected them to ports 12 and 13 on my R510 (yes, the internal 2.5" bays). I ran a short smart test on both of them and they look fine, been powered on ~4years but both have less than 1TB written or read to\from them. The first time I tried to create a...
  15. Chris Moore

    Dell PowerEdge R710 - Invalid PCIe card found in the Internal Storage slot!

    If you have a Dell PowerEdge R710 or you have contemplated getting one, you might want to watch this video, because the creator of the video explains the cause of the error and shows how to fix it. Yes, you can use the internal storage slot.
  16. I

    PowerEdge T610 12Gbs controller and 10Gb network - newbie

    Hi, My name it's Antonio, living in chicago, strong DIY person. I've played with FreeNAS and feel I'm ready to make the jump to production, but I'm still newbie on building freeNAS systems and best components. Please forgive me if like any other newbie my ideas are not meeting specs and...
  17. E

    WD Gold vs Seagate Exos

    A lot of folk round these parts seem to be big fans of WD Gold SATA but I notice that Seagate Exos SAS are about £40 cheaper per unit on the 8TBs and the specifications seem to be very very similar. Is there much in the difference between the two? Does the fact of the disk being SAS make much...
  18. O

    SAS Controller Card on Desktop PC

    Hello all, Recently i bought a HDD without knowing it was a SAS HDD, therefore i could not plug it to my desktop PC. I have tried to find solution through internet how to use it on my desktop PC, and i realized it is not that easy. So i need your help folks. I have z97 gigabyte gaming MOBO that...
  19. K

    Direct Attached Storage: what would I need for it?

    Hi, I'm a total noob when it comes to "enterprise" (dc) hardware and peripherals. So I know that I want to extend my NAS capacity, and I could install one of those fancy LSI controllers. There's no space inside anymore, that's why I'm looking for an external solution. From the SAS basics...
  20. R

    SAS cabling and power

    As recommended in another thread, I bought an LSI SAS9211-8I card to burn-in test my SAS drives in a non-production machine. This card has two internal x4 SFF8087 Mini-SAS connectors. So I looked around for a cable (it doesn't come with any) that converts the SFF8087 to a SAS connector (29 pin)...
  21. R

    Is it OK to mix SAS and SATA in same enclosure?

    Does FreeNAS9 exhibit problems with having both SATA and SAS drives in the same enclosure?
  22. Z

    SAS to SATA breakout cable length and angled connectors

    Hi there, I have ordered a Dell H310 controller card with connectors placed at the end of the circuit board. Then next step is to buy a breakout cable of appropriate length. Most of the cheap cables are essentially the same, blue ones with straight SATA connectors. The most common length is...
  23. S

    Do I need a SAS Expander for my server?

    Hello! I recently bought a pretty muych complete server on eBay and am trying to check if everything works as it should. I stumpled upon some issue and am not sure if they are due to improper configuration or maybe faulty parts. The parts that I got are the following: X9DRi-LN4F+ with the...
  24. G

    SOLVED SuperMicro Backplane Connection Question

    Hey all, I've been researching for a bit, but I think I might need to phone a friend on this one. I'm completely at a loss on how to connect my SuperMicro backplane to my motherboard. For background, the details on my build are below: Chassis: SuperMicro SC846-R1K28B Motherboard: SuperMicro...
  25. R

    SAS controller sas9200-16e

    hello everybody, i have a microserver gen8 with 16gm ECC and 3220 processor. i am thinking of adding a SAS controller. I read that the m1015 (or based models) are the way to go. i wanted to ask if LSI HBA sas9200-16e will be working without issues (after flashing) ? from what i could here...
  26. Guinea

    Supermicro MoBo/Chassis HBA/LSI Setup

    So I am working on a custom built NAS designed for high intensity Plex Media Server utilization. Here is the parts list I ended up going with: Chassis - Supermicro 846BE16-R1K28B Motherboard - Supermicro MBD-X10SRH-CLN4F-O Memory - Crucial 16GB ECC RDIMM DDR4-2400 x2 (32GB) CPU - Intel Xeon...
  27. M

    SOLVED Supermicro X10SL7-F and SAS Drives not found

    So this is my first post, so please excuse my ignorance. Little about me - I've been putting together desktop PC rigs from scratch since the 1990's - but the server class hardware is fairly new. So here is the new NAS rig I threw together for the home network based on some recommendations I saw...
  28. P

    Powering a PCI-E SAS Extender with a cheap solution

    As far as I knew other than PICMG ( which is not available in my country ) there was only one other option, and it was to connect the extender to an old mainboard without CPU/RAM etc. But recently I found this gadget: I don't really...
  29. J

    SOLVED Dell HBA Firmware G164P problem

    So on a new install of freenas(9.10 stable u4) I get a big alert in the corner stating that my the Firmware version on my HBA cards is out of date saying that it should be version 21 and my card is on version 7. So in looking around it appears that Dell v7 is the latest version from their page...
  30. C

    SAS controller

    Hello, first time posting. I just installed 9.3 and wanted to create a zfs pool. I was using a raid card for my previous freenas installation and just spent all night reading threads about flashing IT firmware on it but i'm afraid i bricked it. However i learned the difference between IR and IT...