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Resource icon version for Core and Scale 1.6c

ZPool & SMART status report.

Original script by joeschmuck, modified by Bidelu0hm, then by melp. Minor corrections by TooMuchData.
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Latest updates

  1. Major Enhancements (thanks to Joe Schmuck)

    With version 1.6c you may use an external configuration file. Use [-h] to read the Help...
  2. Another tweak from Joe

    At lines 348 and 349 are two new options: the temperature value and if data does not exist you...
  3. Substantial Rewrite by Joe Schmuck (my hero)

    ### Changelog v1.6: (31 July 2022) # - Complete rewrite of the script. More organized and...
  4. Yet another Joeshmuck fix for the 24+ hour scrub issue.

    This is the last of the 1.4c versions. It will handle simultaneous, year-long scrubs! Please...
  5. Joeshmuck fixed the 24+ hour scrub issue

    Thanks again, joeshmuck.

Latest reviews

Great script, gives you everything you need to track drive health over time and predict failing drives.
Outstanding resource! Thank you.
Version: 1.6c

Lovin' it, it makes life so much easier.
Hey, of course I'm going to rate this script highly. I still want to just improve on it. I think it does a lot more than originally expected and hope users find it beneficial.