Rsync writing at half speed after upgrade from 9.10.2U5 to 11.0-U1

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Jul 27, 2017
Hello there, I recently upgraded from FreeNAS 9.10.2-U5 to 11.0-U1 and I'm having a problem with Rsync write speeds between volumes since the upgrade.

We have two local volumes, one that is our daily backups(Backup1), and one that Backup1 Rsyncs its data too(Backup2). Since the upgrade to 11.0 the speed has been cut in half, I've included screenshots of the before and after speeds. Usually it sits around 180 to 200 MB/s, but now its around 80 to 100 MB/s. We run Rsync through a script on our FreeNAS box.

I've included specs below, and any help you would be able to give me is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Motherboard: Super X10SDV-8C-TLN4F
CPU: Intel Xeon D-1541 2.10 GHz
Memory: 65403MB DDR4
Drives: FreeNAS installed on SuperMicro Sata dom, unsure of model. Volumes are hosted in a SuperMicro JBOD(SC847E26-RJBOD1) linked to FreeNAS box with SAS cable and are Seagate Constellation ES SAS(ST32000444SS), 12 of them,


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Please create a bug report at and post the issue number here. Attach a debug (System -> Advanced -> Save Debug) to the bug report. This will mark the bug as private until a dev has a chance to review the debug.
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