1. G

    Not able to Set SMB or FTP share Untill add user to Wheel Group

    I am using FreeNAS (11.2) from last 2 week Now i am Using 11.3 Beta 1 , When i try to share a folder on SMB with another user it always give me error contact administrator but every time i add that user to wheel group he can login, I try to create a primary group and add him and my admin...
  2. S

    If FTP is enabled, each domain user can store data via FTP in its home directory

    Hello, I have a freenas with a registered AD installed. As soon as a domain user connects to the system, a home directory is created. The home directory becomes a problem when you enable FTP. Now every domain user can log in via FTP and store data uncontrolled in his home directory. We want to...
  3. K

    SSL from Jail in FreeNAS System -> Certificates

    Hello, I'm looking for a solution with linking SSL from jail (generated by Lets Encrypt) to one of named imported certs in FreeNAS System -> Certificates. Now I'm manually updates certificate which I'm using in FTP of FreeNAS - Is it possible to automate it? Maybe its stupid question, but
  4. P

    Acronis backup from FTP makes multiple small files

    I am trying to backup a pc with acronis true image 2016 to my freenas with ftp. The backup succeeds, but it divides the file into small 2gb pieces. Is there an option in FreeNas for max file size that I missed or is it Acronis acting up? I'll also try their support. Thanks in advance, Patrick
  5. itskando

    SOLVED Difference between FTP client and connection

    According to the documentation [freenas : Services: FTP]: A subset of the FTP parameters are defined as: Client: Maximum number of simultaneous clients. Connections: Set the maximum number of connections per IP address. 0 means unlimited. What's the difference between an FTP client and an FTP...
  6. G

    Change FTP DefaultTransferMode to binary

    When I add in Auxiliary parameters: DefaultTransferMode binary it doesn't overwrite the line in the proftpd.conf file. It adds a line item later on in the conf file and doesn't change the default bahavior. How am I supposed to make this change? ServerName "servername.domain" ServerType...
  7. M

    FTP folder setup for external access

    Hi group, I am attempting to set up an FTP folder that I can share with others. It will mainly be used to exchange video files as I am using an overseas resource to do the video edits. I have set up an FTP share on windows as well as a Netgear ready share drive connected to the router via usb...
  8. H

    FTP over TLS "Failed to retrieve directory listing"

    So this will be my second ever post here on the forums but I need help again and I got some very helpful advice the last time! This time I need help setting up FTP for my FreeNAS box. I'm completely self taught in anything computers and I'm in WAY over my head here, so don't crucify me! I'm...
  9. Y

    FTP Server + DDNS

    So I want to access my FreeNAS from anywhere. At first I wanted to install NextCloud on it, but my company doesn't want our customer data to be stored on a cloud because of legal reasons although it's way safer than a FTP server. My first question is: Is there a better way to access the files...
  10. Mathew111

    error when uploading the file to the FreeNAS server via FTP

    Hello, I have FreeNAS-11.1-U1. While i uploading file 400MB to the Freenas via FTP the connection is broken for a moment and I need to upload the file again and again. I cant upload more than 300 MB. I have checked log error. is CRITICAL. Fail: 1, Warn: 0, Pass: 0...
  11. A

    File transfer while using RAID-Z2

    Hi I got new FreeNAS and software installed. I have a NAS with 4 4TB hard drives. I want to use it for Fileserver storage, like storing of user data and other files. Can you help me with what Raid should I use and what type of File transfer protocol should be used for that. My NAS specs are: 4...
  12. cozd74

    can you install a web interface program for transferring files via FTP? (eg net2Ftp

    I would like to install a program similar to filezilla on my frenas server to transfer files via FTP from my server to a LAN network disk. how can I do?
  13. cozd74

    si può installare un programma a interfaccia web per il trasferimento dei file via FTP? (es. net2Ftp

    obiettivo è schedulare sul mio server NAS il trasferimento in rete di alcuni file di grosse dimensioni (oltre i 10GB) attualmente svolgo questa operazione dal mio PC con FileZilla il che mi costringe a lasciare accesso il PC per diverse ore vorrei invece usare un sistema simile a net2ftp(*)...
  14. C

    [Frage/Problem] SFTP unbefugter Zugriff

    Guten Tag, heute habe ich auf meinem FreeNAS einen SFTP Zugang mit einem Benutzer und auf ein spezielles Dataset festgelegt. Jetzt habe ich jedoch ein Problem. Wenn ich per Client darauf zugreife navigiert mich dieser auch direkt in mein gewähltes Dataset. Jedoch habe ich auch die Möglichkeit...
  15. C

    DDNS hostname in FTP Masquerade address

    Hello, I'm running FreeNAS 11.1 U4. I'm trying to enter a DDNS hostname into the FTP service's Masquerade address field. When I attempt to do this, it does not allow me: However, in the 11.1 U4 documentation, it clearly states that I can use a hostname for this: Is this a bug, was the...
  16. S

    How do you assign a FreeNAS home directory to an AD user?

    I am trying to give access to a file to an external organisation. They need to use either FTP or SSH (SFTP) to pull the file. We use Active Directory with Freenas currently and I've been able to successfully create the users in AD and have them log in either by SSH or FTP. The problem I am...
  17. T

    [SOLVED] FTP-Freigabe zeigt immer nur den User-Ordner an

    Hallo! Ich wollte gerne Daten via FTP auf mein FreeNAS hoch laden. FTP funktioniert in der Theorie auch, nur komme ich ständig in dem UserOrdner raus, in den ich gar nicht möchte (siehe Screenshot). Ich habe schon Gruppen von Datasets und Users geändert. Auch etliche Einstellungen vom FTP...
  18. R

    FTP - new user creates .SSH directory

    Hi! I created FTP service and assinged to path. FTP has configured "Always Chroot". When I create new user and assing his home directory to the same path then user is redirected to correct path. But after creation of this new user, .SSH directory is appearing in FTP path. How can I disable...
  19. M

    Unable to get FTP working - Permission denied

    Hi there, Fairly new to FreeNAS and built a home-made solution: DAS - Lenovo 70F10000UX 12 X 4TB WD Red HBA - SAS9200-8E Server - Supermicro 5017R-MF MB: Super X9SRi-F RAM: 64GB ECC RDIMM CPU: Xeon E5-1620 v2 Mirrored boot devices Here's the problem. I have a Brother MFC-L2740DW, which...
  20. C

    Alternatives to FTP?

    Hi, I have a computer running FreeNAS as a file server in my house offering speedy storage to devices around the home. My router will not allow FTP to work, so I was wondering if there is another solution which will allow me to access my files when away from home?
  21. I

    proFTPd: private & public folders

    Is it possible to create private and public folders using proFTPd? Also to make proFTPd to require password for the private folder? And if it is possible, then how? I would really appreciate screenshots or instructions on permissions on the dataset and the FTP-settings page. *EDIT 1* Tried...
  22. Swift-R

    FTP on 11RC1

    I've updated to the latest FreeNAS 11 RC1 and everything's working except the FTP server. Status: Resolving address of dns.domain.net Status: Connecting to xx.xxx.xxx.xx Warning: The entered address does not resolve to an IPv6 address. Status: Connected, waiting for welcome message... Error...
  23. A

    can't access using ftp

    I already manage to make share cifs and can enter that folder without any problem. but now i try to access using ftp using windows explore " ftp://<ip address>:<port number> " i already follow the tutorial on youtube i check local login and always chroot, but i cant enter using my FreeNAS user...
  24. catnas

    How to Deny User FTP Access

    Is it possible in 9.10 to deny a particular user account access to FTP? I'm using one main (not root) user account for SMB access on my home network, and I want that user to have access to everything. However, if that account is compromised, I don't want someone to be able to FTP into the...
  25. D

    Cannot port forward to FreeNAS server's local IP

    Hello, I just started using FreeNAS a few days ago, and I've encountered a bit of an issue... For some reason I can't seem to port forward to my FreeNAS server's local IP. I have tried a few different "open port checkers" online, but they show the specified port to be closed. (NB I have given...
  26. Q

    Help to setup FTP

    Hi I have spent all day trying to set up an FTP server on my FreeNAS without success. I would really appreciate some help, i'm a beginner to FTP and networks so please start with the simple problems and explain in detail when possible. In short my goal is to share many/large files in a simple...
  27. bladoflorez

    Backup of my NAS on web server by FTP

    Good day guys. I am looking for the best way to keep a periodic copy (full backup) of my NAS on a remote WEB Server by FTP so we have an unlimited web server plan. I already read some documentation about crash Plan and Bacula, apparently they don't do what I need and they are all backup plugins...
  28. Vincèn

    FTP in graphical mode in terminal ?

    Hi I'm looking for a semi-graphical FTP client running in FreeNAS terminal ? that would allow me to access more easily than command line FTP remote ftp servers from console when I remote connect to my FreeNAS. Any ideas ? Made few searches but not really any success :( Thanks Vincèn
  29. marian78

    Script to email if upload/download/delete files over FTP

    hi, i want ask for help with my script, that email me, if somebody upload/download/delete files over FTP. For now i testing it, but want some critique, that i can tune up it. How it works: 1. in Freenas box - FTP advanced tab, set this to make transfer log: #FTP transfer file log - add to...
  30. S

    How to set up FTP to use the correct harddisk ?

    I have installed my first FreeNAS server and activated the FTP part, which works just fine. I have FreeNAS installed on a 1TB harddisk, and have added a 2TB harddisk, which I have done in the volume settings. The FTP server keeps saving the files on the 1TB harddisk, but I want the FTP server...