1. CitrusDruidxCDx

    Help How To Add Plugins To Plex

    Self explanatory cant find a way to add plugins to plex (Plex Is Installed) I know I can I looked on the forms but everything is either outdated or I just don't understand how to do it New to TrueNas. Do I have to use Shell I also Tried to add it manually but root wont give permission to go into...
  2. Basil Hendroff

    Scripted Tautulli Installation 1.1

    As evidenced in the forum thread Tautulli been running fine but now can't start, the transition from Python 2 to 3 has been somewhat bumpy for Tautulli users on FreeNAS. The Tautulli FreeBSD/FreeNAS Installation Instructions lends itself to scripting, however, it leaves the Tautulli database in...
  3. CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet

    Beginners guide to keeping your Plex metadata on a separate Dataset.

    Hi and welcome to my guide to managing your Plex metadata. This guide is aimed at users who are completely new to FreeNAS and / or have little or no experience with FreeNAS, using the command line or even some of the basic commands for Unix like operating systems. If other guides out there are...
  4. sticory

    Cloud sync, jail external storage

    Hey everyone, just enabled cloud sync to a new backblaze b2 subscription. I noticed that after a couple days the "bucket" on backblaze was much larger than the parent dataset that it was supposed to backup. I discovered that this is due to my iocage Plex jail's external storage of ~3TB of...
  5. dsmith00

    Everyone who is having trouble with Plex Mount Points and Getting Plex to See Them--Watch This Video

    Hello, I have struggled like everyone else in the FreeNas/Plex community with getting the Plex pluggin to see the folders created in the plex share. After much frustration and quitting for 2 days and coming back to the problem, I discovered a solution that works for me. It's all about...
  6. M

    Trouble with Plex accessing mounted folder

    Hiya, i followed the tutorial on YouTube about installing Plex. But plex can't access the folder from the mount point i set in the jail. Thanks in advance for any help!
  7. A

    Server being given to me (any changes req for freenas w/Plex)

    Hello Everyone, First I want to thank you for reading this post and helping me. I consider myself very lucky, I am being given the below server. I am currently running a freenas setup that I have out grown, mainly do to my growing 4k meida collection. My question, is there anything that sticks...
  8. openpulse

    Plex Media Server vs. Plex Media Server (PlexPass)

    Hi there, I'm setting up Plex on FreeNAS-11.2-U6 and found two plugin options: - Plex Media Server / Version: - Plex Media Server (PlexPass) / Version: The latest manual states that the second option (PlexPass) is the premium version: However, once installed both...
  9. A

    Can't install wget into Plex jail

    I have a plex jail running on my 11.2-U6 FreeNAS server and I accidently messed up updating Plex. I am trying to update it via PMS_Updater script which I have done before but it complains that it can't find wget in the repo anymore? The script also needs perl5 and cs_root_nss and these it could...
  10. S

    Why I can’t see any videos or media from my Plex server

    FreeNAS Version#: FreeNAS 11.2 Player Version#: Plex server Why I can’t choose those folders (my media) spec: Intel i7 6700k 16 Gh ddr4 2400ghz msi z170 gaming carbon 8 tb of storage.
  11. M

    New Install on FreeNAS - Can’t find Plex Media Server

    FreeNAS version: 11.2-U6 TLDR: Installed FreeNAS on an old computer so that I can make it my media server. Created storage, jail, and windows share. Was able to connect from my Windows machine and mount the storage. However when I go to the Plex-IP:34200/web I get a spinning wheel that says it...
  12. TheWoo

    CPU suggestion for Plex@FreeNAS? – Better than Intel Core i3-4370?

    FreeNAS Version#: 11.2-U5 Plex Server Version#: I run the latest Plex Server on FreeNAS, which is using an ASRock E3C226D2I motherboard with Intel Core i3-4370 | (CPUBenchmarknet) | (CPUMonkey), 16 GB RAM and 6 pcs. WD Blue 5 TB HDDs. Booting from SanDisk 32 GB USB-Stick (with...
  13. Z

    Plex not able to stream video or download meta data

    Hi this is my first time using FreeNAS and jails. For some reason, I am not able to download any meta data on movies or tv shows and I am not able to stream any movies or tv shows from plex. I have tried reinstalling Plex and restarting the server... Any ideas as to what is wrong? I've taken...
  14. J

    my first FreeNAS/Plex Build

    Hi there, I already posted that, by mistake in the introduction area, but that was not the place to get feedback on my config ... apologies My Synology DS415play does not satisfy my demands to PLEX any more, so I would need to get a new one. I build a custom PC for the same price as the...
  15. M

    anderes NAS auf Freenas mounten?

    Hallo! Ich hab ein Zyxel NAS worauf 5TB Daten liegen, nun habe ich mir ein Freenas System gebaut und ich würde gerne die per SMB Freigegebenen Dateien also diesen Ordner wo alles drin ist auf Freenas mounten und dann per cp in der Shell die Dateien von dort über das Netzwerk auf meinen Freenas...
  16. 0

    Plex Setup Help (Newbie here)

    Hello, I am newer to using FreeNAS and am trying to setup a plex server on my FreeNAS machine using a dynamic IP address (until I can get it up and running). I am receiving the following error. Below is a link to the recording of me attempting to set this up correctly. Any help is greatly...
  17. CompuGlobalHyperMegaNet

    Where is does Plex keep its database (are the offical docs wrong)?

    I'm currently in the process of preparing to upgrade my primary server from 9.10-u6 to 11.2.u4.1. Which also means that I'll be making the transition from Warden to iocage Jails. For the most part, I'm gonna take the opportunity to redo some of my Jails from the ground up but as I have a few...
  18. V

    Plexmediaserver not Running (check /var/run/plex/

    i am using freenas 11 and i try ti install plex with the plug in and it will not install so i did it this way Step by Step install of Plex inside a Freenas jail. 1. Manually create a generic jail. 2. Create/link storage for that jail. 3. Go back to the main jails tab. 4. Select plex jail and...
  19. R

    Advice on current Build - Will it FreeNAS well?

    Motherboard - Supermicro X9DR-F+ CPUs - (2) XEON 2670 10c RAM - 8x8GB Samsung 1600 DDR3 SATA Expansion - Adaptec 24 SATA Card I have 2 iStarUSA Cages as well to add an extra 8 bays to the 6 Internal Slots I have. I have been running FreeNAS 11+ with little problems for a while now. When I...
  20. jbeez

    Tweaked PMS_Updater to work in latest freenas 11.2-U5

    I was running into some issues with this script so I made some tweaks. Quick notes I run it as root in an ssh session on my main freenas box, not inside of a jail. Edit the variable up top to match your jail name I run it with the following command switches myself, ./ -a -v...
  21. B

    Home Media Server Behind VPN (help?)

    What I want seems straightforward, but I've been working on it for weeks with no success. I want my FreeNAS server to run plex, sabnbz, nbzhydra2, sonarr, and a movie downloading service yet to be decided. I want all my devices on my local network to be able to access any of these services. I...
  22. l@e

    transcoding /cpu chart

    I know that is not the primary use of FN to trans-code video, but since plex and emby are there, why not use them. i believe most of us make use of them for home setups. was thinking of building a chart of reference between cpu models and trans-coding capabilities based on real life builds...
  23. H

    [NEW] FreeNAS Build - Files/Plex/VM

    Hello! This is my first second time designing a FreeNAS box. Now that I've had some time to research and save, I'd like to have another go at this. Currently, I have data stored on a few external/desktop HDDs and I can't see that being a viable option for the near future. My main goals are...
  24. S

    Server Build? I [Still] Have No Idea What I'm Doing *Updated*

    Hello, I've been toying with the idea of buying/building a proper home server, which would primarily be used for Plex, in order to off-load the media server handling from my main PC (Plex doesn't play nice with my VPN) and consolidate my storage instead of having WAY too many external drives...
  25. D

    [Solved] Updating plugins FreeNAS-11.2-U4.1

    Hello all, I'm new here and this in my question: How do I upgrade plugins? I have FreeNAS-11.2-U4.1 installed and 3 plugins: Plex, Transmission and Nextcloud. Let's take Plex for example: The current installed version is:, and I get the prompt that a new version is available. In...
  26. M

    Updating Plex plugin doesn't work

    I have watched the version number of the Plex plugin listed in the "available" screen tick up several times since I installed it. Just last night it updated from to However, selecting "update" on the plugin in the "installed" screen apparently does nothing. It...
  27. K

    AMD EPYC 3251 SuperMicro Server

    So, in case any of you are wondering, I built a second FreeNAS box and wanted to try out the EPYC. I mean, I get to say EPYC and it's got 8 cores / 16 threads. So I bought one here at SuperMicro, through a reseller. It's small enough to fit in a 16" deep network rack...
  28. C

    Mounting Optical Drive to VM

    I've got a windows Vm on my Freenas server and I was hoping to pass through the optical drive through to it so that I can rip some bluerays to store on my NAS, I thought it would be like moutning a drive to a jail but I can't seem to get it going. Anyone else ever had success with this? I'm...
  29. A

    How to show plex (or other) plugin after warden to iocage migration?

    Hello, I don't update my plex and freenas version for a while. I just migrate Freenas from 9.10 to 11.2 U3 and do the migration of the Warden to iocage for plex. Now I need to show the plugin in the new UI and I don't know what to do. I have an old plex version (1.7.5) and I need to upgrade to...
  30. A

    Plex DVR and Comskip - 2019 thread

    Hi, Starting this new thread as advised by @dlavigne as the previous thread has been quiet for over a year. FreeNas 11.2-U3 set up and running fine with several jails (Plex Server, Home Assistant, Transmission) + Ubuntu VM for PiHole. I've tried to follow @bollar instructions here to add...
  31. 0

    Plex setup error (New Guy Help!)

    Hello, I am newer to using FreeNAS and am trying to setup a plex server on my FreeNAS machine using a static IP address. I am receiving the following error and attached is a picture of the basic jail settings I am using, the rest are the default settings. Im not sure if im using the incorrect...
  32. B

    Folder Has No Permissions

    My PlexIMGS folder has no permissions set for some reason. I checked but was unable to find a location where these permissions are granted. I am trying to save pictures to a folder, but it won't let me. I just got this working and I am scared that I might screw something up. .
  33. J

    Plex Media Server Not Updating?

    So I currently have PMS running and Plex apparently released an update to For some reason, I can't update to it. According to my FreeNAS jail, all of my packages are up to date, but Plex isn't installed (because I use the plugin rather than install via jail.) I ran this...
  34. J

    Plex Pass Plugin Update

    I installed Plex pass plugin on 11.2-U2 and have been using it for a past month without problem. Now I want to update plugin... (on 11.2-U3) At first I just simply tried going to Jails and under ... Press "Update". This results in immediate poop up saying "Jail updated successfully" But even...
  35. David Henrickson

    Upgrade Plex APP without redoing everything

    Hello, I have searched numerous times on this and the question seems to be there, but no real answer is ever given. I have the APP for Plex. Yes, the App, not stored in the jail. The APP. I understand updates come out....well....every time Haley's Comet comes around. I'm fine with that. I can...
  36. dak180

    Activating Plex hardware acceleration

    I updated the Plex pkg and noticed this note: @@@ INTEL GPU OFFLOAD NOTES @@@ If you have a supported Intel GPU, you can leverage hardware accellerated encoding/decoding in Plex Media Server on FreeBSD 12.0+. The requirements are as follows: * Install multimedia/drm-kmod: e.g., pkg install...
  37. J

    Plex Install & Updating issue

    My Plex jail just stopped working about a week ago. After exhausting every option I could think of, I removed Plex and tried to re-install it. When I tried to install the Plex plugin I get the following error: Exception Value: [MiddlewareError: Failed to download...
  38. T

    Unable to start Plex plugin, even after install 11.2-U3.

    I am unable to start plex plugin or plex jail after installing 11.2-U3. I am still having a problem with the spaces from Plex Media Server. I tried entering the destination manually from the GUI \040 but that just creates a new directory with the name Plex\040Media\040Server in the jail. Mount...
  39. JoshDW19

    PLEXYdrive NAS

    Have you all seen this? I have to admit I'm impressed they could fit that in this chassis.
  40. O

    Plex vs Plex-Pass Plugin

    I have only found one thread on this topic, with no real answers. I have a Plex plugin managed by iocage, but have recently purchased Plex Pass. Do I need a Plex-Pass plugin to make use of the Plex-Pass features? What's the difference between those two plugins? If there are features in the Plex...
  41. M

    Hardlink/Symlink from transmission to Plex and still be able to seed and use filebot

    Hi, I want to be able to Hardlink/Symlink from my transmission folder to my Plex folder so my media doesn't take up double the space considering what limited space I am working with. I want to be able to use FileBot to organize my media and I would be managing everything through windows although...
  42. M

    Plex won't play videos

    Hi. I'm new to FreeNAS and trying to learn. I've installed Plex and got everything to work when i put the movies in my movie folder to show up but Plex won't play the files for some reason. There is no error or anything it's just loading forever and never starts playing. I'm running wide open...
  43. M

    Plex vill inte spela filer

    Hej. Väldigt ny på FreeNAS och försöker sätta mig in i hur alla fungerar. Börjar förstå en hel del och fått till det som jag vill men plex krånglar. Kan lägga in filer i min film-mapp och dom dyker upp i plex precis som dom ska men går inte att spela!? Någon som har en ide på vad det kan vara...
  44. M

    Hailing from Houston TX

    Long time system admin and looking to build my first home NAS using this list as a guide. Currently reading up on HDD's to get an idea on what would be the best drive to use and the best raid pool setup to use for my purposes. Planning on this build being a fileserver as well as a plex server...
  45. Fattrain

    Cannot Update Plex (9.10 Jail) on FreeNAS 11.2-U2.1

    Current PlexPass Version Installed = Current FreshPorts PlexPass Version Available = Yes, I know I am on the new platform and should be migrating to IOCage but I'm not 100% comfortable doing so and can't afford a mis-step when it comes to the library of 20tb I've spent...
  46. R

    What User and Password in FreeNAS (11.2)

    What User and Password in FreeNAS (11.2) do I use when I am trying to create a share (map network drive) in windows 10. I have my FreeNAS working fine and installed the appropriate mount points in the jail for plex. Problem is when I try to create the share in windows 10, now matter what...
  47. J

    Plugin Installations Giving the following Error: [EFAULT] Exception: URLError:< urlopen error [Errno 8] hostname nor servname provided, or not known >

    I am on FreeNas 11.2. I am trying to install the Plex Media Server Plugin. I have done 1. Config a Jail Manager for my active pool 2. Click install the Plex Media Server I get the following error: [EFAULT] Exception: URLError:< urlopen error [Errno 8] hostname nor servname provided, or not...
  48. D

    Installing Plugins on new Install

    I have installed a new version of FreeNas. When i try and install a plugin the install Hangs at 50.00% -Multimedia/FFMPEG for the plex media server PlexPass. I saw the 11.2-u2 had problems with VNET causing hangs in Jails. So because it was a new install I downloaded the 11.2U1 iso and...
  49. JoshDW19

    Plex Media Server Plugin Video

    We've released a new how-to video about setting up Plex for beginners. You can check it out below. Let us know what you think! Are there any tips you would add for a newcomer to Plex?
  50. R

    Shared object "" not found

    Hi I have plex install as a plugin in Freenas 9.10 i use the commands to update (because when i update to the new 11 version wont work): jexec 3 csh fetch -o chmod 755 ./