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Hardware Recommendations Guide

Hardware Recommendations Guide Discussion Thread Rev 2a) 2021-01-24


Feb 15, 2014
Probably a good idea.


Jul 15, 2015
Oh, you're right! Intel may not have yet officially (re)launched W-1200 CPUs "for servers".
But would that prevent anyone from using the current "workstation" W-1200 CPUs in a NAS or a homelab server? :wink:

Supermicro may go strictly by the Intel playbook, and have only "workstation" boards at this stage (X12SCA, S12SAE, and even X12SAE-5 with W580), but at least AsRockRack has not noticed that the chips are "for workstations" (or just ignored Intel marketing…) and has a genuine W480 server board, the W480D4U. 2*PCIe x8 from CPU, 8 SATA, 2*M.2, 2*i210 LAN, Aspeed 2500 BMC, no sound… This sounds like the spec sheet for a yet-unreleased X12SCH-F.
Sorry to dust this up but trying to find a relevant thread. I have an X10SL7 passing through the LSI onboard controller to make Truenas stable in a virtual environment. Looking at the X12SAE-5 right now and don't want to just assume that I can pass along the 6 Sata ports using the Intel W580 chipset because it seems to run a great many different things on the board. Anyone have an experience with this board or passing through intel chipsets to handle Truenas on ESXI?

*edit* went ahead and took a chance on the X12SAE-5 and it does not work for the use case above. The W580 chipset that connects the Sata connection is listed as a device in the hardware section but grayed out so unable to pass through on esxi. Very very fun board to put together and super fast with the W-1370, it's a damn shame. Without the ability to use Truenas along with other VMs on Esxi it's simply too fast of a machine for me. I haven't really come across a reasonably priced more updated board that could operate like the X10SL7 in the time I've been looking.
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