1. Davvo

    Assessing the Potential for Data Loss

    This guide was written to be read from top to bottom without jumps, with the intent of spreading awareness to both new and experienced users; the author of this document assumes the understanding of the concepts explained in the following resources: ZFS Introduction ZFS Pool Layout Terminology...
  2. Davvo

    ZFS Storage Pool Layout 2022-12-28

    This amazing document, created by iXsystems in February 2022 as a "White Paper", cleanly explains how to qualify pool performance touching briefly on how ZFS stores data and presents the advantages, performance and disadvantages of each pool layout (striped vdev, mirrored vdev, raidz vdev). It...
  3. L

    different size hard drives

    Hello, this is my first post and I'm completely new to freenas so please be comprehensive. I am going to build my first freenas server from an old lenovo M83 desktop, will be using an ssd as boot device but here isn't my problem. My issue is that I only have two 2 tb hdd and one 1 tb hdd. I...
  4. A

    Server Umzug von 2x RAIDs zu 1x RAID

    Hallo zusammen, mir ist nach langer Zeit aufgefallen, dass der Aufbau meines Pools nicht so effiktiv war wie anfangs gedacht. Ich habe ein Pool, der aus 2x 4 RAIDZ2 x 4TB besteht. Hätte ich diesen Pool nach 1x8 RAIDZ2 x 4TB aufgebaut, würde ich ganze 7 TB dazu gewinnen als gesamt verfügbare...
  5. Jason Brunk

    12 drive recommendations (and i made a mistake)

    My freenas system is a super micro board, 32 gigs ECC memory. 12 x 2tb drives. I used to have it configured with 4 x 3 raidz vdevs. I was very weary of the chance of 2 disks going down would wreck everything. So I redid my config and made a BIG mistake. I moved everything off and...
  6. McTechSolutions


    Hi Guys. I am in the process of getting my system off the ground and just looking for a little guidance on Raidz. I come from a traditional background of RAID levels , 0 , 1 , 5 ,10 etc and know the pros and cons of each type. I am reading on ZFS and Raidz etc but what i am looking for is...
  7. iliak

    Replace failed hdd issue

    i have a raidz1 with 8 ssds one had some issues and was marked as unavailable. i have set it to offline, swapped and selected replace. after some time, Pool status still have errors and it stays in degraded, what could be the reason ? should i try to replace it again?
  8. ninjaneer68

    Question on expanding zpool ( raidz1 )

    I have a 12 bay server I put freenas on. I think I just messed up expanding my storage. I currently have 8 drives now which are 2 sets of raidz1-0 and raidz1-2 I just added 3 more drives and extended my previous volume with the three drives I just purchased. I am thinking I messed up and should...
  9. Skrenes

    How do I make a degraded 2 drive RAIDZ?

    Hello everyone. I have a workstation machine running Debian stretch with 24 GB of RAM + 8TB WD Red with an exact setup in another city (at my parents home) and they mirror each other with a nightly rsync script. I'm running out of storage (83% occupied). I've decided to give FreeNAS a shot and...
  10. J

    Failed FreeNAS RAIDZ1 5 with 4 disks@2tb with 2 disk failures

    hello, I am working on a freenas Raid 5 with two failed 2 tb disks out of 4. I was able to image(DD) one of the failed disks 100% to an Identical 2tb disk. so now i have three disks of the 4, yet the pool cannot mount because of two missing members using GUID tags and obviously one disk does...
  11. klennan

    Failed disk plus unbootable OS USB thumbdrive lead to incorrect iSCSI extents and more

    I've managed to develop several problems all at once. 1 of 6 3TB disks failed out of a RAIDz1. I ordered a new disk. In the meantime I thought I'd replace the OS thumb drives with faster Patriot 32GB ones. I had it mirrored, so I replaced one -no issues- then replaced the other a few days...
  12. L

    Insufficient replicas for degraded raidz pool

    Hi all, I am new to this forum and need some help on my encrypted pool. I have an encrypted 4 disks raidz1 pool. All disks are WD 4TB RE 7200rpm System specs are: Build FreeNAS-9.10.2-U6 (561f0d7a1) Platform Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-4160 CPU @ 3.60GHz Memory 5985MB non-ECC Motherboard Asus B85M-G...
  13. Z

    Importing data from NTFS RAID 1 into ZFS RAIDZ

    Hey folks, I'm building my first FreeNAS machine today. I'm confident the hardware is more than sufficient but I'm not sure what to do with my drives. I have two 6 TB drives, currently installed to my PC in an NTFS RAID 1 with lots of data written to them which I'd loathe losing. I also have...
  14. W

    ZFS pool went crazy after improper drive replacement

    Hello. Recently I had 1 drive dead in my pool. In addition to dead drive - wrong drive had been pulled from live storage. Then good drive had been pushed back and bad drive replaced. Although - pool now can't reconstruct itself. But, luckily (hopefully) - it is a mirrored RAID10 and all those...
  15. A

    Expanding a RAIDZ with a set of different sized drives.

    Hi! Yesterday, I expanded a RAIDZ volume composed by three drives of 10G each adding a vdev composed by another three drives. These drives have 20G each. I was surprised when I get 60G of storage. I've just lost a 33% because of parity. I've said, I was surprised because I thought that you...
  16. m0nkey_

    RAIDZ expansion, it's happening ... someday!

    If you've not already seen it, RAIDZ expansion is happening. The OpenZFS project tweeted this earlier today. So what does this mean and why you should be excited? Well, lets say you have a RAIDZ pool and you want to add more drives, well...
  17. I

    Raidz2, 3 VS. Mirrored for backup storage critical

    Hi, I'm new to ZFS and I'm building my first Freenas Backup Server. I so many of you are great at helping me with my build I thought I'd start another thread just about Raid to keep it simple and maybe help out someone else searching the forum. My Question is: What are your suggestions for...
  18. D

    Extend single disk to RAIDZ without losing data?

    Just wondering, I have a 2 TB disk which I use single right now almost 3/4 full with data. Can I add 2 x 2 TB disks and get a single-parity RAIDZ (raidz) configuration at 3 disks (2+1) without losing my data on it?
  19. tbaror

    Best RAID layout for 36-disk storage?

    Greetings all, I am building a high-capacity chassis for our datacenter to become our new Xen spin-up vm's and part of it as cifs nas . The storage hw is as follows: Chassis: Supermicro 4U Storage Server Up 60 H.D. & 6 NVME SSG6048RE1CR60L Integrated HBA LSI 3008 CPU: 2x E5-2620V4 Memory...
  20. arameen

    Optimal zpool storage configuration?

    Current situation I have to 2 raidz3 pools in my freeNAS machine: A) 5 x 4TB NAS disks raidz3 (total storage 6,99 TB) B) 11 x 4TB NAS disks raidz3 (total storage 28,1 TB) In addition to that I have 2 more NAS drives 8TB, not being used in FreeNAS. My case can fit maximal 17 disks, 16 are...
  21. J

    Cambiar todos los discos de un RaidZ

    Hola. Lo que voy a plantear funciona, ya lo he probado en una máquina virtual, pero quería preguntaros si le veis algún problema o si es una mala práctica. A ver qué opináis. Tengo un FreeNAS con 4 discos para los datos, supongamos que de 1TB cada disco: 4x1TB de los cuales quedarían 3TB para...
  22. R

    Como Agregar volumen con DATA ?

    Estimados necesito ayuda. ocurre que tenia implementada una maquina virtual en ESXI, esta maquina corria FREENAS 9 y tenia una iscsi LUN agregada como disco. por X motivo esta maquina se murio, levante otra en otro hardware pero necesito agregar la data de la maquina anterior. como lo puedo...
  23. F

    SOLVED Extend A Raidz volume x1 HDD

    Hi All , firstly my apologies is this thread is duplicate of a question some one else has asked Hardware: HP proliant n54l, 16GB Ram 5x 3TB Seagate Barracuda drives setup in Raidz. FreeNAS Version and build: FreeNAS-9.10.1-U2 (f045a8b) FreeNAS Volume and Data Set: 1x Volume using 5x 3TB split...