1. C

    How to restore data in case of Freenas OS drive failure

    I've a freenas setup with two 3 tb hdd's in a mirror setup. I have two questions: in case one of them fails, I can plug a new one in and restore everything via the Web GUI? And second, when the drive with freenas OS on it fails, can I than still externally read from the hdd's or reimport the...
  2. P

    Expert Opinion, First FreeNAS Build

    Good day guys! This will be the first time I am posting here but have been reading and researching. Though I dont have that time to really dig for information since Im quite busy with work as i am into field work most of the time. My Background is an IT Network Admin and System Admin though...
  3. M

    Hailing from Houston TX

    Long time system admin and looking to build my first home NAS using this list as a guide. Currently reading up on HDD's to get an idea on what would be the best drive to use and the best raid pool setup to use for my purposes. Planning on this build being a fileserver as well as a plex server...
  4. discopete

    Install of 11.2 on HP Microserver N40L (Turion Dual Core 1.5ghz) stopped

    hi i'm very new to this so bare with me. HP N40L Turion 1.5ghz 8gb ddr3 ram 120 SSD for FreeNas 2x 500gb SATA3 HDD's for data My installation stopped at the bootstrapper stage, so nothing has been written to the OS SSD yet. I booted from the USB stick created using Rufus and the FreeNAS ISO...
  5. M

    How to make server accessible outside home network?

    Hello, FreeNAS community! I am completely new to FreeNAS, file servers, forums, building and understanding computers, and pretty much everything that I need to understand how to use this software. (So you are going to have to explain everything to me in very simple terms, I probably know what...
  6. MorkaiTheWolf

    Greeting from KC!

    Hey everyone! Been trying to learn the ropes with FreeNAS to replace an aging QNAP NAS I've been using for awhile. You might see me post around quite bit looking for assistance as I'm still learning quite a bit but trying to go through everything with as close a fine toothed comb as I can. My...
  7. Wimsomnia

    Hi from Antwerp, Belgium!!

    The title says it all, I'm from that little country in Europe which most Americans associate with chocolate, the best beer in the world, Belgian waffles.... And surprise, surprise, also for French fries which are actually a Belgian invention and specialty... I am an allround computer...
  8. D

    Hi, new to FreeNAS

    Hello everyone. I'm new to FreeNAS and here to find out if my intended build is compatible. It's good to hear from so many knowledgeable and friendly people.
  9. T

    My first build, it does FreeNAS, for $1k

    I wanted to move away from my QNAP TS-231 to something more powerful and under my control, in order to act as a macOS time machine, photo storage, personal cloud, and potentially a home automation and media server. I used the FreeNAS mini as the benchmark, and I wanted to see how close I could...
  10. Wilhelm Stürmer

    FreeNAS Newbie with questions

    See sig for build. I have a FreeNAS system up and running at the company I work at. It's extremely basic at this point and I'd like to understand how to maximize it's usage for my environment. Here's some questions I've come up with I'm hoping the community will be able to educate me on: 1) My...
  11. davidgreystahl

    Hello and Thanks - June 2017 FreeNAS adopter

    Glad to be here on the forums. Had a lot of fun building my FreeNAS server. Documentation/Build Instructions for a Newbie like me:
  12. Cronus94

    Which version of FreeNAS should I install?

    Hi all I am currently in the process of building a home server, primarily to be used as a media server running plex and a couple other jails. My question is, with this new server build is it better to install/run the newer FreeNAS 11 or the previous FreeNAS 9.10? This is my first time using...
  13. H

    Newbie that started with FreeNAS Corral

    I've been using a Thecus NAS for years, but the thing was at capacity and one drive was degrading. When I heard about FreeNAS I decided to have a go at that as a replacement system. About three weeks ago my hardware kit was delivered to my home and to prevent two consecutive learning curves I...
  14. K

    Good morning FreeNAS

    So I joined the forums because everything used to work great on 9... 3-10... My hardware is a custom built box with an Intel Server board S1200V3RP, Xeon 1245, 32 GB Crucial ECC DDR3-1600, 9211-8i controller, 6x WD Red 4.0TB, 2x WD Gold 4.0TB, an Intel Dual NIC card, and Chelsio 320-SR card...
  15. U

    Newbie needs help with build, setup in thread

    Hello I am new to FreeNAS. My system Cooler master mini itx case H170 mini ITX 6700k stock heatsink 32gb non ECC 3000mhz ram will be running at 2100mhz due to mobo limitations Four 5tb Seagate expansion Drives, one 512gb SSD on board graphics, 1Gigabit direct connection My plan is to run plex...
  16. Tony Self

    Hi FreeNAS

    Hi Guys, It looks as though you have another convert, but I am going to need some help to get me up and running. I come from an IT background, but I am now retired and spending my life chilling out on a small island in Thailand. Over recent years I have built various media servers. I started...
  17. M


    hoi allemaal ik ben nieuw met de omgang met freenas ik ben opzoek naar iemand die mij even wegwijs kan maken in het verhaal met de mappen aanmaken en de rechten voor elkaar te krijgen van sabnzbd want ik krijg er grijze haren van, met een link naar een goede tutorial(liefs in het nederlands)...
  18. RayRay573

    New-ish to FreeNAS

    Call me Ray-Ray! Everyone does ;) I say that I'm new-ish to FreeNAS as I've dabbled with it before about a year or so ago but realized that the system that I was running on was significantly under-powered and transcoding in Plex was non-existent. But I'm jumping ahead, lets go back to the...
  19. W

    My first NAS parts (starting again from scratch)

    Thoughts and comments are appreciated. Criticism is welcome also.[/SPOILER] Sorry for the huge edit. after reading some replies, I decided to start again from scratch. Why aren't Asus boards recommended?
  20. J

    Newbie with FreeNAS

    Hello everyone. My name is Jonay, and I'm a newbie with FreeNAS. I have a quite old HP laptop with two hard drives that I'm using for learning, and as soon as I learn enough, I'm building my own FreeNAS machine (I already have the chassis, PSU and a bunch of hard disks). My goal is to learn as...
  21. B

    Hello at long last

    I have been using freenas for about 5 years now as a XBMC server and more recently plex server, I have also been using it as an ftp server but recently I have been trying to do some more complex things and hitting lots of walls, hence joining up for help. Thanks in advance for your patience!
  22. nj4ck

    Complete newbie tasked with setting up a NAS solution for a small business, need advice.

    Hi there, I've been tasked with completely overhauling our NAS system at work, even though I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to this kind if thing. It must be the fact that I occasionally build new PCs whenever needed that led my boss to believe I was the right guy for the job. All...
  23. R4P70R

    Conseils hardware pour FreeNas

    Bonjour, Je suis un peu un newbie dans le domaine, j'aimerais savoir si j'ai bien compris le concept et corriger moi si c'est faux. Je compte utiliser FreeNas avec son système de tolérance de crash de HDD et donc ceci grâce au Raid software de ZFS d'après ce que j'ai compris. Le système n'a pas...