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Multi-Report Tool to chart and record statistical data on your drives. This will email the results to the end user. This will also send alerts via email as well.
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  1. The Latest from Joe

    ### Changelog: # V2.4.3 (16 June 2023) # - Minor Update to recognize more SCSI drive Offline...
  2. The Kitchen Sink! This version can update itself. Read the manual!

    There's no schmuck like a JoeSchmuck! Thank you, Joe. V2.3 (14 April 2023) -Simplified...
  3. Version 2.1 - Many Improvements by Joe (no joke)

    This version has a user manual. It also saves the prior configuration file before updating it...
  4. Two drive recognition fixes, and minor changes from JoeSchmuck.

    # V2.0.9 (4 March 2023) # - Only one running instance allowed. # - Minor updates to...
  5. Improvements and fixes galore from joeschmuck

    Using "-dump email" when running the script will now send debugging information directly to Joe...

Latest reviews

Great effort was put into the already useful script, bringing it to the next level.
An absolute MUST HAVE for any TN user, now with automatic updates.
Monitoring your disks is key to a vital and long living server setup. Using this script makes it exceptionally easy with lots of configuration options.
Provides a clear and concise report on all of my drives and alerts me to anything I should investigate further.
Works Great! Read the first few dozen lines of the script.
Great script, gives you everything you need to track drive health over time and predict failing drives.
Outstanding resource! Thank you.
Version: 1.6c

Lovin' it, it makes life so much easier.
Hey, of course I'm going to rate this script highly. I still want to just improve on it. I think it does a lot more than originally expected and hope users find it beneficial.