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Western Digital Drives - The Preferred Drives of FreeNAS and TrueNAS CORE
  1. S

    9.10.2-U6 - SMB Windows 10 Permissions Issue

    Hello all, My N40L FreeNAS had sat idle for about 18 months I recently decided to upgrade the storage which went fine and I then copied data from my older 2TB [N36L] setup onto the larger combined unit. I then discovered that the server no longer listed under Windows 10 Network [suspect this...
  2. S

    HELP! I'm noob

    Hello everyone, I'm new to FreeNAS and I need some help with the configuration. I need to set permissions for each folder that is in the shared pool (e.g. user 1 can access folder 1 and 2, user 2 can access only folder 1). Is there a way to do that? Thanks! -Steve
  3. S


    Hi All, New to the forum, but have been running freenas 24/7 for about 3y now. I had a question that I couldn't find the answer too while poking around So I want to create a user account and give it read permissions to an already created share/folder on FreeNAS. I want to create this account...
  4. J

    freeNAS 11.1 not coming back up after a reboot

    I was having trouble mounting hard drives from my proxmox server to my freeNAS server. I was getting some permission issues and it looked like adding no_root_squash in /etc/exports would fix it (temporary). After making the changes I rebooted from the GUI and almost an hour later it has still...
  5. Theapplefuture

    SOLVED different user permissions

    Hello everybody, Currently I run a FreeNAS Server with only one real user (me) but now my friend wants to have access to it too. Now I want to create a second account for him but our accounts should have different permissions to view certain files. I don’t know if it’s important but we both...
  6. itskando

    freeNAS permissions: Affecting Plex transcoder?

    Plex sees my media files; however, it is not able to transcode large files. When attempting to play a large file, the plex receiver app begins a process percentage, hits 13%, and then hangs on 33% before timing out. This. is. a. common. issue; however, I have exhausted all suggested fixes...
  7. TheMunk

    Syncthing Jail - cant see synced files in SMB share after freenas update

    As the title says - any files created by the jail (e.g. synced items) can't be seen through my SMB share. A bit of troubleshooting so far: If I manually create a file through SMB, I can see the file through SSH'ing to the jail. If I manually create a file through SSH in the jail, I cannot see...
  8. P

    Access to 1 folder with 2 users from different groups, Urgent!!

    Hi, I'm new here, would you help me with a problem? We are a mini company, with departments: Management, purchases, sales. Users in Management: Maria. Users in Shopping: Jeimy, Tom. Users in Sales: Cammy, Tim. Each user has a private folder that only the user can access (Maria, Jeimy, Tom...
  9. M

    rsync changes group owner to wheel

    Hi all, Why is that every time I use rsync command the group owner of destination folder gets changed to wheel? it happens in either push or pull configuration. My goal is to transfer the files from a synology nas to a freenas server. This is what I've done so far: 1. Created a freenas user...
  10. N

    NFS shares: files and folders owner:group

    The files and folders shared from my FreeNAS server to clients get nobody/nobody as user and group owner for files and folders. I cant change this from the client, I get: I don’t have permission to change them. How do I set this up so I get the original user and group owner shown and have the...
  11. S

    Rancher - Plex Install Failing

    Hi guys, so I've been trying to install plex on docker recently and I'm running into a few issues. When I install plex with the default settings and dont give the config folder a specific location it seems to work a dream. But the moment I map the config folder to a specific place outside the...
  12. I

    Problem with change permssion, i put a video so you can see what's the problem

    So here is video link.. hope you will be able to help me out, so i can figure all out and put one freeNAS in to production. ty
  13. BlakeNagel07

    Transmission Update changed permissions

    As the title says, I just installed the update to transmission (version 2.93). Anything that i have downloaded since this update today that creates its own folder inside where transmission downloads go, has a different permission and i am no longer able to delete these newly created folders for...
  14. C

    [Frage/Problem] SFTP unbefugter Zugriff

    Guten Tag, heute habe ich auf meinem FreeNAS einen SFTP Zugang mit einem Benutzer und auf ein spezielles Dataset festgelegt. Jetzt habe ich jedoch ein Problem. Wenn ich per Client darauf zugreife navigiert mich dieser auch direkt in mein gewähltes Dataset. Jedoch habe ich auch die Möglichkeit...
  15. Pancackewaffle

    Nextcloud mounting so to use it as an FTP server

    i have the latest Freenas 11 version and just used the plugin version for nextcloud installation. I also have a Plex server running in a separate jail with all my movies/tv shows in it that is brought in by sonarr/radarr running in their own respective jails. my question is, can i have...
  16. C

    SOLVED Can the S3 disk be read/write?

    Hi I think it is great that there is an S3 target in FreeNAS. It's a Minio server as we know it. I configured the S3 service using /mnt/pool1/folder1 as disk. This is where I can create buckets and upload files from the Minio browser port 9000. Then I shared the /mnt/pool1/folder1 (which the...
  17. Theapplefuture

    SOLVED Permissions for few folders

    Hallo Everybody, Is there a possibility to create a new user who only haves permission to access a certain folder ? To be more specific, I set up my FreeNAS Server with RAID-Z2 and my father would like to store some family pictures on my Server. Because I also stored them on my NAS I wanted to...
  18. I

    Setting up FreeNAS for file sharing

    Hello all, I am trying to setup FreeNAS v.11 on one my spare system which has only one HDD of 1TB. What I want to do is create few datasets on the mounted volume and share each dataset with different user group with appropriate access rights. So far I have done following: setup FreeNAS on...
  19. N

    Permission Question

    I'm not new to FreeNAS, but this feels like a very NOOOOOOOBY question and I'm embarrassed to be asking it, but is there any way to set up a pool so that one group (ex: READER) can read-only, and another can read-write (ex: WRITER) and others have no access. As I understand it with chown/chmod...
  20. David47295

    Can't login to CIFS share with new user

    Hey everyone, So a while back I created a Windows share on my FreeNAS machine by following this tutorial: Everything went well and the share with all its permissions and what not worked great. So I left my NAS alone for a bit, until now. Today I...
  21. D

    SOLVED Issues with sharing (write permission) and time machines (3 pc and 2 users)

    EDIT: solution/workaround is the next post below. ---- I am performing initial setup of FreeNAS 11 and have some issues with TimeMachine and sharing (write permissions for users). I have 3 PC, two of which have to have time machines and all three should have access to the main data set. I have...
  22. R

    FTP - new user creates .SSH directory

    Hi! I created FTP service and assinged to path. FTP has configured "Always Chroot". When I create new user and assing his home directory to the same path then user is redirected to correct path. But after creation of this new user, .SSH directory is appearing in FTP path. How can I disable...
  23. M

    Unableto move files from one dataset to anouther.

    Hi all, I'm getting an unusual error trying to move files from one datset to anouther when using a Mac. The the file browser on OSx gives the following message. "The Finder can't complete the operation because some of the data in "Elf (2003).mkv" can't be read or written. (Error code -36)" I...
  24. D

    Unable to change smb permissions

    Hi, I have a dataset which is a smb share as well. As well I have two users that belong to the same group. I want one user to be unable to access the smb share. How can I do this? Here are the rights on unix level drwxrwxr-x+ 7 User_b Storage_User 68B Nov 28 22:33 Tausch I now want to...
  25. adarshmadrecha

    Folder Permissions not inherited for some users - SMB Share

    I have setup my new FreeNas as follows: 0. Created a user admin1 under a group admins and ticked Microsoft account. 1. Created a dataset ds1 type windows 2. Gave the permission > owner as admin1 and owner group as wheel 3. Shared this dataset (SMB Share) 4. In windows 10, using file explorer...
  26. gegtor

    Can't enable AFP share indexing on macOS

    I'm trying to enable spotlight indexing on my AFP FreeNAS share and it returns indexing disabled or unknown indexing state I tried everything aka everything that i found on google I think that it's something to do with my share permissions not with my indexing because a) indexing works fine...
  27. F

    SOLVED Permission inheriting issue when moving files

    Hi, On my SMB share, there is a directory where every users have a subdir named with their name. Everyone can deposit file to this directory, but only the "owner" can read content. Let's call this a deposit box. All deposit boxes are located inside the same ZFS dataset. Everything work fine if...
  28. M

    ActiveDirectory Groups dont show up in Owner dropdown?

    I've connected freenas 11 to Active Directory windows 2003. (Yes i am ashamed!) Anyway... When i try to Change Permissions, and select the Owner dropdown, i see lots of linux groups and then a new AD groups from my domain but i dont see all the groups i would expect to see. I see things...
  29. Jacopx

    Plex Plugins Codec/Transcode

    Buonasera a tutti! I have just switched back from Corall... I have install my Plex and Transmisson plugins like i have done for month during the 9.10 version and everything works. I have just tried to start a file that need to be transcoded, when i'm starting it i'm seeing a proble that say...
  30. S

    How to set ACL permissions so nullfs mountpoints will traverse properly?

    I have a setup where a file share is exposed to Windows with samba, and at some level contains a nullfs mountpoint, a bit like this: dataset #1 is mounted at: /mnt/pool1 and contains subdir1 dataset #2 is mounted at: /mnt/pool2 mount_nullfs /mnt/pool2 /mnt/pool1/subdir1 This works fine, and as...
  31. J

    Permission bug

    created a group called fileshare then off to set the dataset and permissions This is a fresh install FreeNAS-9.10.2-U1 (86c7ef5). Once a dataset is created it needs permissions to restrict who can access the files. in the change permissions dialog box the owner(user) is set to root and the...
  32. G

    Finding Plugin UID's

    I was wondering how one is supposed to know the UID that a plugin uses. I need this to give write permissions to users with that ID for the plugins. I know the transmission one because it was on a thread by Joshua, and others have mentioned media ones have 816. My question is how am I supposed...