1. okynnor

    Catalina broke SMB

    Hi, Has anyone else been experiencing access denied issues under Catalina with SMB? I don't see this issue under Mojave.
  2. T

    SOLVED ACL weirdness when tagging files on SMB shares from MacOS

    Hello forum... I have an SMB share running on Freenas 11.2-U3 My MacOS users can use the share as expected, unless they tag a directory (A feature of the MacOS Finder). This will add extended attributes to a dir. Once a file is tagged, it can no longer be moved or deleted. Tagging files works...
  3. K

    SOLVED Linux, Windows and Mac Sharing

    Hi everyone! I've been using Freenas for about three months now. Unfortunately, last week my hdd (connected through a USB port) where the system was installed died. I took a DB config backup one week earlier the failure happened. It was a simple home config: two shared folders (/mnt/storage...
  4. RKMStudios

    Slow speeds on AFP.

    Hello, This is my first post in this community, so I apologize if I don't give all the information that is needed. I am eager to learn, but very new to a lot of this. I have a 2U all flash system purchased from iXsystems and I am having some difficulty maximizing the throughput to my clients...
  5. T

    SAMBA: Account 'guest' can log in from Linux, but not from MacOS?

    Hello there... I have a SAMBA share on Freenas11.2-U2 with guest access enabled: root@ultraman:~ # testparm -s Registered MSG_REQ_POOL_USAGE Registered MSG_REQ_DMALLOC_MARK and LOG_CHANGED Load smb config files from /usr/local/etc/smb4.conf Processing section "[FRUITTEST]" Loaded services file...
  6. T

    SOLVED MacOS users on SAMBA shares can only change tags on own files?

    Hello there... All my users are on MacOS. They can tag files on SAMBA shares with various colours (A feature in the MacOS FInder). However, it only works on files the user is the owner off. It does not matter if the permissions are set to 777 using chmod (R/W for everyone). The user can change...
  7. T

    SOLVED How to copy extended attributes created by MacOS clients to other files?

    Hello there.... I'd like to change tags on files as created by my MacOS users. I a share, I have two files tagged "red" and "green". This is what I get when listing the extended attributes: lsextattr user * tagged_green DOSATTRIB org.netatalk.Metadata...
  8. A

    SMB Freigaben ohne Zugriffsrechte ausblenden

    Sehr geehrte Community, ich bin schon ein paar Tage glücklich mit meinem FreeNAS und bin jetzt doch auf eine Kleinigkeit gestoßen, die ich gern ändern würde und wo die "ergoogelten" Lösungen nicht helfen. Ist es möglich (insbesondere unter MacOS) SMB Freigaben wo der User keine Lese- oder...
  9. hendry

    SOLVED Unsupported volume type

    When trying to use my FreeNAS which holds my FCPX libraries with FCPX on MacOS over a smb:// share I get: I heard that FCPX will work with Libraries on network shares if the share is fast enough. I have a wired gigabit connection here. Is there something I am missing??
  10. muffinMan

    macOS users: how to tweak AFP and SMB shares to work simultaneously?

    I'm new to FreeNAS. I'm running 11.1-U4 and set up two shares: an AFP share for Time Machine and an SMB for media. It works, but not 100% as it's supposed to I think... I'm looking for some advice or direction to resources that might help me. When looking at Finder, I see my NAS, but only can...
  11. Simon Pierre Desrosiers

    importing zfs pool into an ixsytem freenas mini xl

    Hello all, I have a pool running in a mac on 8 drives which are installed in a SanS digital esata enclosure. The enclosure is giving me headaches, frequently putting esata chain offlines. Instead of buying a new enclosure, I was thinking to pop the disk into an ixsystem freenas mini xl and...
  12. M

    SMB share to Mac & Linux machines, no Windows

    Hi, I'm looking to share a dataset from my FreeNAS 11.1 server to my Mac and Ubuntu machines, I currently have no Windows machines and don't plan to, at least for the foreseeable future. From reading around a bit, I think an SMB share is my best option. I tried setting up a dataset with "share...
  13. D

    SOLVED Issues with sharing (write permission) and time machines (3 pc and 2 users)

    EDIT: solution/workaround is the next post below. ---- I am performing initial setup of FreeNAS 11 and have some issues with TimeMachine and sharing (write permissions for users). I have 3 PC, two of which have to have time machines and all three should have access to the main data set. I have...
  14. M

    SOLVED SMB Shares Can't be Accessed From a Mac Machine.

    Update [Oct 14, 2017] As of FreeNAS-11-MASTER-201710140514, this issue seems to have been solved; confirmed on two different FreeNAS machines. Mamdoh -------------- Hi everyone, I’m having a problem with SMB shares on MacOS Sierra. I can see the shares in “Finder”, but, when I click on them...
  15. gegtor

    Can I use FreeNAS Corral? (+ other questions)

    Hi guys i come here as ultra unhappy unRAID 6 client and want to ask some questions :) Here are they Can i use FreeNAS Corral? is it okay to use for few VM's and basic file sharing? (i want FreeNAS Corral because of UI) How good AFP shares work in FreeNAS? i have few Mac's and 2 Pc's and my...
  16. C

    AFP performance

    Hi, n00b here. I recently built a small FreeNAS for Plexing, and NAS (obviously). Specs: (Available hardware at the time, yes, I'm on a budget) MB: ASUS H61-ME Pentium G2030 @ 3.0, 16GB RAM 3x2TB Seagate drives on Raid0 (yes... I know.. I have copies) NIC is the embedded in the MB. (Realtek)...