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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. K

    Rsync slow and different speed

    Hello, I will give a try on this forum because I do not understand what I am missing... I use rsync to send movies from my seedbox to my home server (FreeNAS-11.2-U7). The problem is that the speed is abnormally low when I send the file to my server (around 1.5MB/s) What I don't understand...
  2. A

    Rsync tasks 'operation not permitted' - how can root be refused anything ?

    The question can seem naive, because it is... ;) I have 2 FreeNAS, NAS-A, and NAS-B which replicates everything everynight from NAS-A. It uses rsync tasks on NAS-B, with the 'root' user. As passwords are the same (or is it because I have setup ssh with RSA via cli ?), it runs without user...
  3. S

    Rsync from Freenas to Unraid

    Hello everyone, I just recently setup a new Freenas server, and I have already transferred all files from my old Unraid server to Freenas. Now I want to use the old Unraid server as a back-up to my main Freenas server using Rsync. I understand that it is really easy to setup between two Freenas...
  4. S

    Rsync Ports

    What ports do I use so I can sync two FreeNAS boxes using rsync in different locations?
  5. A

    Cron Job funktioniert nur teilweise

    Hallo. Ich habe für tägliche Backups eine USB Festplatte an meinen FreeNas 11.2 Server angeschlossen und ein Script geschrieben, das mittels Cron Job ausgeführt wird. Zusätzlich erstellt das Script eine Liste alle Filme auf dem Server und speichert es in einer TXT-Datei. Ich habe das Script in...
  6. A

    Rsync creation of separate dated folders, automatic saves and date appending

    Is there a command string to get rsync to - 1 Copy files from one FreeNAS server to another and append a date stamp so saved files will have the date appended to avoid ongoing overwrite of the prior files? 2 Do the same, but have rsync create a daily folder and copy that day's files into it...
  7. Kevin Horton

    L2ARC device recommendation?

    I'm pondering adding an SSD for L2ARC dedicated to metadata to hopefully speed up rsync. I use rsync to back up to two different pairs of striped disks for offsite backup (I also have two automatically replicated RAIDZ2 onsite backups). The data is mostly static, and rsync takes many hours to...
  8. K

    rsync copies only Folders and sub-folders. Files not copied

    Hello, I have created 2 FreeNAS servers. MainServer: Dell PowerEdge T310 1 Installation SSD 5 HDD of 3 TB Capacity creating a stripe of 15 TB OS Version: FreeNAS-11.2-U3 (Build Date: Mar 27, 2019 18:24) SMB share: /mnt/FununPool/GeneralShare (This folder is having files and subfolders upto 7...
  9. k0d3g3ar

    Strategy question - redundant FreeNAS servers & sync

    Hi there, we have a large FreeNAS server that is colocated in a data center and is getting more and more critical use. Currently we are backing the file systems up using rsync to an external backup server, which is good but if the server goes offline, the time it will take to rebuild will have...
  10. J

    Backup using SSH

    Hey guys, I'm new to FreeNAS and newer to some Linux stuff, but what we're wanting to do is backup some of our Windows servers via SSH/RSync? What I'm most concerned about these days, like everyone else is Ransomware attacks. I'm super paranoid, so I was wondering this -- If we rsynced our...
  11. quasifandango

    Rsync over SSH is generating an error that does not show up on on any sites

    Prefacing with the fact that I'm a total newb, but trying to learn. Please be gentle! I'm trying to Rsync over SSH, backing up data from my FreeNAS to a Synology NAS that I have been using for a few years now. I followed the instructions on this site since he's guiding step-by-step exactly what...
  12. C

    SOLVED [SOLVED] Rsync shows files being copied, but the destination directory doesn't have the files

    Version: FreeNAS-11.2-RELEASE-U1 I put a new drive in and need to copy the contents from another drive. I'm signed in as root via SSH. I've been using the command rsync -avP /mnt/Red3TB/Temp/Videos/ /mnt/Red4TB/Temp/Videos The screen shows files being copied successfully, but when I go to the...
  13. C

    rsync via ssh

    Buongiorno a tutti. Mi presento perché è il mio primo post. Mi chiamo francesco e da un pò di tempo ho installato freenas 11.2 su un pc che adopererò come NAS di backup. La situazione è questa: - primo nas con dati imprtanti - freenas che importa (PULL) con rsync via SSH. Ho configurato tutto...
  14. T

    Neuling - Backup - Optionen um Daten + VMs + Plugins zu sichern - GELÖST

    Hallo! In meinem ersten Thread direkt eine bitte um Hilfe.. Ich hoffe das ist okay.. Nach viel Recherche und Rückschlägen läuft nun mein FreeNAS-System wie gewünscht. Da Ich aktuell kein Geld für ein 2. FreeNAS habe, bleibt mir erstmal nur, das System anders zu sichern. Daher will ich mit den...
  15. denningsrogue

    rysnc task error

    I am using an rsync task to copy files from my FreeNAS to a FreeBSD server. The task ends with the following error: rsync: IO error encountered -- skipping file deletion Any ideas as to what the issue might be?
  16. H

    Shh with keys Version 11.2 FreeNAS to Synology

    Being new to free and wanting to use rsync to move folders to Synology. I spent over 20 hours reading all the many articles on the web to set up ssh to accomplish it The only reason I am posting is I was never able to make it work using the terminal in FreeNAS. I then decided to us my MacBook...
  17. D

    Backup help

    I am running FreeNAS 11 and am having trouble configuring a cron job rsync back up of an entire Volume (/mnt/NAS1) to a folder on another volume (/mnt/NAS2/BackUp). Originally the script was only backing up a folder on NAS1 but now i wish to mirror the entire volume on a schedule. Here is the...
  18. Kiran Kankipati

    Rsync setup between my FreeNAS and NETGEAR ReadyNAS Servers

    Hey guys, Today I managed to setup a working Rsync connection between my FreeNAS and NETGEAR ReadyNAS servers. I shot a detailed video of all the steps. FYI, in my scenario, I am using my FreeNAS as the Rsync source (push) and the NETGEAR as my archive server. (or a remote mirror site). I am...
  19. melloa

    What is holding the transfer speed?

    Folks, While waiting on my switch to get here, i run some tests and noticed the rsync transfer speed just a little bit faster over 10gb than over 1gb. Both servers are using Chelsio 10GB 2-Port PCI-e Card PCI-E 110-1088-30, connected with a Cisco SFP-H10GB-CU1M 1 Meter Twinax 10GB Cable, both...
  20. N

    RSync CPU resource usage

    I did some file backup from my QNAP nas to my FreenNAS using rsync and during file transfer the WEBUI was barely responding so I did run top in a shell and noticed that the rsync process had a PRI (Priority) of 106, aren't this way high ? My CPU is a Intel Core i7-3930K CPU @ 3.20GHz (12 cores)...
  21. J

    Rsync doesn't sync files, only directory structure

    I have set up rsync using the modules in Freenas 11. When I look at the backup server, only the directory structure exists - no files. Server A: /mnt/tank/directory_1 ls Media cd Media ls File01 File02 etc. Server B: /mnt/tank/directory_1 ls Media cd Media ls Since I am using the...
  22. J

    rsync Freenas ISO

    Hi. I finally got rsync working between two Freenas servers. It works fine. However I use my server for a large DVD copy library and the files are .ISO. My TV shows when duplicated do not have the extension and rsync perfectly. The .ISO extension files do not. Any idea what to do? Is...
  23. M

    rsync changes group owner to wheel

    Hi all, Why is that every time I use rsync command the group owner of destination folder gets changed to wheel? it happens in either push or pull configuration. My goal is to transfer the files from a synology nas to a freenas server. This is what I've done so far: 1. Created a freenas user...
  24. A

    SOLVED cannot rsync to nfs via linux

    Hi community, i have one (1) windows machine in our company, belonging to marketing for some adobe mumbo jumbo, the rest is all ubuntu. i now set up a freenas on a server with sas disks for backup for the windows machine, because marketing started with 4K movies and now has already 3 times the...
  25. R

    rsync issues when building new server: ~tmp~ dirs & endless syncs

    Hi forum. Long time listener, first time caller. I am setting up a brand new FreeNAS 11.1 box and migrating all data and jails from my ageing 9.3 install. I couldn't do zfs snapshot transfer (apparently I needed 9.10 or later on the older server, I'm not sure why) so I switched on rsyncd on the...
  26. I

    rsync tasks with given ssh key to preserve owner

    Hi, I have previously run my rsync tasks from cron. Now I noticed there is rsync tab for such tasks. However, I can't find a way to specify the private key for the rsync+ssh task. How to set it? If I'd create key for root, I assume that's gone after the next update. In cron it works like this...
  27. Spud

    Downloading remotely using rsync and dynamic IPs

    Heres what I would like to get working but I'm a little stuck on where to look next I have 2 freenas boxes, mines local with a static IP lets call that one (A) and the other will be at a remote location with a dynamic IP lets call that one (B). So obviously the remote system (B) needs to be...
  28. A

    FreeNAS + Acrosync + Windows error" skipping non regular files"

    Hi Everyone, Apologies ft that issue is existing already in the forum, but I could't find it. I am struggling for some time now with Acrosync( which is windows client for rsync that does not require cygwin installation and is supposed to ingrate itself well with freenas) and rsync. I am backing...
  29. S

    crontab entries deleted (with no backup) after 11.1-U4 upgrade

    Hi, In the past I had the (bad ?) habit to use "crontab -e" and add new crontab lines to perform rsync jobs with success/fail mail notifications. Recently we upgraded to 11.1-U4 and we realized the crontab was replaced and our previous crontab version has not been saved in the system snapshot...
  30. averyfreeman

    zpool not degraded, but certain files cause transfers to hang

    Hello, I have a pool on a general file server with 6 x 2TB drives configured in a three-group mirror that are very old. The system, for all intents and purposes, appears to be working normally. The pool does not report as degraded. However, I have been trying to move certain files using rsync...
  31. S

    can I do this using jails?

    This is related to the problem I posted here.. I currently have some scripts running rsync to sync files in FreeNAS to another Windows machine. There are some problems and I need to upgrade rsync to fix it. My question is if I install latest...
  32. G

    SSH FreeNAS to Mac - please help

    I have a FreeNAS box for home use - the usual pictures, movies, music, etc. I have very little knowledge or experience with networks, but with a lot of courage and reading, I've been able to create a backup of everything on that FreeNAS over localhost, to a disk that I swap and store off-site...
  33. nojohnny101

    SOLVED public/private SSH key for FreeNAS user?

    Hello All, my ultimate goal is to run an rysnc task from FreeNAS that pulls a directory from a remote raspberry pi through SSH. It seems I have to generate a public/private key for the FreeNAS user that will run the rsync task. Is that correct? I just wanted to check because there doesn't seem...
  34. anders.borstad

    Rsync setup recommendations

    I'm going to be implementing rsync to push data offsite. I have a FreeNAS Mini XL 32TB onsite and an identical FreeNAS Mini XL offsite. Besides the hostname, IP, network settings, etc., do the two NAS units need to be identical? Should I just have a clean slate for the pull NAS? Do I need to...
  35. loch_nas

    Reliable way of backing up FreeNAS with 1 FreeNAS server only

    Soon I will have my first FreeNAS server running as the central point of file share. At this time I'm thinking about the best ways for a reliable and easy backup of the FreeNAS server. My future plan is to build a second FreeNAS server for backing up the main FreeNAS server. I don't exactly know...
  36. M

    Use rsync to back up to OVH Cloud Archive

    Hi all, I am currently investigating all kinds of options to back up my FreeNAS to some cloud cold storage. I ended up testing OVH Cloud Archive since it seems pretty straight forward in terms of pricing. However, they currently do not offer rsync via ssh at the moment. Thus a password needs...
  37. James Nicholas

    Backing up FreeNAS Storage

    I have a need to backup the FreeNAS server I setup. I have a Synology NAS that I intend to use as a backup destination, however I am having trouble getting rsync to work. I am open to alternatives on how to back it up, or assistance with the rsync setup. I tried walking through the guide I...
  38. Jerami1981

    Fastest transfer method for FreeNAS Server to FreeNAS Server

    I am getting ready to rebuild my backup FreeNAS server and am trying to figure out the fastest method to copy the data from my primary to my secondary server. I will be re-configuring the second server with 2 vdevs, 6 disks each, in a single pool. I have 10 gig connections between all devices...
  39. J

    Rsync Tasks

    Hello forum. I'm trying out FreeNAS again for the first time in a couple of years, having been running plain FreeBSD on my file server with everything configured by hand until now. One thing I've been doing is keeping a local mirror of the repository on my file server so that I can...
  40. J

    Selective Sync between two on-site NASs (Synology and FreeNAS)

    Hey guys! tldr; I'm trying to get two NASs to sync their data from separate sites, the problem being both of them are going to have data that changes daily. One of them is a Synology that's come with our new branch, and the other is a FreeNAS box (3TB vs. 12TB) so I need to selectively sync...
  41. R

    Replicating data between 2 FreeNAS installs

    I've used FreeNAS in the past but this is the first time I'm trying to replicate data between 2 instances and am using the latest version (FreeNAS-11.0-U3) available for download. I was able to get rsync working and pulling the data from one box to the other using the built in module, however I...
  42. D

    running rsync Task (copy over SSH) how to check it status/stopped

    Hello, just wondering, I have a rsync task copying quite a big amount of data and wonder where I could see the status, of how much is done or if it is still running etc. Thanks for all your help
  43. C

    Rsync writing at half speed after upgrade from 9.10.2U5 to 11.0-U1

    Hello there, I recently upgraded from FreeNAS 9.10.2-U5 to 11.0-U1 and I'm having a problem with Rsync write speeds between volumes since the upgrade. We have two local volumes, one that is our daily backups(Backup1), and one that Backup1 Rsyncs its data too(Backup2). Since the upgrade to...
  44. F

    Exposing a replicated snapshot to users

    Hello, I have two NAS in two offices. I have a replicated snapshot for one dataset. This work great and give me a read only mirror of the most important data. I would like to give access to this data to my users. It's useful for them because this avoid the slow internet link. So the goal is...
  45. Jacopx

    RSYNC over SSH without pw auth

    Buonasera a tutti! ;) I have set up some share from automatically backup. I ran a simply script on my Mac that synchronise everything. I have tried to launch the script both from my user (jacopx) and from root. I have noticed that the ROOT communication doesn't not required the password...
  46. SwisherSweet

    Time Machine Style Backups

    Hi, I found this script: It claims to make time machine style backups using rsync, which is exactly what I'm looking for. However, I'm not quote sure if I can install it in the base FreeNAS OS drive using GIT: git clone...
  47. K

    How to rsync a folder between my FreeNAS Corral and my Ubuntu box?

    Hi Awesome FreeNAS forum guys, I love my FreeNAS... I am new to all these storage things, I want to sync data b/w my FreeNAS and ubuntu machine any doc really helpful. hardware: custom built AMD processor, Asus motherboard, and 32gb ram. version: FreeNAS corral. I did start a rsyncd and tried...
  48. D

    RSYNC- please verify my config

    Hi guys, first, as I don't post much here, I want to use this opportunity to say a big THANK YOU to the community, the info on here has helped me out a lot in the past. Thanks for that! To my issue: I have 2 FreeNas (both 9.10, stable, newest updates) Servers in 2 locations and want to sync...
  49. T

    FreeNAS to QNAP RSYNC Guide

    Hello all, wondering if someone can outline the steps to setup Rsync from FreeNAS to QNAP. I have seen some bits and pieces of how to do it but cant seem to find documentation that is detailed enought for me to make it work. I am running FreeNAS 9.10 and QNAP 4.3.
  50. J

    Wie würdet Ihr ein Raid 1D realisieren?

    Hallo Leute ich wollte mal fragen wie ihr ein delayed Mirror aufbauen würdet? Von Haus aus bietet Freenas das ja nicht an und bei Google werde ich auch nicht wirklich fündig. Also hab ich mich selbst mal daran versucht was in Bash zu schreiben. #!/bin/bash now=$(date +"%Y_%m_%d") zpool import...