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new build

  1. K

    ESXi bare-metal FreeNAS Expansion Build

    Cheers All! First Post, but long-time lurker; have posted on FB page a few times… Appreciate the community and all the knowledge especially from the long-time members! Sometimes your patience is awe inspiring lol… Hopefully I don’t try it here, but probably will I’ve have been running a system...
  2. P

    PC keeps rebooting at installing core os

    So the specs of the build are as follows: mobo: supermicro pdsma+ CPU: intel core 2 duo e4300 8gb ddr2 kingston ram non ecc i will also use a supermicro pci-x card for extra sata connectivity (sat2-mv8 rev3.0) i will add the hdd's later since they are in use and i need to back up the data. I...
  3. R

    Added Drives Not Showing Correct Storage

    Hello, So I have 3 500gb drives in my system. All of the drives showed up as they are supposed to, but when I added them to a pool, the total size went down to 900gb instead of 1.5tb. What happened to the rest of the storage? Thanks, -Josh
  4. T

    Finally A Decent FreeNAS Build

    This is my first time posting so bare with me. I'm finally ready to get my head out of the sand and stop swimming in my pool of Freenas do-nots. My current build is abysmal, and I've known for quite some time. It's just a dinky little €500 Eur laptop rocking 16GB of DDR4 Ram and a Core i3 with...
  5. R

    Blinking command line after FreeNAS boot

    Howdy folks. Got my hands on a decommissioned SuperServer 7045B-T that I wanted to use as a storage server, thought it would be fun to put FreeNAS on it. I've never installed FreeNAS before, but I have installed Windows, Ubuntu and OSX on plenty of other systems in the past, and work as an MSP...
  6. B

    First FreeNAS build sanity check.

    Hi guys, Could you please sanity check this FreeNAS build for me. I am thinking of creating a single RaidZ2 pool. Hardware :- 1 x Intel Xeon E3 1240 v6 CPU. 6 x Noctua NF-A14 PWM fans. 2 x StarTech Molex to to Dual SATA Power Adapter Splitter. 1 x Corsair 550 W RM550x PSU. 2 x Cruzer Fit 32 GB...
  7. doutatsu

    Extremely low transfer speed

    Hello everyone! I've just built my first NAS machine and have been struggling with a couple of things, but the main thing so far has been slow transfer speed. I've looked at various forum threads here, but still couldn't solve it. I am using a CAT5e cable, so that should not be the problem. I...
  8. M

    NetApp X2065A-R6 HBA with Dell & FreeNAS

    Hi All, I've got a few NetApp Disk Shelves, and am looking to utilize them with FreeNAS. Rather than buy an LSI card and use a QSFP->SF-8088 cable I'm thinking of just going with a X2065A-R6 HBA and using QSFP to connect the shelves. I haven't had much luck finding others using that card in...
  9. karthikjoe

    Configuration Help Needed.

    Hi Team We 're recruitment consultancy and we're using shared MS Office Product files only. Our work flow is we share a one work book with all employees and they all are working under that one work book and also hyperlinked some word files in that work book. When i click that word file...
  10. T

    Hi. It's my first FreeNAS build.

    About two weeks ago I installed FreeNAS on an old computer. It was pretty easy and fun to set up with help from this forum! So I decided to make a proper build to store my valuable photos and documents on. It will need to run Plex and stream my photos to my chromecast smoothly. These photos are...
  11. T

    Cleanly & permanently disabling swap on an unimportant SSD

    Hello, After my primary HDD pool was created, I recently added my SSD to my new install and forgot to set the swap parameter in system to 0 before creating it, so I'm stuck with this 2GB partition and want to take all precautions before removing swap from it. So I built a simple FreeNAS VM and...
  12. C

    How to Rebuild FreeNAS and Save Content on Drives

    I have not been able to upgrade FreeNAS since version 9.3. Now the system is no longer working. What I would like to do is build a clean system using the latest release and then take my current FreeNAS drives that already have data on them and place them in the system. How can I do this...
  13. M

    New Build after Botched Attempt

    Hello, I tried to put together a FreeNAS build earlier, but jumped into it a little early with not enough research, and had a bunch of compatibility issues and got in over my head. ECC is what really kicked my butt, having a MOBO that "supports" ECC (as non-ECC), not understanding difference...
  14. J

    BUILD asrock E3C236D2I vs EPC612D4I help

    Hello all, After a lot of reading I’ll start building my FreeNas system. I’m hesitating between two motherboards (Mini Itx is a must) I’ll mention the price of hardware because I think it’s little bit different here in France. My usage will be for backups mainly, some shares maybe transcoding...
  15. J

    Storage in FreeNAS 11

    Hi Guys i am just setting up my first nas and i have 3x2tb WD red and 1x3TB WD red Drive and looking to create a large array to use but want to have redundancy so i dont lose data of a drive fails. can someone guide me please? cheers in advance.
  16. S

    Request for help identifying types of hardware for new home FreeNAS

    Hello All! I'm very glad to have found this forum and the FreeNAS distribution. This is my first post -- in the 'Will it FreeNAS', I'm hoping this post is appropriate. I read -- a couple times -- Ericloewe's 'Hardware Recommendations' PDF, and would like to follow-up with some specific...
  17. J

    Build advice needed for Plex server

    Hi there, first time posting here so hopefully I don't break any rules :) Looking at this server to basically be able store a bunch of media and handle a good amount of 1080p transcodes. Ideally it will last me the foreseeable future (~3-5 years). CPU: Dual Intel - Xeon E5-2660 V2 2.2GHz...
  18. D

    New build, need hard drive ideas

    Hello, I am new...actually, this is my first thread. So quite new. Anyway, I want to build a FreeNAS server....maybe down the line 2, so I can have a dedicated backup of the original. I plan on using it for PLEX and most notably for my photos, music and videos. I photograph weddings, sometimes...
  19. B

    GA-X48-DS4 - max memory per channel?

    Hi all, noob here. I was wondering if anyone remembers having this board, it will have an e8500 in it. Manual is here - 1) I have a question about the max memory - It's 8Gb and has 4 slots. I'm assuming that means it's 2Gb...
  20. G

    New Build/No Files - Topology and setup

    I just finished my first build using a C2550D4I as the main board and 12 x 2TB HDs setup as one volume as a Raidz2. I have not done anything else yet other than configure the drives as a volume. No shares or files on the drives yet, so if I need to change anything I can just start over. So...
  21. C

    HDD integration

    Hi everybody, I'm new to this community and just ordered the parts for my first freenas system. I have 2x 3tb new disks and 2x 3tb disks with data already on it. I would like to end up with a 4 disk raidz2 with the data on it without buying more disks or upload and download 6tb to some...
  22. U

    Building First FreeNAS Server, Will This FreeNAS :)

    I was looking at building one, but then I saw used servers look like really good value. I'm looking at buying an HP Proliant ML330 G6 - 1 x E5506 QC 2.16GHz 18GB RAM Then adding 2 4TB NAS drives in mirror to start with. Do you think it will work?
  23. mysticpete

    SOLVED Moving existing server to new hardware

    I have looked through many discussions on just how this is achieved, from just taking the disks and OS and putting them into the new server and off you go to lines of cli commands. So I have moved 1 pool of 5 x 2tb disks to a fresh install of freenas on a new SSD on new server hardware. Here's...
  24. S

    Help on Hardware Set up for FreeNAS

    I am new to FreeNAS. I have built my own computer in the past...although it's been a while (2009) but I would like to put together a NAS for my home for pictures, videos, documents storage and set up a source for streaming media to our many devices (PC, Mac, chromebook, iPhones, iPads, smart...
  25. T

    CPU For Multitask NAS

    Goodmorning everyone, After many hours spent researching the right components i couldn't find info regarding the requirements needed to run at the same time: -Plex -OpenVPN -Torrentbox -Resilio Sync -Backup -Ubuntu/Homebridge The main use for the server will be running plex media server, i...
  26. NicolasVin100

    BUILD NEW - First FreeNAS, Help?

    Hi everyone! I’ve been reading through the forums, but this is my first time posting! There’s quite a lot of information to read and digest. I’ve been trying to be a figure out my build all by myself, but I still have questions (read doubts) and would really benefit and appreciate any...
  27. RayRay573

    New-ish to FreeNAS

    Call me Ray-Ray! Everyone does ;) I say that I'm new-ish to FreeNAS as I've dabbled with it before about a year or so ago but realized that the system that I was running on was significantly under-powered and transcoding in Plex was non-existent. But I'm jumping ahead, lets go back to the...
  28. belcboo

    New Build - Looking for the 'best' parts.

    Hello, this will be my first "big" FreeNAS build and I'm looking for advice just to make sure that the pieces that I have chosen are the best for my needs. This server will be used to back up all the information that we have sparced in all the building, as well as storage of ESXi using a NFS...
  29. W

    My first NAS parts (starting again from scratch)

    Thoughts and comments are appreciated. Criticism is welcome also.[/SPOILER] Sorry for the huge edit. after reading some replies, I decided to start again from scratch. Why aren't Asus boards recommended?
  30. T

    BUILD First FreeNas Build

    I've done a lot of research over the last month or two and I'm about to pull the pin on my first FreeNas Build. I'll be using it primarily for media storage and I'll be using plex, couchpotato and transmission. I'll also be upgrading my home network and using a dedicated Pfsense box as a...
  31. R

    New Home media Server with NAS

    Hi, I'm new on this community I would like to build my own FreeNas server, but I have several questions regarding compatibility and power consumption. at first I should note that I have limited budget, and I want to improve my NAS later on:) here Is my configuration what I 'm thinking about...
  32. T

    BUILD NEW BUILD help please, psu watts and advice

    The Build Case: fractal design r5 or r4(which one?) Mobo: X10SLL-F-O CPU: Xeon E3-1231V3 Memory: Crucial 16GB (2 x 8GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM ECC Unbuffered DDR3L 1600 (PC3L 12800) Server Memory Model CT2KIT102472BD160B Two pairs of 16 for 32GB PSU: How Many Watts? recommand brand? 80 Plus...