1. D

    FreeNAS freezing completely after trying to access pool using SMB, AFP, etc

    Hello, I have this problem, when I tried to access files from FreeNAS over SMB, UI stopped working, all jails and everything just stopped working. Server is visible on network scan, ports are open, but server is not responding anything. Notice that this only happens when you try to access...
  2. bigjiggity

    Slow copy from mac pro to FreeNAS

    slow copy from mac to freenas ########### CONFIG ####################### i5/32GB ram/perc6 hba (passthrough)/usb key boot/240GB x2 (ZIL/L2arc) Dell MD1000 2TB HGST 7200 SATA x 15 3 zvols, 5 disk per vol, raid-z2, striped, 1 pool ######################################### created SMB...
  3. R

    AFP share access issue 11.2-U5 and now 11.2-U3

    Hello.. I have a rather annoying issue.. After updating my 11.2-U3 installation to U5, my apple users suddenly stopped having access to their home-folders (requires user credentials that are checked against LDAP).. I my afp.log i see this: Jul 10 12:30:33.720985 cnid_metad[3716]...
  4. RKMStudios

    Slow speeds on AFP.

    Hello, This is my first post in this community, so I apologize if I don't give all the information that is needed. I am eager to learn, but very new to a lot of this. I have a 2U all flash system purchased from iXsystems and I am having some difficulty maximizing the throughput to my clients...
  5. S

    AFP performance differences between copy and "stream", AFP features

    Hello all, I'm facing an issue that I don't know if it's normal or not, and Google didn't give me any good results. If I copy a file from my NAS, I get around 115MB/s via Gigabit Ethernet, fine for me. However, if I try to watch a movie from the server (with a bitrate of 200Mb/s - megabits)...
  6. Peppo

    SOLVED How to restrict users for AFP homes?

    Hello I would like to restrict the home directories which I export through AFP to specific groups. For normal AFP shares you can configure this in "Allow List". But for the home directories, which you configure in "Services -> AFP" there's only an option to set "global auxiliary parameters"...
  7. C

    What is the best way to backup from MacBook Pro

    Hi all, I'm an absolute rookie so apologies if I annoy anyone trying to help. I have Freenas installed on a Hp Microserver and I use it simply to back-up all my media. My girlfriend now wants to do this as well with some of her design work so I installed a couple of new drives (WD red) and...
  8. SangieWolf

    Can't Create Folders from MacOS using AFP

    I ended up switching from SMB to AFP due to issues with being slow. I'm using macOS 10.13.1 with a FreeNAS build FreeNAS-11.1-U6. When I try to create a new folder, it states I don't have permissions. I can rename folders and files, create files, move files, etc. I just can't modify...
  9. T

    NextCloud using the same Shares as SMB, etc

    Hi all, I'm a newbie in FreeNAS community. I've successfully set up AFP, SMB, NFS using UNIX permissions. I would like my NextCloud to read and write all the files from my Shares through AFP. I've tried with enabling external storages in NextCloud, however, I won't have correct r/w permissions...
  10. muffinMan

    macOS users: how to tweak AFP and SMB shares to work simultaneously?

    I'm new to FreeNAS. I'm running 11.1-U4 and set up two shares: an AFP share for Time Machine and an SMB for media. It works, but not 100% as it's supposed to I think... I'm looking for some advice or direction to resources that might help me. When looking at Finder, I see my NAS, but only can...
  11. pixel8383

    SOLVED Time Machine backup very slow

    I am running a FreeNAS server (FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE) on a HP Proliant Microserver Gen 10 (8GB ECC-RAM, Intel NIC, 4TB mirrored WD Red disks) but I am finding pretty slow performances during Time Machine backups through wi-fi. I have tried to test the connection speed using iPerf3 and it's enough...
  12. nickt

    AFP Time Machine share broken in FreeNAS 11.1

    Hi all, I'm working through a number of issues that have emerged after upgrading from FreeNAS 9.10.2 to 11.1. I've had Time Machine backups running for a few years very reliably. Since upgrading to 11.1, TM backups work occasionally, but mostly I get a "TM share can't be found" error. When this...
  13. B

    AFP shares disappeared after setting up Time Machine

    I noticed interesting behavior: 1. My freenas 11.1 was working fine, I have AFP shares for macs and SMB for Windows machines 2. I've successfully set up Time Machine, and got my machine backed up Then.. * AFP shares disappeared from Finder. I now see Windows (SMB) shares. * I am able to...
  14. E

    Recommendation for cross-platform sharing Apple/Windows

    Hi, I have to share a dataset (2.5 TB) to apple and windows users. I've read a lot of reports about such projects within the last weeks, all telling the same. Apple support of SMB is quite broken. No spotlight search, no indexing, not able to extract zip archives on a SMB share. Those are the...
  15. Grinas

    issues on Mac with network share

    Hey, I am sharing drives for Windows, Mac, and Linux. I have no issue on Windows and I have not noticed any issues on Linux but I rarely use it. I noticed that I get a lot of issues with accessing on the Mac whether I am using the apple AFP share. Issues I get: 1. If I copy a folder/file on...
  16. U

    Timemachine - The backup disk image .. already in use

    Hi Guys, Im new to the forum but unfortunately with a problem! I've had a search and a good google which seems to offer help for other platforms but i can't find anything relating to freenas. I have Freenas 11 and im using AFP to create a TM share I have managed to create 1x backup no...
  17. B

    AFP shares dont show in finder

    Hi, I have a couple of afp shares, timemachines and smb shares (separate datasets) and i am having stability issues. The freenas server doesnt show up in the finder sidabar nor in go->networks. If i restart the afp service on freenas, it shows up in finder. If i switch between wired and wlan or...
  18. wombatlover

    AFP Discovery On Multiple Subnets

    Hi, Long timer lurker first time poster. I have a FreeNas box with two NICS connected to different subnets. When connecting on the first network FreeNas uses and gets its address via DHCP I can see the AFP shares on OSX straight away. When connecting to the second network nothing we have to...
  19. E

    SOLVED Mysterious user locks file on AFP share...for some

    On our freenas server my girlfriend and I share a common dataset (/mnt/Volume/DSCommon), with equal permissions (via group), although I am also owner. Tonight, we both accessed an Excel file on this dataset, although not simultaneously, but in sequence. After she had closed the file again (and...
  20. gegtor

    Can't enable AFP share indexing on macOS

    I'm trying to enable spotlight indexing on my AFP FreeNAS share and it returns indexing disabled or unknown indexing state I tried everything aka everything that i found on google I think that it's something to do with my share permissions not with my indexing because a) indexing works fine...
  21. gegtor

    Can I use FreeNAS Corral? (+ other questions)

    Hi guys i come here as ultra unhappy unRAID 6 client and want to ask some questions :) Here are they Can i use FreeNAS Corral? is it okay to use for few VM's and basic file sharing? (i want FreeNAS Corral because of UI) How good AFP shares work in FreeNAS? i have few Mac's and 2 Pc's and my...
  22. L

    Apple share won't show on network

    Hi I have tried to setup an Apple time machine share by following a guide on this forum however it will not show on my Macs network. If I make an SMB share then it does show on my Macs network? But I do not want this as I will be using the disk as a time machine. Help appreciated new to FreeNAS
  23. B

    Does FreeNAS have a trash bin?

    I am about to finish the setup of FreeNAS, but I was wondering if it has a trash bin, like USB drives or my computer. If this is the case, how can I clear it and disable it? Note: I am using RaidZ ZFS with SMB and AFP shares.
  24. F

    Time Machine Backups via AFP to home share

    Hi all, I've been trying to setup a FreeNAS 11 system to serve as a Time Machine server for multiple users/clients. All the forum threads that I've read have people either creating separate zfs targets for each user/client or creating 1 share and granting all users access to see it. Neither of...
  25. V

    FreeNAS 11 - problem with detecting afp share for time machine

    Кто сталкивался с такой проблемой. При настройке afp шары для использования в time machine, в меню выбора диска доступный диск становится только тогда, когда перед этим предварительно примонтировать его в систему по afp протоколу. Хотя раньше такой проблемы не наблюдалось и в списке были...
  26. J

    SOLVED Time Machine no longer working

    Hi there, I have had my trusty FreeNAS server working well for several years now - it handles most tasks and used to be my time machine server for my Mac too. However at the beginning of this year the Time Machine backups suddenly started working after I updated to 9.10.2-U2. In spite of...
  27. Hassan Aftab

    TimeMachine on a server with Two* interfaces

    Hello guys! My post is related to multiple NICs on the server and how AFP binds with them. I have been using HP Mirco Server with LACP, and FreeNAS is primarily used as a TimeMachine server. How it works: 2 NICs aggregated via LACP and AFP bound on this. How it does NOT work: 2NICs...
  28. D

    Time Machine share settings with Active Directory authentication

    I had this working but it stopped and I'm not sure why. What are the correct Dataset and Sharing permissions so that I can authenticate with my Windows Domain user name/password to access my Time Machine share? For my Dataset permissions, I have: Apply owner: checked Owner (user): nobody Apply...
  29. C

    AFP performance

    Hi, n00b here. I recently built a small FreeNAS for Plexing, and NAS (obviously). Specs: (Available hardware at the time, yes, I'm on a budget) MB: ASUS H61-ME Pentium G2030 @ 3.0, 16GB RAM 3x2TB Seagate drives on Raid0 (yes... I know.. I have copies) NIC is the embedded in the MB. (Realtek)...
  30. A

    Some folders not visible via AFP (only sometimes)

    Hi, I have a freenas which has been using CIFS for about a year. A few days ago I enabled AFP for some of my volumes that are in use by Macs because I noticed that the throughput increased about sixfold (from ~14MBps to ~85 MBps). But I noticed that one of my folders on a volume that I use...
  31. Hans Baumeister

    Can't write to AFP shares (arg!)

    Okay, this is really annoying and I hope someone can help: I have a bunch of datasets that I'm sharing via AFP (only). The issue is: no matter what I do in setting the ownership of the datasets or the access rights via the shares, I am unable to create, for example, new directories (or delete...
  32. gabster

    Share Accessed by Mac and Win?

    Hi Gang - So I have this folder on my NAS (afp share) that's seen perfectly fine by my Mac, etc. But now I would like to access the same folder from a Windows 10 machine on the same network. I've read about on the forums, but I didn't find a solution yet. Thanks! Gabster
  33. W

    New FreeNAS setup, unable to keep Time Machine working. + Sophos

    I am new to FreeNAS. I have set up a HP Gen8 Microserver with an IBM compatible LSI 1015 SAS/SAN card. 4 3T drives in one RAIDZ volume with 2 datasets to eventually be used to back up two different Macs. FreeNAS-9.10.1-U2. The initial system I want to back up is an iMac running Sierra...