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TrueNas Scale in a VM w/SmartD - Smart Test results not showing?


Neophyte Sage
Mar 6, 2020
In which case I've also read reports of "false" and "none" being or not being options, but i'm not sure how accurate and valid those are :s

But, Yeah it should really be reported indeed.
Because no mater how you look at it, this error shouldn't be there.


Dec 6, 2012
@burmjohn, I'd gladly do the bug report if you don't want to, its been a long time since I've done one.

I read it like the "DisableSomething=true" arguments, therefore no I don't want to run under virtualisation. This is a good example: old timesyncd issue.

with no the error is "conditionVirtualization=no was not met"

If I set the condition to yes, the service starts


Edit: looking over the documentation again and for clarity the systemd unit documentation states "...Before the unit is started, systemd will verify that the specified conditions and asserts are true..." therefore for a VM the condition is false for "no" virtualisation because it "is" virtual. For an ESXi guest, if I use "vmware" the condition is true and if I use "kvm" the condition is false. Am I making this make sense?
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