1. L

    TP-LINK 3468 support

    Does FreeNAS 11.2 u7 support this NIC? I installed it on my H61MLB2 v2.0, it generates the Static IP but I can't access the network GUI. I just purchased a TP-LINK gigabit wifi router with model Archer A6 A1200. I just really want to convert my old motherboard to gigabit so that my NAS won't...
  2. E

    Recommended NIC

    So I am new to FreeNas and I am trying to use a old pc as a NAS. It does pass the small nas minimum. When I plugged in ethernet to my mb(motherboard) and tried to install it kept giving me a ip (my motherboard is the: ASRock N68-GS4 FX R2.0 ). So I think it is the ethernet port that is...
  3. aindriu

    Problem adding a new NIC

    Hi, I just added a new NIC to increase transfer speed on my LAN but it is not showing up in FreeNAS(pic). The card I bought was a Ugreen PCI-E PCI E Express: I just read some threads about compatibility...
  4. P

    Add another NIC to VM?

    Hi everyone, Do you know any way to add another NIC to a VM? Currently after adding a NIC you cannot add another one ( 11.2 ). Is there a possibility to add another NIC via command line and make it permanent?
  5. thorion

    HP NC550SFP card throws Fatal trap 12 on boot

    I'm running a fresh install of FreeNAS 11.2-RELEASE-U1 which worked fine until I added HP NC550SFP 581199-01 10Gbe NIC. With the NIC installed freenas won't boot and throws Fatal trap 12 error, but when I removed the card it works fine. I even tried to do a fresh install but even booting of the...
  6. A

    NIC Suddenly Gone

    Hi all, no matter how I destroy FreeNAS I always forget to create backups on the config lol. My problem here is that I tried accessing plex today, noticed it didn't work so I went to the FreeNAS web GUI and couldn't connect. Weird... So I went to the physical server (HP Proliant DL380G7) to see...
  7. Wanderhoden.

    [2018] 10G NIC Compatibility: Mellanox ConnectX-2 / ConnectX-3

    Hey there, just a quick question, as I can't find any recent information that is up to date right now [11/2018]. Is anyone using a Mellanox ConnectX-2 or ConnectX-3 SFP+ NIC along with Freenas 11.1 U6? Do you have any issues or suggestions which one to pick? The ConnectX-3's price seems to be...
  8. Spud

    Removing LAGG Interface

    HI, I currently have 4 NICs on my freenas box and 3 of those are configured as a lagg interface ( I want to temporarily remove the lagg interface for reasons I won't go into. I am trying to configure the 4th NIC on a different subnet ( so I can still access the...
  9. M

    Bind Transmission to a specific NIC

    Hi - I'm looking for a little - maybe a lot - of help/guidance in how to bind the Transmission Jail to a specific NIC? My motherboard has 2 NICs (see signature), one goes to the ISP's router (192.168.1.x) and the other i'd like to go to a VPN enabled router (192.168.2.x). Is such a thing...
  10. W

    Iocage jail has no internet access with second NIC

    I'm on FreeNas 11.2 BETA2. I have a couple of Iocage jails. I want one of them on another subnet. So I have two NIC's both on a different subnet, by example: and I configured the jail to use the second NIC. I can access it of within the same subnet, but the jail itself...
  11. H

    New and in need of help

    For starters I am a complete noob to FreeNAS and networking in general honestly, and I'm hoping the community can help me along the process. So I’ll start at the beginning... Work was throwing out some old server towers and I snagged a couple to use for a NAS. They’re sporting Intel Xeon quad...
  12. oasisck

    VM won't start

    Hi everyone, I'm using FreeNAS since 1 year. ATM I'm using 11.1-U5 I want to create a VM but it won't start. root@freenas:~ # tail -f /var/log/messages /var/log/middlewared.log /var/log/debug.log ==> /var/log/messages <== Jun 19 15:49:01 freenas kernel: tap0: promiscuous mode enabled Jun 19...
  13. S

    VM networking

    Hey everyone. Recently I built a small FreeNAS server for a my friend's small company(like 5 people) ... later he asked if I could run a Windows server 2012 VM to be the host of their office automation app. Now my question is that transparent the VM would be on the network? Will the...
  14. F

    FreeNAS crashing, stack backtrace errors with NIC

    FreeNAS appliance has intermittently crashed twice over the past few days and I'm unsure what's causing it. In checking /var/log/messages, I noticed that there are several "stack backtrace" messages related to the network interfaces after the system has recovered from the kernel panic. Dec...
  15. D

    SOLVED Bhyve NIC mac address

    Is it possible to assign a specific mac address to the NIC of a Bhyve Guest (specifically Ubuntu 16.04) This assumes one is using FreeNAS-11.0-U2 (e417d8aa5) -dekker
  16. C

    VM NIC to physical NIC mapping

    Hello, I'm trying to get a VM up and running with a dual NIC set up. My host has two physical NICs. Where/how do I configure virtual NIC to physical NIC mapping? During the VM set up, it only allows adding a NIC and that's it. If it makes a difference, my guest is linux. Thanks.
  17. Uvais Mohammed

    No network interfaces are detected HP Proliant DL180 G6

    Hi, I have installed Freenas on HP180 G6 series and post installation I don't see any ethernet adapters to configure. I just see 1 interface which shows as lo0 which has 127.x.x.x IP address. When I am pressing 1 to configure network interfaces, I don't see any NIC ports. I have also tried...
  18. I

    Mellanox Connectx-2 with FreeNAS 11

    I just got in a Mellanox Connectx-2 card and put it into my FreeNAS server. I have been unsuccessful at getting it to work. FreeNAS is able to see the card and i am able to see it in the command line network configuration of FreeNAS. When I set it as the default nic and give it a static ip...
  19. I

    allocating NICs to plugin jails

    I am running freenas on a ibm x3650 m3 that has 4 1gb Ethernet ports.. how does one assign nextcloud its own nic? When go to the networking settings in jails for nextcloud the NIC settings are grayed out..
  20. M

    New cheap Asus XG-C100C NIC

    Hi, A couple of weeks ago I read about the Asus XG-C100C Nic. Has anyone already done any testing/any experience with this Nic one a FreeNAS Machine?
  21. StarkJohan

    FreeNAS 11 RC4 VMs fail to start with NIC device added

    I'm on FN11-RC4. Creating a VM from the GUI and adding disk, VNC and CDROM seems to work fine. This allows me to get the VM to a RUNNING state, connect over VNC (with high image quality) and start the OS installation of ubuntu server 16.04. However, when activating a NIC device for a VM it...
  22. S

    Hardware iSCSI offload and FreeNAS?

    In my sdetup, I'm using dual-port Chelsio 10G cards throughout my home lab (Chelsio T420-CR and a few T420-LL-CR's, the low latency version, specifically). FreeNAS 9.10.2U3 - soon to be 11RC - is on its own physical server and shares datasets and zvols on Samba and iSCSI respectively. The main...
  23. B

    GA-X48-DS4 - max memory per channel?

    Hi all, noob here. I was wondering if anyone remembers having this board, it will have an e8500 in it. Manual is here - 1) I have a question about the max memory - It's 8Gb and has 4 slots. I'm assuming that means it's 2Gb...
  24. Hassan Aftab

    TimeMachine on a server with Two* interfaces

    Hello guys! My post is related to multiple NICs on the server and how AFP binds with them. I have been using HP Mirco Server with LACP, and FreeNAS is primarily used as a TimeMachine server. How it works: 2 NICs aggregated via LACP and AFP bound on this. How it does NOT work: 2NICs...
  25. E

    SOLVED HP Z800 NIC Insight

    My Z800's built-in B'com NIC seems to be incompatible w/ FreeNAS, so I need to buy a separate NIC (afaik). Googling around shows that compatible nics include Intel's PRO/1000 (dual or quad port) or its Gigabit CT product. However, the current freenas recommendation guide suggests the Intel...
  26. P

    Hello FreeNas Community

    I am excited to have built my first FreeNas System (FreeNAS-9.10 STABLE but without any updates, downloaded the first week of november), essentially using the ddr4 equivalent of what is found on Brian Moses EconoNas 2016 build here. No link version: ASUS B150M-K, 6x2TB HGST Deskstar 7200RPM...
  27. Bensonjohnson

    plex dedicated nic troubles

    I am attempting to set up one of my jails (plex) to have its own nic. Let it be known my knowledge of networking is a tad rough. I set up my server on address reservation through my router for the main server connection. I then tried to do same for setting plex to have its own ip based on the...