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AFP performance differences between copy and "stream", AFP features

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Feb 2, 2019
Hello all,

I'm facing an issue that I don't know if it's normal or not, and Google didn't give me any good results.

If I copy a file from my NAS, I get around 115MB/s via Gigabit Ethernet, fine for me. However, if I try to watch a movie from the server (with a bitrate of 200Mb/s - megabits), the system chokes and I get only 3MB/s from the server on QuickTime and Final Cut Pro X. I was hoping that I could edit videos straight from my server, without having to copy them to my computer). All that via AFP.

I thought that it would not perform well to access the files randomly, like when you edit videos and read different parts of the file. But that would not explain the poor performance watching a movie using QuickTime.

However, I can watch videos using VLC fine.

I considered migrating to SMB, as Apple deprecated AFP. However, if I mount SMB shares, I don't get Finder tags. They are not lost. If I mount the same share via AFP, Finder shows the tags. Tags are essential to organize my media.

Has anyone heard of these issues, and has any suggestions?

My server has 4x 2TB HDD, RAIDZ. I am pretty much the only user. I run a Linux VM there, it has 1GB of RAM allocated, and 1 jail with Nextcloud and also only rarely more than 2 users connected.