1. T

    Quota storage for user

    Hi everyone, I am new on FreeNAS and i have a question. I read documentation on the web and the forum but is not clear for me what is the better way to define quota for users. I know 2 methods: 1. Set the quota for Dataset and create 1 dataset for user to define the quota. 2. Set the quota...
  2. K

    'getent passwd' showing different number of users in AD depending on the day?

    Hi, we have a FreeNAS configured to work with our AD but we are experiencing a strange issue: depending on the day, 'getent passwd' shows a different number of users in AD. For instance, 26.XXX, 6.XXX, 5XX, etc. We have disabled the FreeNAS cache for the Active Directory, but it's still not...
  3. K

    Users and groups from Active Directory not shown in the pools permissions editor dropdowns

    Hello, I am trying to set permissions for some pools using users and groups from my company's Active Directory but I don't see them in the pools permissions editor dropdowns. It's strange because the FreeNAS seems to be correctly joined to the Active Directory. For instance, 'wbinfo -t' returns...
  4. S

    Problems with privileges

    How about, I have a shared folder, which appears with the user file, but the strange thing is that it appears with a user systems, when it has already been erased completely, what can happen?.
  5. Digitaldreams

    FN11.2 Help me understand how users and ownership work when creating jails and apps

    I originally setup my server over 2 years ago and with the new update, I'm trying to relearn how to setup jails and work with the OS. My main goal now is to rebuild my jails so they are under iocage. That brings me to why I'm here...there's a lot I don't remember. 1. So this is what I'm trying...
  6. William Bravin

    RC2 not working

    hello all just installed 11.2 RC2 all menus with the exception of system and dashboard are not populated. I can no longer see my pools my users, my jails and my snapshots. I tried to re-import the disks to no avail do i reset to factory from the console or did i forget to do something?
  7. F

    SOLVED "SAVE" button stays disabled when making changes to a user in the webGUI

    Hi, I got a problem with my brand new freenas install. On the webGUI : Account / Users the "SAVE" button is greyed so I can't set my email address. The only way to "SAVE" is to change "enable password login" to NO. There is post for a bug : It is said...
  8. DAXQ

    Viewing open files and shares

    I am sure this is not a great question, but on a Windows File Server - I can go to Computer Management > Shared Folders > Shares, Sessions, or Open Files and see who is connected to the server and what files may be opened. If there an equivalent means to do this with command line BSD, or...
  9. K

    Problem with permissions, multiple shares & multiple users

    I apologize in advance if I'm posting in the wrong topic, and I've been searching for a solution for this for a while without any luck. I'm new to FreeNAS (and any server OS software in fact) and posting in forums, so go easy on me. I'm setting up a server for a non-profit organization and I'm...
  10. T

    User's Primary Group shows no members

    When checking Members in the Groups panel, groups show no users that have that group set as primary and only show users that have it set as auxiliary. Is this normal and how come? Are the users still actually members of their primary group and will have access to files if their primary group is...
  11. cronsloth

    Unable to Add or Remove Users from Groups

    Hey Everyone, Couldn't find a thread that was explaining the same issue, but here it is. Everything was working fine, nothing was modified or changed, but now I am unable to modify anything with regards to groups or users. I have tried (through the GUI) to do the following, all result in a...
  12. A

    SSH only working with root

    Hi, So I just set up 11.0 U4 and I'm trying to get SSH to work for my users. So far only root can SSH using keys, for users I get the following error from putty: "Disconnected: no supported authentication methods available (server sent: publickey). Using the same key with root is no problem at...
  13. R

    I can't get adduser to work in batch mode

    Per the man page for adduser: -f file Get the list of accounts to create from file. If file is “-”, then get the list from standard input. If this option is specified, adduser will operate in batch mode and will not seek any user input. If an error is encountered while...
  14. takkischitt

    Help! Setting up certain folders to be 'locked' to general users (permissions)

    Hi I've been trying on and off for quite a while now to set up my server the way I'd like it, but I'm really struggling with how to set up permissions correctly. I've read tutorials and watched videos, but I'm just not sure I'm doing things correctly as I just cannot get the system set up the...
  15. Jacopx

    RSYNC over SSH without pw auth

    Buonasera a tutti! ;) I have set up some share from automatically backup. I ran a simply script on my Mac that synchronise everything. I have tried to launch the script both from my user (jacopx) and from root. I have noticed that the ROOT communication doesn't not required the password...
  16. J

    4 users how to set privilleges rules..

    Hello I have installed Freenas, and I have 4 users.. User1 will be sent files to user2, and user3 and user4.. (folders user1, user2, user3, user4) User2 will be sent files to user1 and user3 and user4.. (folders user1, user2, user3, user4) How to set that this will work .. when user1 sent...
  17. J

    Active directory not showing users or groups

    Hello, I'm sure this has come up a few times but i can't seem to get this working, found plenty of articles but none seem to help. I think the AD settings are correct. I'm using a Windows 2008 R2 DC and using Freenas version FreeNAS-9.10.2-U3 with the updates installed. It appears to have...
  18. T

    Permissions for each user for dataset

    Hello everyone, I write because I have not found anything on the web that would allow me to solve my problem. My problem is that having a dataset that I call "Daset1" I have not figured out how to assign permissions for users who have 3, permissions must be assigned so that "user1" and "user3"...
  19. Q

    Dataset permissions cannot be saved.

    Hello! I have problems with the following... yesterday ive created a dataset called: Quincy Fleuren and it up for *q_fleuren* After getting into the folder there was a unhidden folder called q_fleuren in the setup *Quincy Fleuren* folder So i moved this folder out on to my desktop since i...
  20. Vega Alpha

    Curses based user and group management

    I found the user and group management in the FreeNAS web GUI. I'm not looking to replace that. I'm concerned with users and groups in a FreeNAS jail. I found the command line tools for this but I find them tedious. I did not find in the FreeNAS documentation any mention of a curses based...