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  1. U

    Weird disk names

    Hi I am running FreeNAS-11.3-U2.1. Recently I started seeing weird disk names under disks menu. Please let me know the reason and a way to fix it back how it was. I have attached a screenshot of my disk configuration. Cheers
  2. D

    FreeNAS-11.3-U2 not seeing my added drive

    I have an NTFS 2T drive that I transferred a bunch of media files onto from a Windows system. Now I have shutdown, added the drive into the system, and powered back up twice. I don't see the unit. I did the same thing with a different drive bay slot - same thing. I can see the disk power up...
  3. S

    RAID is not faster than single disk

    Hi, I recently get a HP Gen10 ProLiant Microserver to build a NAS. I bought 4 HDD to build a ZFS pool using RAIDZ, however the write performance is lower than expected. I also tried mirror/stripe, or RAID10, they all seem to have the similar performance, so I wonder the bottleneck might not be...
  4. I

    Iscsi share drive unallocated

    I have an ISCSI drive which went down for an unknown reason and id like to recover my drive with my data. All I did so far was get my system to boot because when I checked the KVM it was a black screen but all the LEDs were on. Front & backside of the case. Once i got the system to boot I...
  5. K_REY_C

    Unable to Select Volume when Importing Encrypted Disk (one disk of a formerly a two-disk clone)

    Looking for some guidance on how to re-import my encrypted disk (1 disk of a formerly 2-disk, encrypted, cloned). I've tried this on a the legacy and new interface. I suspect I'm missing something critical, but would love some guidance. The encryption key and passphrase seem to get past step #2...
  6. E

    Reporting in new vs old GUI

    Hi, I recently installed my FreeNAS Environment. Works mostly as expected! However the reporting in the new UI seems a bit strange or "buggy". Because I didn't find any bug reports or forum posts, I took some screenshots. See them attached. First, CPU idle is sometimes at 1000%, when there is...
  7. L

    Disk missing from 'create pool'

    Hi, Just starting with FreeNAS (11.2-U3) and in Storage > Disks I see all 19 disks: When I go to create a pool however, it's not showing the last HDD (da14): What am I missing? Thanks
  8. N

    How to "reset" a HDD which has the ZFS Datasystem

    Hello, I want to remove a disk from my FreeNAS Server and use the disk at an other place. My problem is that zfs is the datasystem from the disk, but I want to use an other. So I want to know, how to reset the disk into the original format. I read, that I can use zfs destroy to reset the disk...
  9. schoolpost

    Determine Drive Health | Which Disk is Closest to Failure?

    Hello, Is there a stat or measurement you can refer to in FreeNas that will tell you your drives health? I'm swapping drives out of my RAID Z3 10 drive pool for larger ones and noticed my most recent resilver took much longer than usual. ( ~ 50MB/s I usually see about double during my...
  10. H

    [SOLVED] Adding USB Boot Mirror: nothing happens

    I have a freenas-boot / stripe / da6p2 boot device (usb stick) working correctly. I have inserted a new USB device "da5" correctly detected (note: I tried all USB ports of my computer). glabel status returns (I removed other disks): gptid/a0daaf02-7e84-11e6-a889-78e3b5ce431f N/A da6p1...
  11. E

    WD Gold vs Seagate Exos

    A lot of folk round these parts seem to be big fans of WD Gold SATA but I notice that Seagate Exos SAS are about £40 cheaper per unit on the 8TBs and the specifications seem to be very very similar. Is there much in the difference between the two? Does the fact of the disk being SAS make much...
  12. W

    USB disk too much

    Running 11.2beta3, I had an USB disk (FreeNAS reports its 115.69 GiB) that I recently removed. It was a non-production, simple backup disk for friends. Now that I removed it, FreeNAS still thinks its part of the system. I'd like to remove that disk from FreeNAS. I searched the forum, its most...
  13. L

    Replace failed drive... fails...

    A drive in my 8x2TB pool failed and I replaced it with a brand new, out of the box 4TB drive and got this error: There's nothing on it so I forced it and got this python error: Request Method: POST Request...
  14. ovalcoconut

    Splitting a volume so I can remove a disk

    I have one volume I've named 'D' I have two disks in this volume, one 1TB HDD, and one 2TB HDD. My data takes up 1.6TB. I started with the 1TB HDD as that was what I had at the time, then I bought the 2TB HDD, and added to the system a month later for more storage. Now I'm realizing the error...
  15. R

    Disks in read-only mode

    I've two new disks I'm trying to burn-in/test before putting them in production. My FreeNAS server has multiple hot swap bays. (This is a 4U system from ix systems.) I put the two new drives into the empty bays. System sees them and gives them da21/da0 and da42/da43 dev numbers (dual channel...
  16. kikotte

    Lose a lot of performance when I added multiple disks

    Hi, I drive with 6 disks of mirror and got good performance every disk write 200MB per sec but when i add 6 disks to it, it only writes 60MB per disk. dd if=/dev/zero of=tmp.dat bs=2048k count=150k Check my signature for the hardware. Version: FreeNAS-11.1-U1 They are in the same pool and...
  17. Y

    bhyve virtio boot disk in Windows?

    I have managed to get Windows 10 stable in bhyve by using an AHCI boot disk and virtio NIC (instead of the e1000 NIC which causes instability under load). However, the disk performance using AHCI mode is abysmal. Because Windows 10 does a lot of stuff behind your back, and it's hard to disable...
  18. E

    Use Windows 7 installed on disk as VM disk

    Hi, Past week we bought a server with windows7 preinstalled on a 256GB HD and an additional 1TB HD. We installed FreeNAS 11 in a dedicated 8GB usb as suggested in documentation and use the additional disk for ZFS storage. We want to create a Windows VM that uses directly the windows 7...
  19. UF8FF

    Boot Is degraded - Having trouble replacing

    Hey everyone, I have searched around and haven't quiet found the exact situation I'm in so I was hoping this would be an easy fix. I have a mirrored boot device and one of the USB drives failed. I want to replace it (it's a sandisk) but they don't make that specific stick anymore. I just...
  20. nordtorp95

    I disconnected and reconnected a drive, now 3 of my drives has status removed.

    I tried changing a drive, but when i unplugged it, the sata ports changed i think? what was ada3 before became ada4 and ada4 became ada5. Now my volume is unavailable because 3 of the disks have the status removed, even if all the original disks of the volume are connected.
  21. B

    Volume Degraded - Disk removed from pool

    Hello All, My ada5 disk keeps falling off of my pool. This is the third time. I get the following error on the GUI when it happens: CRITICAL: Aug. 7, 2017, 10:55 p.m. - The volume tank state is DEGRADED: One or more devices has been removed by the administrator. Sufficient replicas exist for...
  22. Vrakfall

    Suggestions for a replacement drive

    Hello! I currently have to replace one drive from my raidz1 (3x3TB) which was made with WD green drives (shame!). One of them failed and I'm now looking forward to using more reliable NAS drives but I can't decide which one to buy. You can find my thread over here and see my shameful build...
  23. T

    FreeNAS on ESXi - Question about boot disk

    Hey All - I've had FreeNAS running on bare metal now for a few years with no problems at all. I'm using a SuperMicro board, 32 GB of ECC RAM and 8 hard drives connected directly to the motherboard. All's been fine for years. Now...I've decided I'd like to reconfigure the box to run both...
  24. S

    Why is resilvering a simple mirror unexpectedly slow?

    I've used zpool attach to add a mirror to a single drive vdev, as part of setting up my new server (I had to do it that way as I'm migrating both disks and data; there's a backup of the data on the old server). What surprises me is that after attaching, its resilvering speed was consistently...
  25. Z

    Can not remove disk

    Dear Community, I'd like to remove a cache disk from the system, but I can't. I tried these pool: striped_volume state: ONLINE scan: scrub repaired 0 in 10h11m with 0...
  26. IceBoosteR

    HDD Load Cycles, Spindown and disk access

    Hello Community, I have my FreeNAS system for a while now, and i am wondering a little bit about the hdd access and spindown for them. I also have a question for the load cyle count. First of all, I have 4 WD Red with 4TB, SMART attributes are looking like this: D# ATTRIBUTE_NAME FLAG VALUE...
  27. B

    HPE ProLiant Gen8 G1610T - Suitability & Questions

    Good afternoon all, Currently I have an old Mac Pro that has OS X + OpenZFS installed, I've got four 3TB WD Reds configured in a RAIDz - the OS is on a USB stick. On top of this, I have a FreeBSD VM running with Jails for Nextcloud, Quassel Core, and GitLab. It's a rather expensive way of...
  28. tbaror

    Which hard drive is better or recommended

    Hello, I plan to build new system for Xenserver7 virtualization (iscsi) hosts to accommodate for at least 10 ~20 host, and 7~10 guest each , each guest would run win2k12 r2 or win2k8 r2 with mostly Java agents , and some of the video converting from high res to low res agent but the video...