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  1. JoshDW19

    FreeNAS 11.2-BETA3 Now Available!

    The FreeNAS Team is pleased to announce the general availability of FreeNAS 11.2-BETA3. This third BETA of the 11.2 series is considered feature-complete and ready for testing. FreeNAS users, especially those who use Plugins, Jails, or VMs, are encouraged to update to this release to take...
  2. Kris Moore

    FreeNAS 11.0 Released!

    Loyal FreeNAS users, After many long nights, too much caffeine, and 4 (count’em) RC’s we are pleased to announce that FreeNAS 11.0 is now available! This release brings the underlying FreeNAS OS up to FreeBSD 11-STABLE, and with it some performance improvements, newer hardware compatibility...
  3. Kris Moore

    FreeNAS Update 5/19/2017

    Happy Friday everybody! Already, enough with the pleasantries, let's do what you came here for… Talk some FreeNAS! First up: 11.0. As many of you have seen, RC2 has gone out the door with a variety of bugfixes earlier this week. Thank you everybody who has helped test and report issues, we very...
  4. S

    releasing multiple snapshots

    We have a 109TB FreeNAS server which we had ZFS replication enabled going to a remote site. We are no longer doing this. We currently have 1.5TB free and I'm looking to clear up space however ive run into the issue where the snapshots are stuck. See below for exact issue...
  5. D

    Build of 9.10-MASTER succeeds, build of 9.10-STABLE fails

    Hi all, I am trying to build FreeNAS from source in order to be able to add to it. I was able to build the nightlies from Master branch with the instructions on, but when I tried to build the stable version, it fails right at the beggining with the message: [0:00:44] ==> Failed...
  6. OctaneZ

    Unreleased 9.10-Stable Release causing new errors: '/usr/local/lib/'

    It looks like I got bitten by the non-release-Release, it was up for a few days, as I tried to do it last night, August 2nd, and I always do the check again and verify before proceeding. Also, this seems to be related to commit: *-os--b43d150ccdcfc05a5811403b58d870cc for whomever is debugging...