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AFP performance

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Mar 11, 2017
Hi, n00b here. I recently built a small FreeNAS for Plexing, and NAS (obviously).
Specs: (Available hardware at the time, yes, I'm on a budget)
MB: ASUS H61-ME Pentium G2030 @ 3.0, 16GB RAM 3x2TB Seagate drives on Raid0 (yes... I know.. I have copies)
NIC is the embedded in the MB. (Realtek); according to GUI system is healthy, drives are also healthy.

System is FreeNAS-9.10.2-U1 (86c7ef5)

Created 3 datasets (Media, Music) and Jails.. for Plex + Transmission

The only real computer that is accessing the shares is a MB Pro late 2015, over WiFi (for the time being); (macOS Sierra) 16GB RAM, 256 SSD.

So far transmission works ok and so does Plex.

I'm trying to add files to iTunes (50,000+ songs) (650Gb-ish (album artworks and other stuff) but AFP is really giving me headaches.
Adding 2-3 albums is fine. iTunes goes fast reading those..but when adding more files it just takes forever to read artworks and eternity to "determine gapless playback information"..
I've seen a dsi_stream_read: len:0, unexpected EOF when I access the shares (first I had created datasets not seeing that I was creating those for UNIX type I had to copy the information to other proper shares and speeded up a bit)...

Could AFP be the bottleneck for those horrible read/write speeds?
as I type I am trying to add the same files over Swinsian and seems like Swinsian will kick iTunes butt right away.. (I added a few hundred folders last night and iTunes has not completed YET..)

As a n00b with FreeNAS no I have no experience re-building netatalk (saw some posts related to the EOF for afpd) (I can tell you that Aperture kills mounted volumes right away)...

Since creating the build I also created a user for accessing and with a few hiccups in the past I managed to set the right credentials so now I am able to connect to the shares, create folders, etc.

Please, any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.. and please be merciful I am a n00b
Mar 11, 2017
AFP is being deprecated by Apple. Suggest you switch to SMB shares.
Thanks for the article ref...
So.. taking your suggestion, should I create a new dataset for a Windows Share or, despite that I will be using it with a Mac does it matter, really? or should I create that dataset "as is" by default (Unix) and just create the SMB Share.. (shares... later if I can get performance boosted)... thanks..

realizing also that iTunes is giving me a hard time.. so far Swinsian is still going pretty fast taking into account that I am reading the files via WiFi...

Thanks again man!


Senior Member
Aug 19, 2013
Apple is making the default prefer SMB connections. But you have to look at the baggage, Apple with AFP gets to make changes that make it faster. If you read the WIKI on AFP you see it has been upgraded steadily over the years for client improvements. From a speed standpoint AFP should be MUCH faster than SBM... Here is a short article that may help from a technical viewpoint:


Dec 20, 2013